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Tiny house expertise put to use in Mercedes Sprinter campervan conversion. After spending a lot of time in their much-loved converted Post Office van, campervan and tiny house enthusiast Jack Richens from Oxford, England, and his girlfriend Lucy Hedges had their sights set on converting a larger van that would provide more comfort.

Tiny house expertise put to use in Mercedes Sprinter campervan conversion

They settled on a second-hand 2012 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and after 600 hours of work had created a stunning motorhome. "Having driven a few different vans we wanted something that was going to be big enough to accommodate a family, but with enough grunt and reliability to make the investment in the workload worthwhile," Jack Richens tells New Atlas. "Both of us agreed on the Sprinter and then we argued about the color for ages. " "Inside the van you'll find two delinquent infants who adore going on camping adventures and couple of very lucky parents," says Richens. "The main feature of the van is freedom to go where you want, whenever you want and live in luxury. " "It's bigger than some flats I've seen in London," says Richens.

Tiny house crammed with custom storage for life's essentials. Hot on the heels of its Tiny Giant, Alpine Tiny Homes has shared another recently-completed model with us.

Tiny house crammed with custom storage for life's essentials

The towable dwelling has less floorspace than its predecessor, but still offers lots of room to store belongings, thanks to a well-designed interior that's chock-full of cupboards, nooks, and drawers. Based on a triple-axle trailer, the unnamed tiny house measures 30 ft (9 m)-long, which isn't very small but should make it a lot more manageable to pull than those huge tiny houses that are popular lately.

One Size. Fits All. No expense spared for luxury tiny house build. Though brand-new, the Earth and Sky Palace tiny house has a pleasantly weathered appearance that helps it stand out in the crowded small living scene.

No expense spared for luxury tiny house build

Inside, the towable dwelling is laid-out on one floor and boasts some high-end additions that are unusual for a tiny home, including an app-controlled air-con unit. We asked builder Dan Huling, who makes his living as a theatrical prop and stage designer, about the impetus behind the home's design and were told that it was inspired by memories of the remnants of old mining towns in the Colorado Rockies, where he was raised.

Based on a 24 ft (7.3 m)-long trailer, the Earth and Sky Palace has a total of 200 sq ft (18.5 sq m) of floorspace and a steel frame. It's clad in reclaimed heart pine and blue stained cedar, with steel trim. The roof is lined with Onduvilla tiles and there's also a small steel pet door. The home is entered by a large sliding glass door. Insulation is spray foam and lighting is LED throughout. View gallery - 19 images. Heavy duty off-road caravan doesn't leave luxury behind. Last year, we looked at a number of new camping trailers built rough and tough on the outside and soft and luxurious inside.

Heavy duty off-road caravan doesn't leave luxury behind

One was the Off Grid from Australia's Lotus Caravans, and Lotus hasn't taken any time off from innovating tough shells with cozy-as-home interiors. This year it launches the new Tremor, a larger dual-axle trailer that'll follow your 4x4 to the roughest, most distant destinations to provide a sturdy roof, comfy bed, shower, hot meal and even clean clothes. Introduced last month as part of Lotus' 2017 lineup, the new Tremor looks much like the Off Grid and other Lotus models from the outside – a slab-sided, powerful block built from German composite and reinforced with diamond plate around the lower edge.

The dual-axle Tremor is noticeably longer than the 14-ft (4.3-m) Off Grid we looked at last year, and the three available Tremor lengths are 19.5, 20.5 and 22 ft (6, 6.3 and 6.8 m). Source: Lotus Caravans. Lightweight tiny house built to withstand high winds. We don't see many tiny houses that can deal with extremes in weather.

Lightweight tiny house built to withstand high winds

The Leaf House 3 is one exception, and Tennessee-based Transcend Tiny Homes' new Amsterdam 24 model is another. The towable dwelling is remarkably lightweight, offers plenty of storage space for its size, and is rated to withstand very high winds. As its name suggests, the Amsterdam 24 is based on a 24 ft (7.3 m)-long double-axle trailer and has 292 sq ft (27 sq m) of floorspace. It has fiberglass composite walls, which are very light and help bring the total weight down to just 8,340 lb (3,782 kg). To put that into perspective, this similarly-proportioned model with a standard wood frame and walls weighs a much more typical 13,200 lb (5,987 kg).

