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A Building We Shall Go!: The Art Of Pallet Wood Flooring. NOTE: This blog and photos may not be shared or reproduced without the express written consent of A Building We Shall Go!

A Building We Shall Go!: The Art Of Pallet Wood Flooring

Copyright 2013 A Building We Shall Go! All rights reserved We have blogged Pallets Repurposed where we explained how we took the pallets apart. We have blogged Just The Plane Facts where we told you how all the pallet wood was prepared, to be used as flooring. We have blogged Prep Time where we shared with you how we installed the sub floor. We have blogged Pioneering where we explained some of the difficulties we have had and solutions we found, while installing the pallet wood flooring. What we haven't blogged is the finished product! Are You Ready? It took us several weeks to put all the pallet wood down. This was not an easy task! We didn't want a pattern on the floor but we also didn't want the same type of pallet wood together in the same spots. We had four widths of planks. (2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch and 5 inch) We started by sorting light wood and dark wood.

Red Mountain 34′ Tiny House. Red Mountain is a group of three peaks in between Silverton and Ouray, CO.

Red Mountain 34′ Tiny House

One can get an outstanding view of these magnificent San Jaun peaks whilst descending Red Mountain pass (11,018′) towards Ouray. The mountains are most notable for their distinctive red hues, as a result of iron oxide present in the mineral content of the rock. The vicinity was heavily mined in the late 1800’s and remnants of this human activity remain in the form of rustic houses, storage sheds, mine shafts, and other mining structures.

Incredibly weathered wood has withstood the harsh climate of this environment for decades. To say the place is “grandiose” or “epic” falls short of the aura this landscape provokes. Built on a 34′ bumper pull chassis, not only is this the largest tiny to ever leave our shop, but it is outfitted with some of the nicest features we’ve ever included. The Avonlea By Baluchon - TINY HOUSE TOWN. Baluchon, one of the leading tiny house companies in Europe, has recently finished their newest tiny house and it's a stunner!

The Avonlea By Baluchon - TINY HOUSE TOWN

Named the Avonlea, the home was built on a 6-meter long trailer and spans 2.5 meters in width (almost 20 ft long and 8.2 ft wide). The home features a 2.5-meter long kitchen with storage, a bathroom, a comfortable loft bedroom, and oak flooring throughout the home. The home's owner is a book-seller, so Baluchon also created a cozy home library for the owner to store their favorite books. There's even a space for owner's dog underneath the home's oak staircase!

The home's exterior is crafted from cedar siding and features a covered front porch with benches. Canadian Sustainable Housing Directory - Tiny Home Alliance. Canadian Directory of​Alternate, Small, Tiny House Builders, Developers, Architects & Communities Tiny home Alliance is not directly affiliated with any of the businesses or communities listed and takes no responsibility for their actions, advise, services and/or goods.

Canadian Sustainable Housing Directory - Tiny Home Alliance

Tiny Home Alliance reminds you to always do your research before selecting a designer, architect, trades person or builder. Know your rights and responsibilities. Wildwood Cottage Tiny Homes - Tiny Home For Sale. Images property of Wildwood Lakefront Resort, via Tiny House Town Introducing the Salish—a 399-square-foot tiny house in Wildwood Cottages, a new development of lakefront vacation homes on Washington's Lake Whatcom.

Wildwood Cottage Tiny Homes - Tiny Home For Sale

Located 90 miles north of Seattle, this former-camping-ground-turned-luxury-resort consists of 90 for-sale units, one of which is the Salish. The tiny abode is going for $312,500, plus an additional $127 monthly resort fee, according to Tiny House Town. The cozy cabin-like exterior gives way to a modern, wood-finished interior that includes a full kitchen and bathroom, a living room, bedroom, and loft. The cottage is family friendly and downright stunning—it's been repinned over 40,000 times. The Pequod Tiny House From Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses - TINY HOUSE TOWN. The Pequod measures just 208 sq ft, but despite its small size, it currently houses a family of four.

