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We The Tiny House People (Documentary): Small Homes, Tiny Flats & Wee Shelters

We The Tiny House People (Documentary): Small Homes, Tiny Flats & Wee Shelters

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How You Can Simplify More Than Just Your Stuff I’m excited to announce the launch of The Power of Simple Living: 140 Inspiring Quotes to Simplify Your Life (And Get What You Want). I’m eager to teach what I’ve been learning and experimenting with in regards to simplicity, life and gaining our freedom back. This is part of that mission as a book that I’ve been working on that’s designed to help people like you and me who are hungry to simplify their lives in search of more personal, spiritual, and financial freedom. And I’m here to show you that, and more. Because this might sound obvious but… You Can Simplify More Than Just Your Stuff

"Will We All Fit?" 5 Tiny House Families - The Tiny House I often hear from people who would love to live in a tiny house, but who don’t believe they can because they have a family. Some people have one kid. Others have three kids and a dog. And plenty more don’t have kids right now, but know they will want them in the future. Can a family live in a tiny house? Pure Salvage: 10 Eclectic Tiny Homes Built with 99% Scrap The premise of this small design-build firm is simple: almost everything you could want or need to build a new house is already in a a disused or abandoned building … so why not harvest 99% of your materials from such sources? Tiny Texas Houses builds custom homes and advises people on finding and reusing materials as well. “A generation of housing materials already harvested, sliced, diced, formed, and proven healthy, toxin free, priced for human energy is available in this country. Materials that are 100% American grown, mined, smelted, formed, and created with pride when we had such in our craftsmanship, and built to last for centuries.” The creations of Brad Kit­tel are eclectic, often rustic and peppered with various regional styles, both as a mode of creative expression and a simple byproduct of the materials found and re-purposed in the building process.

Tiny House Hunting: Season 2 Upload Watch more FYI FYI Television Network Loading... Working... Nate and Jen’s House on Wheels: Living Simply and Free in a Tiny Home My friend Nate originally bought a camper that he dismantled to build the tiny house on a trailer you’re about to see. The trailer is 8’3″ by 24’10″ and he used 2x4s instead of 2x8s for floor joists to decrease the home’s weight. He also used a lighter option for siding. Nate kept a blog while building the house which you can check out right here.

Tiny House Hunting: Season 3 Upload Watch more FYI FYI Television Network Loading... Working... ► Play all The Advocate Tiny House Project The Advocate Tiny House will be created through crowdsourced collaboration. In other words you can help design it, and the Advocate Tiny House team will build it. When the house is complete they’ll use it to share the world of tiny house living with others. The finished house will be available for touring, traveling, classroom learning, workshops, rental, etc. At this moment in time the only design decision that has been made is the size and source of the trailer. It will be built on top of one of tiny house trailers available through Tiny Home Builders.

Meet the Halls and their lovely tiny abode So much space for a tiny house, it serves as home for a family of three. To borrow a quote from the Hall family online blog concerning their tiny house, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Those five words, attributed to Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, sum up the feel to the Hall's 160-square-foot abode, which makes its home somewhere in the state of Massachusetts and serves as shelter for a family of three, including Mom, Dad and an 18-year old son. This home has clean, precise lines and clearly reflects the family's embrace of a tiny living lifestyle.