Float Studio creates sleeping spaces at bedding company's Manhattan offices. Dozing off at work is encouraged at mattress brand Casper's headquarters in New York, where employees can have meetings or take naps on beds provided at the office, designed by local firm Float Studio.

Float Studio creates sleeping spaces at bedding company's Manhattan offices

The fast-growing bedding company recently moved to a two-floor office in Manhattan's Flatiron District, designed by Float to reflect the brand's abundant New York subway advertisements. "We drew a lot of inspiration from some of the line drawings used in the subway campaigns," studio partner Nina Etnier told Dezeen. "We liked the tone-on-tone blues used in the illustrations and used that as a direction for the palette and materials. " The studio also wanted to incorporate the brand's focus on sleep into the design, so used colours to make the main level resemble the morning and the upper floor suggest night. On entering the offices, a hallway from the elevator leads to the lobby on the lower storey. "The reception and town hall required the most reworking," Etnier said.

Coolmaterial. Elizabeth Herrmann Architecture + Design is a residential firm based in central Vermont that builds, remodels and restores with a combination of character and distinction you won’t find at other firms.


When Elizabeth Herrmann was approached by a local artist to create something small, energy-efficient and beautiful on a tight budget she came up with this, the Micro House. The requirements were simple, but duanting: everything you need in a full-size house including a guest sleeping area, laundry machines and storage had to be fit into 430 finished square feet with a loft while still feeling spacious. While the elevated Tiny House literally cuts corners in the layout, nothing is sacrificed in the gorgeous and clean design. You can still take a bath.

You can still store all your gear in the basement and do laundry. Hibinosekkei installs micro-house in Japanese kindergarten to encourage independent play. Japanese studio Hibinosekkei has added a small wooden playhouse to a kindergarten in the city of Saga to encourage independent domestic role play.

Hibinosekkei installs micro-house in Japanese kindergarten to encourage independent play

Atsugi-based Hibinosekkei designed the small gabled playhouse within the open-plan corridors of the school. The 15-square-metre space houses toy versions of the typical amenities used to carry out household chores. The structure is made entirely from unfinished pine, with the exterior clad in horizontal planks and the interior lined in broad boards. A child-sized kitchen and laundry area, and a wood burner to all children to mimic the typical task carried out in a family home. The half-open gabled roof with exposed trusses allows natural light to flood the space. Houses don't come a lot smaller than this tiny London pad. Due to house prices in London being what they are, some shrewd firms are looking to turn even the smallest space into a viable home.

Houses don't come a lot smaller than this tiny London pad

With this in mind, Studiomama has transformed a tiny former minicab (taxi) office into a full-time home using clever custom furniture and interior design. No prizes for guessing the size of the aptly-named 13 Sq Metre House (139 sq ft), but to put it into perspective, there's around half the floorspace of most tiny houses we see nowadays. Naturally, Studiomama had a real job on its hands to make the north London dwelling livable.

Collaborating with local firms Commission by You and Viaduct, Studiomama drew inspiration for the interior layout from caravan and boat interiors and outfitted the home with custom plywood furniture units. Most of the interior is taken up by a single space which has everything but the bathroom. FHHH Friends arranges flexible rooms over split levels at Grown House. A skylit stairwell ascends through the split levels of this tall and narrow house in Seoul to a roof terrace with separate entrances for people and cats.

FHHH Friends arranges flexible rooms over split levels at Grown House

Local studio FHHH Friends designed the property to replace a much smaller brick building. The difference in height between the building that previously occupied the site and its new concrete-topped replacement prompted the architects to give the project the title, Grown House. The house is slotted onto a compact site in a densely populated residential neighbourhood and employs materials that echo the adjacent buildings. The plot's size of just 68 square metres made it challenging to achieve the spaces required by the owners, prompting the proposal for a building with a sequence of split levels. In addition to the essential functional areas, the studio was determined to accommodate a range of multipurpose spaces that help to enliven the experience of occupying the house.

