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Emily Carroll My name is Emily Carroll, and I was born in June of 1983. I grew up in London (Ontario) but moved to Vancouver for work after graduating Sheridan College's Classical Animation program. I have since moved back to Ontario, and now live in Stratford with my wife, Kate Craig. My comics have appeared in several anthologies, such as The Anthology Project V2, Explorer: The Mystery Boxes, kuš! The Yawhg is a game I co-created with designer Damian Sommer, and my artwork can also be found in the game Gone Home. And here is a link to an awful lot of Dune fan art. Seven Wonders of the Ancient World The Seven Wonders of the World (or the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World) refers to remarkable constructions of classical antiquity[1] listed in an Eurocentric way by various authors in guidebooks popular among the ancient Hellenic tourists, particularly in the 1st and 2nd centuries BC. The most prominent of these, the versions by Antipater of Sidon and an observer identified as Philo of Byzantium, comprise seven works located around the eastern Mediterranean rim. The original list inspired innumerable versions through the ages, often listing seven entries. Of the original Seven Wonders, only one—the Great Pyramid of Giza, the oldest of the ancient wonders—remains relatively intact. Background[edit] In this painting by Maerten van Heemskerck, the seven wonders of the ancient world are depicted as a background for the abduction of Helen by Paris.[2] The Walters Art Museum. Scope[edit] The Seven Ancient Wonders[edit] Influence[edit] Arts and architecture[edit] Modern lists[edit] See also[edit]

meago on deviantART Skailla on deviantART pepe Gravity (comics) Gravity (Greg Willis) is a fictional comic book superhero appearing in books published by Marvel Comics. He first appeared in Gravity #1 (August 2005) and was created by Sean McKeever and Mike Norton. Gravity's first appearance was in his own limited series: Gravity #1-5 (2005), later released as a digest-formatted graphic novel as part of the Marvel Next imprint aimed at younger readers. Greg Willis is born and raised in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Gravity has the ability to manipulate gravitons in various ways, such as decreasing his own gravity, enabling him to fly; decreasing the gravity of objects around him, enabling him to simulate super-strength; and attracting or repelling objects. IGN praised the Gravity comics, comparing the comics favorably to the classic Spider-Man comics. Gravity at Marvel.comGravity at Comicvine.comGravity at

Tonyholmsten on deviantART Tomusokeri on deviantART Neko-Vi on deviantART Polysics Polysics ( ポリシックス , Porishikkusu ? , typeset POLYSICS ) is a Japanese new wave and rock band from Tokyo , who dubs its unique style as "technicolor pogo punk". It was named after a brand of synthesizer , the Korg Polysix . The band started in 1997, but got their big break in 1998 at a concert in Tokyo . History [ edit ] Hiroyuki Hayashi plays guitar at a POLYSICS live show in 2003, supporting the US release of the album Neu Polysics was formed in 1997 by Japanese high-school student Hiroyuki Hayashi. In 1999, Polysics released their first albums 1st P and A.D.S.R.M! In 2003, Neu was released in the United States on Asian Man Records to rave reviews and great sales. Also during 2003, Polysics appeared on UK television for the programme Adam & Joe Go Tokyo performing "Kaja Kaja Goo". In 2004, Polysics released a greatest hits compilation titled Polysics or Die!!!! On February 28, 2007 Polysics released their album Karate House in Japan. Their Budokan concert, BUDOKAN OR DIE!!!!

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My new affinity for Tolkien's world of Arda has led me to these fantastic works of art. by isaac233 Apr 11