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The Short and Tall Grays The meeting at Holloman Air force base in New Mexico has reportedly been the site of subsequent extraterrestrial meetings with tall Grays. In 1972-73, for example, the producers Robert Emenegger and Allan Sandler, had allegedly been offered and witnessed actual Air force film footage of a meeting involving tall Grays that occurred at Holloman Air force base in 1971. It can be inferred that this ‘tall Gray’ race is a hybrid race that represents a fusion of human and ‘short Gray’ biological material. The ‘tall Grays’ represent a working model of how human and gray biological material can be combined, and therefore play a lead role in assisting the short Grays in ‘interacting’ with humanity. They are most involved in genetic experiments, creating a hybrid human-Gray race, mind control and diplomatic agreements with the ‘shadow government’. Greys an Zetas extracted from A-Z of Alien Species active in Earths Evolution Small neo-saurian hominoids, very prolific and intelligent. Zeta Reticulums

Military Shakeup at the Highest Levels | Video We start with a developing story, a shake up at the highest level of the u.S. Military. A top general in charge of nuclear weapons fired, and this comes 48 hours after another top military commander... See More We start with a developing story, a shake up at the highest level of the u. A top general in charge of nuclear weapons fired, and this comes 48 hours after another top military commander was dismissed. A stunning chain of events today michael carrie, the two star general responsible for the nation's three intercontinental ballistic wings fired from his command. These follow an alarming string of general officers losing their jobs this year for inappropriate behavior, misconduct or lack of leadership. An army two star general fired for groping a civilian. The navy has been the most aggressive in taking its officers to task, at least 16 commanders have been fired this year. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

Video Series | Conde Nast Entertainment How to Make a Giant Robot Mech In partnership with YouTube, the Stan Winston School, and Legacy Effects, WIRED built a giant robot mech, which debuted at San Diego Comic Con 2013. From design to tech, and prototype to finished product, see how the ultimate cosplay creation came to life. Typology of Extraterrestrial Races according to Alex Collier and the Andromedans by Michael E. Salla, PhD One of the most difficult areas for those researching the extraterrestrial phenomenon is the large number of extraterrestrial races that appear in the testimonies of a variety of whistleblowers/contactees/abductees and other sources. Differentiating between these extraterrestrial races in terms of physical appearance, motivations and activities is essential for all wanting to fully comprehend the extraterrestrial phenomenon. What follows are extracts from the writing of Alex Collier who had numerous contact experiences by an extraterrestrial race allegedly from the constellation of Andromeda. An excellent interview of Alex Collier by prominent UFO investigative journalist, Paola Harris who found him to be credible, gives much background information on him and can be found HERE. In what follows, I will cite the source for the extract at the time of publication. The Andromedans from the Star System Zenetae - [DSG, ch. 2] All right.

The Tablet of Truth Series 2 Episode 1- Hyperdimensional Warfare 2012 Opinion SpiritWeb: Miscellanenous Alien Cultures The Ataien Dorothy Roeder channels an extraterrestrial being whose name is Ranoash of the Ataien. Dorthy is an exceptional channel and has brought forth some facinating information from the Ataien in a book called The Next Dimension is Love. This civilization, which is far in advance of Earthly civilization on both spiritual and material levels, has made physical contact with the Earth in the past. Although the Ataien look like insects, they do not prey on other life forms as insects on Earth do. For a long time, the Ataien lived on plant juices. The Ataien have a strong group consciousness, but they are most definitely capable of individual thought, as well. The Ataien have developed the ability to soul travel in other dimensions. They have computers that are actually biological in nature. Although interested in human diversity, they definitely feel that they have chosen the right path by seeking group cohesion - in truth, that is spiritual consciousness. The Ummites

Commercial Banana Plants are Perfect Clones of One Another Today I found out nearly all commercial banana plants are perfect clones of one another and most originate from one single plant from Southeast Asia. Now to be clear, there are approximately 1000 different types of banana plants in the world today and within each variety most are generally clones of one another, although some do have a bit of genetic diversification. But “the” banana, since the 1960s, the one sold commercially in supermarkets the world over, is the Cavendish banana. Most types of bananas originate from hybrids of the Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana. When these two cross breed, the result is a half breed banana plant that is almost completely sterile. The first records of these half breed banana plants being cultivated dates back around 10,000-15,000 years ago, making it one of the oldest known cultivated plants. The Banana Apocalypse Gros Michel Banana Interestingly, the Cavendish banana was not the world’s most popular banana until the 1960s. Bonus Facts:

Design - Creating What's Next Pleiadians Pleiadians 3rd Dimensional Pleiadians: Two arms, two legs, body, head; the Pleiadian ears are somewhat lower than yours, but Pleiadians are so much genetically like you that they consider you to be their cousins. If a Pleiadian were walking down the street, you would all turn and remark about how they look (they look terrific). You would notice that they're different but wouldn't necessarily consider them alien. That's how similar physically and genetically they are to you. 9th Dimensional (light body) Pleiadians: We don't display ourselves [to humans] before you're ready- Because what happens when you view us in your physical reality is that it shatters your sense of reality, and there is no putting the genie back in the bottle there. So that's why we wait until you're at a point where your frequency is high enough where you can see us. Within the Pleiadian system if the woman comes home and says, "This has been an absolutely wonderfully fulfilling relationship for me.