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Boat House or House Boat? Futuristic Home on the Water | dornob Most houseboats seem to be designed with one of two primary purposes in mind: they are either constructed as accommodations for semi-permanent living (more house than boat) or they are made to be mobile (more boat than house). This unique but yet unbuilt idea balances both sides, possibly better than anything else built to date. The outer spiraling shell structure provides stability and mobility, guarding and moving the home within. The form, spatial layouts and spacious accommodations all suggest a home on the water at the center of this design – a box-like structure with amble amenities to be quite comfortably livable. Traveling below the surface, one finds a gathering space – an underwater observatory that would make a wonderful space to stay in during the day while idling or traveling.

Litl Hausen | Owen Sound, Ontario N4k5N3 MicrohouseNW Microhouse - Affordable small house design At microhouse we specialize in the design and permitting of backyard cottages and other small houses. Because we are specialists we are able to offer design services at affordable rates. To this end, we utilize standard designs as a starting point for design and budgeting. Budgeting Choosing to build a new house or backyard cottage is an important long term decision. While it may be hard to put a value to how a well designed home makes you feel or the value of being close to family, other considerations are easier to assess. Financing Financing to build a small house can either be done out of pocket or with a construction loan. Backyard Cottages -Invest where you live Backyard cottages can be used as part of a downsizing strategy or to generate income.

A Firm Foundation for a Backyard Shed Skid foundations Skid Foundation: A skid foundation is a simple and effective way to support the floor frame of a small shed. When it comes to time-tested building methods, it’s hard to beat a skid foundation. Builders have been using this type of on-grade foundation to support outbuildings for more than three centuries. The technique is surprisingly simple in both concept and application: Two or more long, straight timbers (skids) are laid on the ground in parallel, evenly spaced positions. Skid foundations are still popular today, and it’s easy to see why: They’re very fast and easy to build; and they distribute the building’s weight evenly over a broad surface. Originally, skids were nothing more than logs placed on the ground. Although skids are often set directly on the ground, I prefer to lay them on a bed of gravel.

A Moveable Feast: The Bowery Project is an instant prefab demountable urban farm Urban land is often expensive; land owners are loath to tie it up long-term with things like urban farms, when what they really want to plant are condos. It's the same with rooftops. Deena DelZotto and Rachel Kimel, founders of the Bowery Project, had an idea: Passing through downtown Toronto, noticing several lots which had been vacant for years, they asked themselves, why can’t we grow food there? twitter/ Rachel Kimel and Deena DelZotto /via Their clever twist is to build their gardens in milk crates, sort of a prefab urban farm. Kelly Rossiter/CC BY 2.0 Their first installation was at the Green Living Show in Toronto, set up in the Urban Agriculture Pavilion. The milk crates are lined with a filter cloth that has been sewn into the shape of the box and filled with soil.

Container Housing Companies One option if you want a container home is to buy a prefabricated unit from a container housing company. Why consider one of these outfits? They are worth considering if: you don't have enough time for such a big project; you don't have the necessary skills to build a cargo container building yourself; you want something more complex, designed by an architect, with many rooms and floors, contemporary finishes and interiors, modern and clean lines and maximum comfort. There are many finished and under construction projects all around the world that make use of containers for different purposes. Addis Containers is a shipping container house design and construction company from New Zealand. On the container home side, they reportedly have a 320 square foot home for around $40,000 available. 1. 2. Another company we're happy to see out there is Logical Homes.

small & tiny home ideas Small Living Journal Ivy - its Benefits, Disadvantages and how to KILL it NEW - Get quotes for Garden, Landscaping and Fencing Jobs Ivy can be a beautiful addition to your garden, providing an excellent ornamental plant to your trees, fences, garden walls, or even to your home. The aesthetic appeal of a 16th century house covered in wonderfully kept ivy simply cannot be denied. The slightly crumbling brickwork set behind the green shoots of ivy provide many buildings with an idyllic character and really do remind you of 'England's green and pleasant lands'. Or read on if you hate the stuff and want to remove it! Farm house covered in well kept ivy However ivy really isn't all it is cracked up to be, it grows almost virulently, is extremely difficult to remove, and can cause all manner of damage to the things that it chooses to grow on. Effects of ivy on trees Back to top Ivy is commonplace within woodland areas, sometimes with the whole woodland floor consisting of an Ivy carpet. Removal or Maintenance of Ivy on Trees Back to top 1. 2. 3. 4. 2. 3. 4.

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