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Prescreened Offers of Credit and Insurance

Prescreened Offers of Credit and Insurance

Telemarketers - Kill the Calls As I have not had a chance to fully compile the list of every Small Claims Court in the United States yet, please visit this list until such time. If and when I get my list fully compiled, I shall be including a lot of extra data such as links to the applicable court rules and which courts allow the filing of claims online as mine does. When most people think about the process of suing a business entity, they naturally consider it a complicated and expensive process. For those individuals like me who have succesfully prosecuted cases against telemarketing firms, there is little need for an attorney. I have personally filed four claims in Small Claims Court against telemarketers. Filed a claim against a telemarketing firm based in Florida (Health Benefits Direct) for $1500. Adding up the above numbers, you can see that I invested $195 (or $250, if you consider the SBC claim that I let go) and received a total of $6160.00. ! 1. 2. Know the upper limit for damages. 3.

The Retail Email Blog: AM Inbox: Time is running out... The Retail Email Blog monitors the email marketing campaigns of more than 100 top online retailers. Here are highlights from my inbox this morning: NFLshop, 4/22 — 2010 Draft Sale: 3 Special Offers – Make Your Selection NowUnique discount codes are usually served up at the time that an email is opened. NFLshop uses this same tactic to serve up the number of days, hours and minutes until their sale ends so that it’s accurate at the time of open.

Loaded Words: Vocabulary That Packs a Punch in Persuasive Writing ReadWriteThink couldn't publish all of this great content without literacy experts to write and review for us. If you've got lessons plans, activities, or other ideas you'd like to contribute, we'd love to hear from you. More Find the latest in professional publications, learn new techniques and strategies, and find out how you can connect with other literacy professionals. More Teacher Resources by Grade Your students can save their work with Student Interactives. More Home › Classroom Resources › Lesson Plans Lesson Plan Overview From Theory to Practice Loaded words elicit an emotional response—positive or negative—beyond their literal meaning and can significantly contribute to persuading others to adopt our point of view. back to top Rog, L.J. (2010). Rog, L.J., & Kropp, P. (2006).

News: Protect Yourself From Pretexting Pretexting has long been a tactic used by private investigators and others to obtain personal information and records about people. Also known as "social engineering" in the hacker realm, it involves using ploys to obtain data and documents. The ploys range from the creative to the straightforward. In the Hewlett-Packard case, outside investigators hired by the company simply posed as the victims -- HP board members and journalists -- to obtain their phone records from phone companies. On the more inventive side, Verizon Wireless last year accused online data brokers of making hundreds of thousands of calls to the company's customer service lines posing as fellow Verizon employees with the company's "special needs group," a nonexistent department. The callers obtained customer account information by claiming to be making the requests on behalf of voice-impaired customers. Buy a TracFone. Don't Tell on Yourself. Choose Your Own Passwords.

Mobilize Mail Opinion » Blog Archive » Flash and Email – Can it Work? Every couple of weeks I wait with baited breath for the next installment of Tim Ferriss’s exciting life. Tim Ferris is a man who states that he only works 4 hours a week to earn more in a month than some people earn in a year. I have read his book and love it so it was an easy leap to get me to sign up to receive updates to his blog via email. Sometimes Tim provides a little movie dealing with something interesting which automatically appears within my email client. In the last installment it was how to “peel” a hard-boiled egg without peeling!! To view the movie within my email client all I have to do is play it. I thoroughly enjoy watching the movies and told many of my friends to sign up to his email alerts. What I forgot to mention was that unless you are using Apple Mail as your email client you are not in fact going to see the movies nor in Tim’s case will you ever know they were ever present! Apple Mail Go Tim! Entourage Yahoo! Gmail Nope – nothing here. Outlook No surprises here.

Online Data Vendors and Information Brokers: How to Opt Out Copyright © 2004-2014Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Posted October 1, 2004 A growing number of websites sell (or give freely) the personal information of individuals. These online information brokers (also known as data brokers or data vendors) gather personal information from many sources including white pages listings (directory assistance), publicly-available sources and public records. View our List of Online Information Brokers What Kind of Information? Types of information available via these databases may include: Full namePhysical addressMarital statusTelephone numberA wide range of other information - from your date of birth, how much you owe on a mortgage to the ages of your children Information brokers may offer the ability to look someone up via their name, email address, telephone number or Social Security number. Some Concerns about Online Information Brokers Many consumers have contacted PRC with concerns about having their personal information available on the Internet.

Tips for Tracking Email Marketing Campaigns Email campaigns are a cost-effective way of attracting quality return visitors to your site. It's important that you tag your email campaigns with campaign tags so that you can track how well each email performs. This lets you optimize your efforts and track your return on investment. What are campaign tags? Campaign tags are additional information that you apply to links. Why tag email links? Let's say that you send out an email newsletter in January and February that does not use campaign tags. But, did they visit your website as a result of the January email or the February email? Visitors who click a link in your email using an email client on their computer will be reported as Direct Traffic -- and will therefore be grouped in with visitors who used bookmarks or who typed your website's URL into their browser. A quick reference for tagging emails You can pass the following information to Google Analytics in the form of campaign tagged links: Making Life Easier That's all!

Signaling Vulnerabilities in Wiretapping Systems Micah Sherr, Eric Cronin, Sandy Clark and Matt Blaze University of Pennsylvania Contact E-mail: blaze at-sign 11 October 2005; revised 30 November 2005 Overview In a research paper appearing in the November/December 2005 issue of IEEE Security and Privacy, we analyzed publicly available information and materials to evaluate the reliability of the telephone wiretapping technologies used by US law enforcement agencies. We found exploitable vulnerabilities present in virtually all analog "loop extender" wiretap systems and in at least some systems based on the newer J-STD-025A CALEA interfaces. In the most serious countermeasures we discovered, a wiretap subject superimposes a continuous low-amplitude "C-tone" audio signal over normal call audio on the monitored line. Loop extender systems are susceptible to other countermeasures as well. Recommendations Audio example Full paper home page here.