Svelte house shoehorned into narrow city plot. All modern cities feature small vacant plots considered unsuitable to build houses on, but the SkinnyScar house proves that in the right hands, even a free space of just 3.7 m (12 ft) wide can be put to good use. Designed by architects Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman, the ultra-svelte home is a masterclass of interior design in a tight space. The SkinnyScar house is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on a plot that sat unused since the 1980s due to its perceived undesirability. It's not the skinniest house we've seen by any means, but this one actually seems like it would be comfortable as a full-time home.

The exterior is clad in patterned black brickwork and the street-facing side features two large windows which extend outward, plus another two windows partly hidden behind the masonry. Inside, there's a total floorspace of 140 sq m (1,506 sq ft) spread over three floors. The project was completed in early 2017 and also involved architecture firm JagerJanssen. The 5 best luxury tiny houses on the market. While there are still cheaper models available, tiny houses seem to have risen in price lately, reaching the kind of money that could buy a full-size home in some areas.

For those who can afford it, these higher prices do offer attractive features like off-grid tech, additional space and high quality materials. With this in mind, we've chosen our five favorite luxury tiny houses on the market today. To be clear, by luxury we mean homes that cost around US$70,000 and up, with a focus on novel features, comfort, quality materials, or additional space. We're also only covering homes and firms that we're familiar with and are available to purchase or pre-order at the time of writing.

Brick and Wonder TIny Houses. What do the swankiest homes for sale on planet earth look like? And where are they? And how much do they cost? Even if you — like us — are not planning on buying one this week, beholding them is a great exercise in motivation. So we're teaming up with our friends at Brick & Wonder to bring you a weekly collection of architect-designed properties currently on the market. This week: five of the most desirable tiny homes in America, and beyond. Used shipping container turned into tiny home for two. The recently completed Intellectual Tiny Home is based on a 40 ft (12 m)-long recycled shipping container and has a total floorspace of 320 sq ft (29.7 sq m). Unlike the Custom Container Living model that was cut and extended vertically to fit in a loft bedroom, this container home is laid-out on one floor.

Still, there's enough room inside for two people. Access to the home is gained by a couple of double French doors and the exterior has cedar shelving attached, which can be used to create a green wall. Off-grid tiny house built for work, rest and play. The Rocky Mountain Tiny Home (not to be confused with the firm of the same name) is based on a triple-axle 28 ft (8.5 m)-long trailer, but overhanging lofts bring its total length to 32 ft (9.7 m).

Its exterior is clad in wood with metal detailing and features an overall contemporary look. Wedge-shaped family home is squeezed into an awkward plot. The plot that the Acute House is located on previously held an old weatherboard home that had fallen into disrepair. However, rather than destroy it completely, Oof! Build your own tiny house with Bunk Box plans. The Bunk Box is based on a 16 ft (4.8 m)-long double-axle trailer. There's 125 sq ft (11.61 sq m) of floorspace on the ground floor and another 72 sq ft (6.6 sq m) in the sleeping loft. The interior decor is pretty odd as it isn't finished with wood paneling or drywall, leaving the framing exposed. Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle. Can we all just stop for a second with the bubbles? UK floating home offers a taste of luxury on the water. Freedom tiny house offers big house comforts in a small space.

As the tiny house scene continues to grow, we're seeing increasing numbers of large and luxurious builds. Wee Studio completes crowdfunded treehouses next to a stream in Beijing. This pair of stilted wooden huts are set among poplar and hawthorn trees in a stretch of woodland at the foot of Mount Wuling in Beijing's Miyun District (+ slideshow). Designed by local micro-architecture specialists Wee Studio, the tiny huts have a combined floor area of just 8 square metres. Tiny home's unusual layout maximizes available space. France's Baluchon recently put the finishing touches to its latest tiny house, the Odyssée. Tiny house packs a home office and walk-in closet. You'd think that tiny house builders would struggle to think up new ideas on how to make each project different – they're dealing with such a small space after all – but if that's the case, we're not seeing any signs of it yet.

