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Tiny Houses

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Tiny Home Solar Power and Lighting - Solar Power for Tiny Homes - Solar Accessories for Tiny Homes. The SolMan powers Tiny Homes across the United States. Pairing personal power with efficient living is a natural fit. Whether you are at an off-grid location or just want your own power, separate from the grid, the SolMan has you covered. The SolMan is available in different sizes or custom design, specifically built to work for customers on a day-to-day basis. "My SolMan has never let me down!

" Tiny Home and SolMan owner Randall Bozelle Tiny Home Solar Power and Lighting Uses Tiny Home Solar Power and Lighting Overview SolSolutions has fielded a number of inquiries from Tiny House owners looking for efficient and sustainable alternative energy options to run basic applications for a Tiny Home. We also get similar calls for upgrades or systems to help run trailers and RVs, with very similar applications to the Tiny Home community. Our flagship model, the SolMan Classic is used as the sole power source for a number of Tiny Homes, but any of our units could be a good fit for you.

Solar PV Input. Tiny House Solar. I know many of you have been wanting this post for a while, but it’s finally here: my solar panel system for my tiny house. I wanted to get the feel for what it is like to live off the grid so I could share more details with you all about what it’s really like. So first, the high level details of my system: 2.25 Kw panels – Nine, 250 watt panelsBatteries 740 amp/hr total – Eight, 370 amp/hr 6 volt Trojan L16 flooded lead acidCost for parts about $10,000 (excluding tax and shipping)Off grid, battery bank, plus 5,550 watt backup generator24 volt system Specific Parts: Before anything I needed to determine the best placement for the solar panels to make sure it had good solar exposure and didn’t fall into shadows too much.

Solar Path Finder So once you upload the image into the software and then trace the treeline outline, you enter in your location, date and time. My reading with the pathfinder Then it spit out all the calculations: Next we installed the panels. This is a 50 amp RV style plug. 8x20-tiny-solar-house-plans. Tiny-house-loans.pdf. Powering our Tiny House, Off the Grid: The SolMan Portable Solar Generator | TINY. Perhaps one my favorite things about our tiny house (other than falling asleep to the sound of rain on a steel roof) is that it is entirely off grid.

Christopher and I are both environmentalists of sorts, having spent chunks of our lives studying, researching, and telling stories about humans’ interactions with our natural resources and waste. Part of this tiny house experiment has always been about learning to lessen our own impact. And there’s also the practical side of things: 40 miles from a major town, our tiny house doesn’t have access to a “grid” of any kind. No gas lines. No power lines. No water lines or sewage system. We’ve had to figure out our own solutions for each of these utilities. Park County, Colorado gets an average of 246 sunny days each year, so solar power was an obvious choice for our electric needs. Our reasons for choosing the SolMan solar generator to power our home include: What exactly does the SolMan power? Our consistent electricity needs: How to Live Off-the-grid in a Tiny House. Merete and Christopher install their tiny house roof trim. Photo by Kevin Hoth. LaMar Alexander grew up in a homesteading family.

For him, self-sufficiency, including gardening, raising animals and “doing for ourselves” was normal and necessary. He tried city life after college, but says he felt like a slave to a house, bills and employers. At 35, he made a change. “I had a wake up call,” he explains, “that made me realize that what I really wanted was a simple homestead cabin and to eliminate my dependence on the system, so I could live sustainably while I pursued my dreams.”

So Alexander built a house. Being an avid outdoorsman, Alexander didn’t need a lot of indoor space, but as an author, videographer, and off-the-grid builder, he did need need modern amenities including a cell phone, Internet access, electric lights, indoor toilet, and shower etc., and he has them. LaMar's son on the porch of the off-the-grid, tiny house Alexander is part of a growing movement of tiny housers. Mobile Solar SolMan. Adding Solar to your tiny house can be a daunting task if you are not up to date on all the latest technology and how it works together. A couple of weeks ago we had a "Meeting of the Tiny Minds" and Bill Kastrinos of Tortoise Shell Homes told Stephen, Michael and I about this great solar solution that was out there. What if there was a simple solution to this and all you had to do was plug and play?

SoleMan a company based in Willits, California has come up with just that kind of solution. They call their system the "one small, easy to move, all in one integrated unit, ready to point towards the sun at your best location, and deliver up to 1200 watts of AC power, and 12 volts DC power, and even charge all your Ni-Mh smaller batteries. " This little unit is on heavy duty bicycle wheels so you can have your Tumbleweed home in the shade and easily roll your solar unit where it gets the most sun. The cool thing about the SolMan is that if your needs grow, so can the SoleMan.

Build A Tiny House - Mighty Micro House. A tiny house on wheels in Freeland, Washington. More info. here. Composting Toilet For Tiny Houses. One just never appreciates the vital nature of a well functioning toilet until theirs doesn’t work properly. We have gone through not just one, but two composting toilets for hOMe. Granted there are 3 of us living in it full time so I suppose we will put any toilet system to its full test. The first two turned out to not be viable options for us.

The odor was awful, they were quite frankly dreadful to clean out, and we began to dread using them at all. The great thing that came out of those experiences is that we became incredibly informed consumers. The key factor in any composting toilet system is to find one in which the urine diverts from the solids. Those two frankly don’t belong together.

We recently purchased the Separett composting toilet and we couldn’t be happier with it. Richard Brunt, the man that we purchased our new Separett composting toilet from was kind enough to write an article for us regarding how the toilet works. Urine is sterile, and does not pose a health risk.