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Blueseed – the startup community on a ship

Blueseed is creating the world’s most amazing upcoming startup community for entrepreneurs, on a cruise ship 12 nautical miles from the coast of San Francisco, in international waters. The location allows startup entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world to launch or grow their companies near Silicon Valley, without the need for a U.S. work visa. The ship will be converted into a coworking and co-living space, and will have high-speed Internet access and daily transportation to the mainland via ferry boat. So far, over 1500 entrepreneurs from 500 startups in 70+ countries have expressed interest in living on Blueseed.

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How to Provide Your Computer as a VPN Server for VPN Gate The VPN Gate Academic Experiment Project wants volunteers to provide VPN servers. If you have a Windows computer, please kindly provide your computer as a Public VPN Relay Server, and join to VPN Gate Experiment. Setup of Public VPN Relay Server is very easy. After the setup will be completed, your computer will be registered on the Public VPN Relay Servers List page. Anyone on the world can communicate to the Internet via your computer as a relay. You can install it as a normal user privileges.

Can You Guess the 'Smartest' City in the World? Barcelona has long bragged about the athletic prowess of its football (soccer) club, but now it can also brag about being the smartest city in the world. Smartest, in this context, meaning boasting the most efficient, technologically connected infrastructure. Being able to collect and analyze data from buildings, roads and bridges ostensibly allows officials more efficient processes and distribution of resources. Epic European Royalty Water-Stealin 'World Society' with Saint Lazare Foundation & Saint Lazare Investment aspires to become biggest global water owner - Feelin Thirsty? The World Society - Definitely not a New World Order Water Corporation? or - All yr water are belong to Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus!

How We Create Reality Al Smith, Contributing WriterWaking Times Do you wonder why life is a chaotic roller coaster of both positive and negative events? Have you, like most, earnestly tried positive thinking, meditation or prayer without any tangible beneficial results? Do you stress over your quietly desperate realization that you have little control over your own life? Do you fear that most of us are floating helplessly like plankton on the waves? Don’t you wish you had a magical power to change your life and the lives around you for the better? How do you know if you have a great business idea? 18inShare I spent a good deal of my time last week listening to business proposals – 28 of them in fact. It was the end of semester and my University students were presenting the business ideas they had been developing for the last 12 weeks. It was a good opportunity for me to think about what makes a good business idea. ‘Good’ is an ambiguous term.

Elites Will Make Gazans of Us All Cross-posted from Truthdig Illustration by Mr. Fish Fuel Cell Purchase Options Bloom Energy offers our customers different purchase options to best meet their individual needs. Equipment Purchase Customers who want to maximize their return on investment can purchase and install Bloom Energy Servers at their facilities and capture all of the economic benefits of producing their own power for significantly less than the price of electricity purchased from the grid. Pay as You Go

5 Ways the 'Lean' Approach Can Help Your Startup Grow You’ve got a great idea, secured investment and have taken your product to market. You may have even experienced early success. But before long, cracks appear: The numbers are heading in slightly the wrong direction and unnervingly, things aren’t working out quite the way you had so confidently predicted following that early eureka moment. It’s surprising how many founders think that the first version of their product will also be the final one. In reality, further refinement is nearly always needed.

Scientists plan test to see if the entire universe is a simulation created by futuristic supercomputers - First of its kind US scientists are attempting to find out whether all of humanity is currently living a Matrix-style computer simulation being run on supercomputers of the future. According to researchers at the University of Washington, there are tests that could be done to begin to work out whether we are in fact real, or merely a simulation created by a futuristic android on its lunch break. Currently, computer simulations are decades away from creating even a primitive working model of the universe.

Freenet - Overview Join us in Freenet 'Daddy, where were you when they took freedom of the press away from the Internet?' — Mike Godwin (read more)'Many years passed, two towers fell, the empire expanded its hunt for rebels all over the globe, and now, as the empire’s grip has become so horrid that even the most loyal servants of the emperors turn and expose their dark secrets, Freenet is still moving forward.' — The forgotten Cryptopunk Paradise Share, Chat, Browse. Anonymously.

5 Good Reasons to Start Your Own Business - Ben Kubassek's Blog Dream BIG, Start Small, Begin Now! Much of what we achieve and accomplish in life is a result of our choices and the decisions we have made. As humans, we like to blame our condition or our results in life on external circumstances. It may be our lack of education, our poor parents, our lack of connections, and etc. It’s true…much of what we experience is as a result of the choices our parents made. How The Apple Watch Will Change Office Life With the introduction of Apple’s new smartwatch earlier this week, many are speculating if we'll soon be able to just glance at our wrist rather than keeping our phones on the table during every meeting. Forty-five percent of consumers are expected to strap a smartwatch to their wrists in the near future, digital marketing company Acquity Group reports. Here’s a look at how wearable smart technology will change our productivity, office policies, and daily routines. We'll Likely Struggle To Stay Engaged