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Blue Forest Treehouses

Blue Forest Treehouses

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Tiny Baobed Treehouse is a Cocoon-Like Sleeping Pod for Adventure Seekers The cocoon-like Baobed treehouse is a tiny sleeping capsule designed for adventure seekers that like waking up in exotic places. This small retreat can be suspended among tree branches, supported on a carrier, placed on a beach, a rooftop, near a river or even in the middle of a pond. Baobed’s oval shape was inspired by exotic fruit that dangles from the branches of baobab trees, known as the “tree of life,” characteristic of African landscapes. Related: Cocoon Tree Is A Lightweight, Spherical Treehouse for Sustainable Living The cozy retreat is meant to provide a safe place for sleeping and relaxation at night to those who like exploring exotic landscapes during the day. Versatile and easily transported, the treehouse allows its users to feel closer to nature.

Photo Gallery Pat's First Cob (1998) This was Patrick's first cob project on his own after taking a one week workshop with Cob Cottage Company (CCC) in 1997. He built the foundation and then used beach logs for the frame. Finca Bellavista: Highflying Treehouses Nestled in the Rainforest Canopy Finca Bellavista is located in a relatively pristine part of Costa Rica far removed from the hubbub of the outside world. The nearest town is 1.5 miles away and has just a school, a church, a pulperia, a bus stop, a handful of houses, and a soccer field. How’s that for getting away from the big city?

Great earth house designd by Vetsch architektur Advertisement This is a great earth house designed by Vetsch architektur in a very special way as you can see from the picture. Lättenstrasse house is located in Dietikon, Switzerland and it has an amazing architecture.

Roomoon: Awesome Moon-Shaped Treehouse Tents are Perfect for Summer Glamping The Hanging Tent Company just unveiled the next stage in tensile glamping. The roomoon is a portable, simple, durable and beautiful tent that hangs high up in the treetops. Each handcrafted tree tent is tailor-made to whatever specifications you desire and can be set up in a snap. Beautiful Tiered Treehouse Looks Like a Japanese-Style Pagoda This charming tiered treehouse might have you thinking you’d been transported to the Orient, but it’s actually located on the other side of the globe in upstate New York. Built by Luderowski Architect, the peaceful Japanese-style structure hugs a single tree and can be accessed by a simple rope ladder. Romantic tiny forest home built in 6 weeks for $4,000 Moments of eye-opening insight can come into our lives unexpectedly like a clap of thunder, and when they do, we are usually not the same person, enabling us to go forth on new paths. Carpenter Dave Herrle of Westbrook, Connecticut is one of these people; suddenly emboldened by a walk down an unfamiliar path in the woods: For the longest time I had a hard time not being "normal." I graduated from a small liberal arts college, got a desk job, and hated every minute of it. In 2007 my life changed dramatically after hiking the entirity of the Appalachian Trail.

It Looks Like A Child’s Tree House…Then I Opened The Door And Saw What Was Inside. OMG!! My dad grew up loving the 1960 Walt Disney film Swiss Family Robinson, in which a shipwrecked family had to build a large, surprisingly ornate tree house as their dwelling. He somewhat envied them and imagined what it would be like to live in an enormous tree house too. When he had a son of his own, he decided I’d probably like a tree house, too — and so we built one.

Self-sufficient couple builds their own floating off-grid island (Video) From no-waste, no-impact, buy-nothing, no-money to living tiny, there are a multitude of saner and more courageous alternatives to the unthinking, zombie wastefulness of mainstream living. For Canadian couple Wayne Adams and Catherine King, living self-sufficiently meant building their own floating island near Tofino, British Columbia, consisting of twelve interconnected platforms that support their home, greenhouse, lighthouse and a dance studio. Wayne, a sculptor, and Catherine, a retired ballerina and carver, began building this extraordinary home back in 1992. They have dubbed it "Freedom Cove," and call it a "floating food garden." The two artists support themselves by selling their artworks in local shops and beyond, and supplement their income with veggies and fruit harvested throughout the year from their own garden, in addition to fishing. © Freedom Cove

Whimsical Treehouse Cabin at Swallowtail on July 3, 2015 Nestled 30 feet up in lush eucalyptus tree is this whimsical treehouse cabin. Located on the property of Swallowtail Studios in Petaluma, CA. As you climb three flights of stairs up to the treehouse cabin you start to become one with nature. How to A treehouse is a place where you can give free rein to your individual creativity. But while there may be almost as many types of treehouses as there are types of trees, some general principles do apply when it comes to building a treehouse. (For creative examples of custom treehouses, see Treehouse Living: 4 Custom, Eco-friendly Options.) Before you begin your treehouse plans, check with your local planning authorities about whether there are any restrictions on building treehouses.