Shipping container transformed into a tiny house. Despite their drawbacks, there's definitely something appealing about recycling a shipping container into a viable home. Zach both converts a chevy cargo van into a nomadic filmmaking studio. Jun 10, 2016. ZED Pod would turn parking lots into sustainable communities.

Austin architect gets small living just right. A contemporary take on the old-fashioned shepherd's hut. Houzz TV: You Won’t Believe Everything This Tiny Loft Can Do. Student living goes Nano with 140-sq ft suites. High Camp teardrop trailers wrap fine woodwork with aluminum skin. Prefab for Two: A 290-Square-Foot House for $24,000: Remodelista. Architensions designs writing pavilion retreat in brooklyn backyard. AirBn’P apartment packs all a traveler's needs into 30 sq m. Atlas: Tiny house, big view. Intel's Smart Tiny House goes big on tech.

MUJI HUT. Outbuilding of the Week: A Bohemian Surf Shack in Topanga Canyon: Gardenista. Tiny prefab Box homes go up in as little as a day. Outbuilding of the Week: Tiny Cabins in Dark and Light: Gardenista. High ceilings mean double the floor space in Ukraine micro apartment. Victorian Prepper tiny house is ready for doomsday.

ECOmbo solar-equipped camper designed to keep you comfy off grid. Build a CUBE — Living Cube Furniture. Couple builds tiny house for US$33k, releases plans. Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town To Grow Old Together. Ecocapsule promises independent off-grid micro-living. CannonDesign shoehorns an entire dorm room into a tiny pod. 10 Stunning She Sheds. Ingenious use of space turns tiny Paris room into functional apartment - Images. Watch 'Portlandia' hilariously poke fun at tiny homes - Home. Cubicco's sustainable flatpack homes are built to withstand a hurricane.

Off-grid tiny shelter and artist's studio is on the move. Cinderella Story: A Before and After Hideaway in the Alps: Gardenista. Cubitat has all the ingredients of a compact home. Outbuilding of the Week: A 323-Square-Foot Backyard Guest House (and Storage Shed): Gardenista. Leaf House Version.3: A tiny house for sub-zero temperatures. Outbuilding of the Week: A Backyard Writer's Shed by Weston Surman & Deane: Gardenista. Outbuilding of the Week: A Retro '60s Camper, Outdoor Bathhouse Included: Gardenista.

Recycle This: A Pair of Fishermen's Cabins Turned Beachside Cabanas. Outbuilding of the Week: Tiny Cabins in a Norwegian Wood: Gardenista. 7 Best Off-Road Trailers. Bigger isn't always better: The standout small homes of 2014. Knaus Travelino envisages a clean, light camper of the future. Vivood retreat can be assembled within a day - Images. Heimplanet's latest inflatable tent withstands 112 mph winds. Housetrike three-wheeled camper shelters homeless nomads. Architect Visit: A Portable Beach Cabin, Sleds Included: Gardenista. Architect transforms storage room into a micro home. Couple builds tiny house for US$33k, releases plans. Apparatus X: An off-grid disaster relief vehicle, micro-home, and more. Designer builds floating off-grid "tsunami-proof" shelter in his backyard.

Glamping for Glampers: Luxury camping on the South Korean mountainside. Space-saving Madrid apartment boasts adaptable interior. Archive Tiny House in a Landscape. Low-cost Blooming Bamboo home built to withstand floods - Images. "Smart" micro student houses set to go ahead in Sweden. DIY Hermit House allows users to customize and build their own micro house. Tiny off-the-grid pod to raise living conditions in South African settlements. Archive Straatlokaal Dumpster Structures. 5 Favorites: Backyard Chicken Coops for Small Flocks. Net zero DALE micro-home expands to provide more living space.