The Pequod Tiny House From Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses - TINY HOUSE TOWN

Built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes in Durango, Colorado, the home is smartly designed for living comfortably. The home has a full kitchen equipped with a full-sized fridge, a four-burner stove, and a washer/dryer combination.There's also a full bathroom with a shower, sink, composting toilet, and a garden window to help the small space feel a little bigger. LED lights keep the home illuminated, and heat is provided by a wood-burning stove. The home's electricity is powered by a standard hookup. The Pequod Tiny House From Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses - TINY HOUSE TOWN. The Pequod Tiny House.

Meet the Pequod, our most elegant and complex build to date.

The Pequod Tiny House

This is a larger tiny house that we built for a family of four currently residing in Indiana. At 26′ long, this house weighs 11,500# dry and maxes out at 8′-6″ wide and 13′-6″ tall. It uses a drop axle trailer chassis that makes towing a little trickier, but adds 4″ of headroom in the lofts. The wavy shape of the roof is a function of maximizing heights in the lofts, lowering ceiling heights elsewhere, and aiming for a “whimsical” design aesthetic. While pure and simple in theory, in reality it proved to be very challenging and time consuming to execute.

The photos do the rest of the talking. Patrick Romero's beautiful tiny house in Sandy, Utah. With so many tiny homes hitting the market, finding one that stands out above the rest becomes harder and harder.

Patrick Romero's beautiful tiny house in Sandy, Utah

Patrick and Sarah Romero of Sandy, Utah, have designed a tiny home on wheels that has captured the imagination of people everywhere. Romero's tiny house was featured on Tiny House Swoon, and most of the comments that have been made center around the bathroom. One even said, "HANDS DOWN best bathroom I’ve ever seen in a tiny house!!! " Looking at the outside of the house, you wouldn't think that the inside had anything so spectacular to offer. The kitchen is on the smaller side and has little counter space with which to work. The main sitting area of the house has a nook with some great windows to look out while you eat and a couch across from it. Tiny House Plans Suitable For A Family of 4! On this page you'll see dozens of photos of a tiny house I designed suitable for a family of 3 or 4.

Tiny House Plans Suitable For A Family of 4!

It's my dream tiny house for a family! You'll also be able to buy the plans for this little home if you think it could be the design for you! Tom and I lived happily in Lucy for nearly two years. Woman Downsizes into Amazing Tiny Home on Wheels. This is the story of how one woman gradually downsized from a four bedroom house, to a one bedroom apartment, and finally to her very own custom designed and built tiny home on wheels that you see here.

Woman Downsizes into Amazing Tiny Home on Wheels

The move to tiny officially started a decade ago in 2005 when Jewel began downsizing. Over the course of ten years she transitioned into a small one bedroom apartment. Today she’s happily living tiny in her very own little home on wheels after over a year of designing and planning. Her trailer is 28′ long and an additional 4′ of porch space was added onto it. When you go inside Jewel’s tiny house you’ll find a desk nook, living area, bedroom loft, den loft, floating staircase, kitchen, large closet, screened-in porch, Juliet balcony, and more! Tiny Homes handmade in Fernie, BC. We are offering “The Cowboy” tiny home RV model for sale with the option of RVIA and CSA certification.

This certification makes this model insurable as an RV and financable with an RV loan (subject to application and approval). This micro home model measures 20′ long by 8’6″ wide (exterior measurements) with interior floor space totaling 208 sft. Please contact us to discuss Hummingbird Micro Home building your Cowboy micro home. The unique design is inspired by west coast design meets rustic modern Canadian barn. The exterior features a colourful combination of recycled wood and metal. The interior features two tones of bamboo as wall coverings, pine tongue and groove on the ceiling and vinyl flooring.

