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Comment veiller sans flux RSS : 15 outils

Comment veiller sans flux RSS : 15 outils

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Enabling Social Innovation through space design 19th January 2011 Social innovation is by its very definition about people. So it stands to reason that any space wishing to encourage social innovation would have people at the heart of its design. Sadly, this is rarely the case. Most space design still relies on the inspiration of one or more design ‘experts’, combined with the inputs of a client represented by one or two people. Talkwalker Alerts FAQ What is Talkwalker Alerts? Talkwalker is an online monitoring service that helps users get notified about new mentions on the web, newspaper articles, forums, blogs, and twitter. Users can set up alerts for their brand name, tagline, competitors, events, and industry keywords.

Top 10 Mind Maps My personal favourite Mind Maps There are dozens of wonderful Mind Map examples around the World all helping to combat information overload and provide us with excellent learning opportunities. The visual impact of Mind Maps can be striking in so many different and often unique ways, with diverse styles and formats working equally well. As more Maps get created around the World I may add to the list.