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Reyes ríos + larraín completes cliff-side home in mexico. Mar 21, 2017 reyes ríos + larraín completes cliff-side home in mexico with panoramic sea views reyes ríos + larraín arquitectos has completed a cliff-side residence on mexico’s yucatán peninsula. offering panoramic sea views, and surrounded by lush greenery, the dwelling forms part of a country club and has a golf course nearby. the three-storey home is accessed at its mid-level, which contains its primary living accommodation. the bottom floor houses the sleeping quarters, while the uppermost storey features a playroom, a studio, and a rooftop pool. all images by pim schalkwijk each area of the property has been positioned to offer unobstructed views of the landscape, allowing inhabitants to feel as if they are elevated on the deck of a ship. internally, all communal areas have been laid out to have direct views to the ocean. in developing the project’s façade, reyes ríos + larraín arquitectos has used a stucco prepared with white cement and mixed with the resin of a local ‘chukum’ tree.

reyes ríos + larraín completes cliff-side home in mexico

The most beautiful homes surrounded by nature. 40 Incredible Lofts That Push Boundaries. Like Architecture & Interior Design?

40 Incredible Lofts That Push Boundaries

Follow Us... In this collection we've put together some of the entries of the Evermotion 'Whole Lotta Loft' competition that are sure to blow your mind. Incredible designers from the world over have poured their hearts, souls, and creativities into these spaces - and you won't believe what they've come up with. Explore ultra modern, boho chic, old airplane hangers, and even a loft with a seaworld sized aquarium. While some of the design elements you may be able to incorporate into your own space - this post is really all about dreaming. This loft is like an atrium – with a tree in the middle, and rocks bulging out the back wall it’s as if they’ve placed the glass right on top of a park and built around it. A night at the museum? This place is eclectic and charming – with bright colors, stunning art, and that industrial chill feel you expect from a loft.

We love the industrial old world vibe this loft gives. Get your zen on in this wide open loft. Tadao Ando's Casa Monterrey nestles against a hillside in Monterrey. This house in Mexico by Japanese architect Tadao Ando boasts a swimming pool that projects from a hillside and concrete walls that frame views of the Sierra Las Mitras mountains (photos by Edmund Sumner + slideshow).

Tadao Ando's Casa Monterrey nestles against a hillside in Monterrey

Mirage house by Kois Architects to feature rooftop infinity pool. An infinity pool will form the roof of this cavernous house designed by Athens studio Kois Associated Architects for the Greek island of Tinos (+ slideshow).

Mirage house by Kois Architects to feature rooftop infinity pool

Designed for the rocky terrain that makes up the island's south-west coastline, the Mirage house is conceived by Kois Associated Architects as "an invisible oasis" where residents can enjoy panoramic views over the Aegean Sea without giving up their privacy. The team decided to bury part of the building in the landscape and then create a large open-air living room in front.

These will all be sheltered beneath the rooftop pool, which will act as a huge mirror to help the building camouflage with its surroundings. "Some of our clients' major concerns were visibility and privacy," project architect Nikos Patsiaouras told Dezeen. "At first we were concerned with the concept of invisibility. Brick architecture and design projects.

Casa AL by Studio Arthur Casas sits between a mountain and the ocean. Brazilian firm Studio Arthur Casas was invited to choose the location for a client's idyllic Rio de Janeiro residence, and selected a hillside plot facing out towards the ocean (+ slideshow).

Casa AL by Studio Arthur Casas sits between a mountain and the ocean

Designed to take advantage of Rio's dramatic landscape, Casa AL was built as the home for a long-standing friend of Studio Arthur Casas, whose previous projects include a golden house in São Paulo and a lakeside family residence. "We chose the land together so, for me, it was clear that in the end we would count on the scenery," said Arthur Casas. Stunning Spanish Home Built Around Transparent Rooftop Pool - My Modern Met. When we think of a private home with a built-in pool, we don’t usually picture it on the roof.

Stunning Spanish Home Built Around Transparent Rooftop Pool - My Modern Met

But the Jellyfish House, located in Marbella on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, features just that. Wiel Arets Architects chose to cantilever the pool from here because neighboring buildings block its view onto the nearby sea. This solution means that the beach is always in sight while sunbathing or swimming. For The Love of Wood. Wood is both universal and unique.

For The Love of Wood

No other material is as deeply embedded in the history, culture and life of humans worldwide as wood, yet every single piece of wood is unique. The color tone, texture, durability, flexibility and even sound qualities of different tree species have puzzled and challenged artists, architects, designers, builders and artisans for thousands of years. Still today, nothing matches wood in versatility or beauty, so it is great to see how today’s designers and architects continue to face the challenge of wood, and use it creatively to interpret sleek, modern designs.

They use wood to meet their current needs and desires for which wood is ideally suited. People seek calm surroundings, simplicity and minimalism to soothe their frayed nerves and to counter the constant visual overload they face. People also look for sustainable alternatives, eco-friendly options, greener solutions.