The main sleeping area is located in the loft, and features three windows to provide views and lots of light. The kitchen features a single sink, wooden cabinetry and counter, three ring gas burner and 3.1 cft compact refrigerator with freezer. Tiny House FAQs. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that I receive. If you have a question not answered here, please contact me. A Custom Tiny Home by Tiny Living Homes - TINY HOUSE TOWN. A cute, custom tiny house from the Mint Tiny House Company (formerly Tiny Living Homes). The home measures 310 sq ft between its ground floor and two lofts. It also comes with a small porch in the back that can be folded against the home for transport. There's also a full kitchen, bathroom that doubles as a laundry room, dining space, a comfy living room and two loft spaces.

Tiny Living Homes is based in Delta, British Columbia. A Bright Blue Tiny House by Nomad Tiny Homes - TINY HOUSE TOWN. This custom tiny house is designed and built by Nomad Tiny Homes of Dripping Springs, Texas (just outside of Austin). The home was built on a 42-foot gooseneck trailer, giving the home a size of about 357 sq ft, large enough for the family of 5 who will be living in it.

TINY HOUSE COMPANIES - TINY HOUSE TOWN. Liberation Tiny Homes. Cabin In The Woods Edition. All of our tiny houses come standard with a huge range of features, including: View the gallery Soft closing doors and drawers 24” countertops 36x36 lazy susan Stainless steel sink and faucet Cooktop unit designed to fit electric or propane cooktop Cutlery divider drawers 6x over counter 110v power outlets 2x tracked spot lights overhead Space for 4.3 cu.ft fridge/freezer Durable countertops 4”x4” exposed cedar roof beams Full sized 30x30 shower unit High quality shower faucet Electric bathroom ventilation fan Wall hung sink and faucet Opening sash window Frosted glass on window for privacy 110v power shaver outlet Option of traditional water toilet or decomposing toilet 28 inch door on entry to bathroom giving easy access Attractive bathroom lighting Pine T+G wall panelling 4”x4” exposed cedar ceiling beams 7ft 4” x 2ft storage area over french doors Opening 24” x 24” window Removable ladder for easy acess Supported by 4”x4” attractive cedar beams Cabin in the Woods Edition Base Price:

Rewild Homes. Browse Tiny Houses For Sale. Tiny Idahomes LLC - RVIA Custom Tiny Home Design and Manufacturing - Welcome to Tiny Idahomes - Nampa, Idaho. Tiny House RVs in the World. Photos/Videos — Wanderlust Tiny House. The optimal road trip across the U.S. stopping at the U.S. National Parks. 12 Volt TV, 12 Volt Refrigerators, Truck GPS, 12 Volt Appliances, My 12 Volt Store.

12 Volt Appliance, 12 Volt Products, 12 Volt Portable Appliances - My 12 Volt Store. Plans. Mobirise v3.3.1. Off-Grid Cabin Kits. Cabin Starter Kits - Pricing and PDF Ultimate Cabin Package - Pricing and PDF We offer the very best in Batteries, Inverters, Solar Panels and Solar Controllers in our Cabin Kits. As in any great off-grid system you will find the Batteries to be the heart. We use the highest quality 'Telecom' grade AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) battery from companies like Enersys, GNB, Telecom that are sealed and maintenance free. All our Inverters from Magnum and Outback feature Pure Sine Wave Technology that incorporate a battery charger so that when Mother Nature does not give you enough sun, you can use your back-up generator to re-charge your batteries. Plans. Plans. Eddy's Tiny House on Wheels. No. 1 - Tiny House Plan (Free PDF plan download) — THE small HOUSE CATALOG. Drafted & designed by S. No. 30 - The Bohemian Tiny House On wheels Building Plan (Free download) — THE small HOUSE CATALOG.

Drafted by S. Dehner for THE small HOUSE CATALOG The Bohemian plan was completed in 2014 for a client in Canada. Unique Gas 24 in. On-Grid/Off Grid Propane or Natural Gas Cooktop.