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Shortcrust Pies Without Dishes. Einstein's Brain. Paint Bouncing on an Audio Speaker in Super Slow Motion. The Adverb Song. List of unexplained sounds. The following is a list of sounds, the sources of which remain unknown: NOAA (unidentified)[edit] The following unidentified sounds were detected by the USA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration using its Equatorial Pacific Ocean autonomous hydrophone array.

List of unexplained sounds

Upsweep[edit] Spectrogram of the Upsweep sound Upsweep is an unidentified sound detected on the American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's equatorial autonomous hydrophone arrays. The sound appears to be seasonal, generally reaching peaks in Spring and Autumn, but it is unclear whether this is due to changes in the source or seasonal changes in the propagation environment. 9 Strange Sounds No One Can Explain. Everyone has a favorite Wikipedia rabbit hole.

9 Strange Sounds No One Can Explain

Mine is “List of Unexplained Sounds.” I can’t remember how I first made my way to the page, but its array of sonic mysteries has shown me that while space is incredible, our planet is its own frontier of intrigue and unexplainable phenomena. 1. Upsweep. Long View. Short View. Watch this.... You will definitely share this......mp4. MUST WATCH!! BEST UNDER 5 MINUTE 911 VIDEO EVER. Wonder World Fur LOOKBOOK/ WWF. Wonder World Fur - Bamboseal. WWF Wonder World FuR "Dolyphan" Wonder World Fur - Dolyphan.

Faux Fashion Line Ads - The WWF Wonder World Fur Campaign Shows 'Beauty is a Weapon' WWF – Wonder World Fur. WWF France - Wonder World Fur - Creativitea. Intimacy 2.0. 'Intimacy 2.0' Dress Turns Transparent When You Get Sexually Aroused (PHOTOS) The dress that can tell when you're turned on! Clothing becomes transparent when wearer is aroused. By Maysa Rawi Published: 17:33 GMT, 4 April 2012 | Updated: 19:54 GMT, 4 April 2012 A dress which turns transparent when the wearer becomes aroused may soon be seen on the high street.

The dress that can tell when you're turned on! Clothing becomes transparent when wearer is aroused

Dirt Cheap DIY EMF Protection for Your Cell Phone! Let's Shut This Whole Thing Down: The Creative Side Of "Legitimate Rape" Sure, there was a lot to get upset about when Todd Akin, a Republican congressman, senate candidate, member of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee and grown-ass man living in the 21st century said the following words in response to the question of whether abortion should be legal in the case of rape: "It seems to me, first of all, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare.

Let's Shut This Whole Thing Down: The Creative Side Of "Legitimate Rape"

If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. " Yes, when one confronts the handful of staggering assumptions and attitudes contained in that brief statement, and the realization that those words don’t just speak of one man’s ignorance, but are symptomatic of a wider cultural blight, it’s hard to know what to do, beyond gnash one’s teeth in impotent (legitimate) rage. For some women, the boner was cause for a creative response. All Creative Work Is Derivative. Tricycle House pedal-powered RV offers lots of home comforts. The idea of living life on the road in an RV can be appealing.

Tricycle House pedal-powered RV offers lots of home comforts

Unfortunately, most RV’s aren’t very environmentally friendly, nor are they self-sufficient. However, the Tricycle House isn’t like most RV’s, as it relies on pedal power to move between destinations, and boasts several pieces of clever folding furniture to provide those much-needed home comforts. View all Conceived by architectural firm People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO) for 2012’s “Get It Louder” Exhibition in Beijing, the Tricycle House addresses the fact that private ownership of land is not permitted in China.

The pedal-powered RV envisions a future in which individual Chinese people are able to more fully connect with their land, while living simply and sustainably, on their own terms. QWOP. About QWOP is a Flash-based video game created by independent game developer Bennett Foddy, in which the player attempts to run down a track to cross a finish line.


The game is known for its intentionally frustrating control system, with each limb being controlled individually. The Most Difficult Game Ever Created Gameplay and Commentary. Iggy investigates an ipad. A 2.5 Year-Old Has A First Encounter with An iPad. Chinese Factory Workers & the Toys They Make. Vidburn. Forget Samsung and Apple. This is the future.. The Story of Your Enslavement. The Tiny Touring House. McDonald's Photo Shoot: Why Burgers Look Different In Advertisements. 5 Minute Chakra Balancing. The Invisible Hand - 60 Second Adventures in Economics (1/6) “Lego Dance” by Annette Jung. STOPPED CLOCK ILLUSION. Dr. Weil's Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid. Ice Bucket Challenge. Doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge The Ice Bucket Challenge, sometimes called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on someone's head to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encourage donations to research.

Ice Bucket Challenge

It went viral on social media during July–August 2014.[1][2] In the US, many people participate for the ALS Association, and in the UK, many people participate for the Motor Neurone Disease Association,[3] although some individuals have opted to donate their money from the Ice Bucket Challenge to other organizations.[4] The challenge dares nominated participants to be filmed having a bucket of ice water poured on their heads and then nominating others to do the same. A common stipulation is that nominated participants have 24 hours to comply or forfeit by way of a charitable financial donation.[5] Origin Shifting focus to ALS Rules.

You Are Not Special Commencement Speech from Wellesley High School. Amazing Japanese Precision (posted by Sanitaryum. Cheeseburger in Hydrochloric Acid - Periodic Table of Videos. 25 GIFs of Dogs Who Failed Super Hard in 2014 (But We Love Them Anyway) Puppies and Gentledawgs, it’s that time of the year when we do round ups of schtuff.

25 GIFs of Dogs Who Failed Super Hard in 2014 (But We Love Them Anyway)

Everyone wagged, everyone wiggled and all in all twas a pretty good year. However, these dogs might beg to differ. They Went To Rescue A Hurt Little Dog Hiding In A Bush. What They Found Was A Big Surprise. A Brief History of Yippee-Ki-Yay. Twenty-five years ago this week, the action movie Die Hard opened and Bruce Willis uttered that famous line.

A Brief History of Yippee-Ki-Yay

How To Make a Quantum Bit.