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Tiny House Blog - Living Simply in Small Spaces

Tiny House Blog - Living Simply in Small Spaces
by Kristina Von Kroug Republished from Living full-time on the road and in the woods has put our survive and thrive priorities up front – instead of paying someone else to take care of our needs, the basics take up a good chunk of our time. Shelter, food and water, hygiene, animal care, and the big one – the bathroom. Toilets in all of their incarnations symbolize a place of urgency and importance, it is the throne after all. Our bathroom is a scant 2 ft. x 3 ft. — So you can imagine the challenges we have had building our biddy in a bus!

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Cabin & House Kits for Owner-Builders from Shelter-Kit® With our many models and customization options, we can easily meet your needs for a primary home, a vacation home, or a small cabin. We offer a wide range of precut, customized cabin, cottage and house kits, from 144 s.f. to 3000 s.f.+, all designed for assembly by people with no prior building experience. Power tools, lifts or cranes are not required to assemble our kits. Teahouse / A1 Architects Architects: David Maštálka / A1 Architects Location: Prague, Czech Republic Client: David Maštálka and Lenka Kremenová Project year: 2008 (35 days) Contractor: Vojtěch Bilišic , scupltor and carpenter (Slovak Republic) Collaborators: Lenka Kremenová, Marta Maštálková, Rudolf Maštálka Dome construction: Jan Bašta Opponency of Diploma Project: Terunobu Fujimori , University of Tokyo Interpreting: Petr Holý, Director of Czech Center in Tokyo Surface Area: 3,75 sqm Construction Area: 7 sqm Photographs: Ester Havlová The Garden At the foot of the hill dividing Hloubetin and Aloisov you’ll find a small garden. The garden is unostentatious, slightly wild but even so graceful, each spring apple and cherry trees blossom and when summer swiftly blows upon us our sight of the passing clouds is surrounded by slim blades of grass. The teahouse as a minimal place to gather “Better Living Through Simplicity.” History. Founded in 2002, the Small House Society is a cooperatively managed organization dedicated to the promotion of smaller housing alternatives which can be more affordable and ecological. Mission. Our desire is to support the research, development, and use of smaller living spaces that foster sustainable living for individuals, families, and communities worldwide. Media Contacts. Little Houses: Small, Hand Built, and Mortgage-Free Debra Jordan had a secret. “When we decided to move into our home, I was worried about what other people would think. For the first six months, I didn’t even tell my family,” said Debra, a wife, mother, and owner of the Etsy shop Minky Baby Gifts. What was Debra hiding? “It’s just not what people do.

83 Square Feet Tiny House Several months ago my girlfriend and I posted pictures of the tiny house that we lived in here on Tiny House Swoon…at the time. Well our story in tiny house 1.0 has ended. A young man showed interest in living in 1.0 and bought it from us in February. Man converts truck into solar-powered home Living in a truck might not sound appealing, unless it's completely overhauled on the inside to be a bit more comfortable. With a bit of perseverance, carpentry skills and some thoughtful design ideas, fifty-year-old Israeli animator Joseph Tayyar converted a truck into beautiful home. According to Decoist, Tayyar was inspired to begin his project when he saw a television program about homes on wheels. Determined to enjoy the same kind of flexibility, Tayyar spent years fine-tuning his dream: converting a 11.5-meter (38-foot) truck into a real home. © Ilan Nachum Tayyar's improvements include properly-insulated walls that are seven inches thick, a modern kitchen, two separate sleeping areas (one of which is lofted up in the rear), an ample seating area, a dining banquette, work area, and a spacious bathroom.

Treehouse / RPA Architects: RPA Location: Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, CA, USA Project Area: 16 sqm Project Year: 2009 North Carolina Workshop Announced! SIGN UP DETAILS... HANDS-ON Tiny House Building Workshop with DIY Network Host, Author, Designer, Builder, and Blogger Derek "Deek" Diedricksen We're talking almost 35-40 hours of contact, building, demos, networking, and MORE! It looks like we'll ALSO have a tiny house on wheels visiting us, courtesy of TENNESSEE TINY HOMES! We're excited to meet builder Joe, and see what he's done! Want to learn how to build a tiny house/cabin?

20'x30' 1-story cottage plans Click here for story of above house. A very adaptable cottage plan of 600 sf that needs no interior beams or bearing walls. This allows the floor plan to be freely modified if needed. Sick to death of consumerism? Find freedom in a tiny house What is a house? I feel this is a dangerous question, which holds within it the seeds of a disruptive innovation, so read on at your own risk. Rethinking what a house is could change your life, and perhaps the world. Let me explain through my own experience. Voluntary simplicity

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