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UBUNTU VILLAGE VOLUNTEER PROGRAMME - South Africa. Please read the following before you apply.


The Stone Circle Ubuntu Village is a riverside space in Waterval Boven, South Africa, intended to provide a base of access to the work of Michael Tellinger and the Ubuntu Liberation Movement. It is a marriage of the path that brought us to this point, and a platform from which we intend to launch from into the future. Please bear with me while I conjure a brief introduction that has brought us to this point. In 2008 Michael Tellinger packed up his 'Joburg lifestyle and moved to the sleepy little town of Waterval Boven in Mpumalanga, South Africa, on a quest to make sense of a tantalising mystery into the origins of humankind. Strewn across the hillsides in the area are thousands upon thousands of circular stone ruins, visible as far as the eye can see, all joined by stone channels and interconnecting terraces. Subsequent research has led us to believe that this region could very well be the original cradle of humankind.

Thank you! Social-Ecological Model - Active Canada 20/20. Research suggests that the social, physical and policy environments impact on the ability or likelihood of individuals to participate in physical activity or sedentary behaviours.Human behaviour is difficult to change, especially in an environment that does not support change.

Social-Ecological Model - Active Canada 20/20

To increase physical activity and decrease sedentary behaviours, efforts need to focus not only on the behaviour choices of each individual but also on factors that influence those choices. The social-ecological model helps to identify opportunities to promote participation in physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviours by recognising the multiple factors that influence an individual’s behaviour.

Efforts to change behaviour are more likely to be successful when the multiple levels of influence are addressed at the same time. Barriers to physical activity are shared among the community as a whole. Biodegradation of Polyester Polyurethane by Endophytic Fungi. + Author Affiliations Bioremediation is an important approach to waste reduction that relies on biological processes to break down a variety of pollutants.

Biodegradation of Polyester Polyurethane by Endophytic Fungi

This is made possible by the vast metabolic diversity of the microbial world. To explore this diversity for the breakdown of plastic, we screened several dozen endophytic fungi for their ability to degrade the synthetic polymer polyester polyurethane (PUR). Several organisms demonstrated the ability to efficiently degrade PUR in both solid and liquid suspensions. Particularly robust activity was observed among several isolates in the genus Pestalotiopsis, although it was not a universal feature of this genus.

Tremendous increases in the manufacture and consumption of plastics over recent decades have led to numerous ecological and economic concerns. Polyester polyurethane (PUR) is a plastic widely used in industry and manufacturing that has been shown to be susceptible to biodegradation (6, 10). Fig. 1. Table 1. Fig. 2. You Can Turn A $2000 Shipping Container Into An Epic Off-Grid Home. All you need is around $2000 to begin building one of these epic homes – made from recycled shipping containers!

You Can Turn A $2000 Shipping Container Into An Epic Off-Grid Home

Check out some of these amazing creations! A luxury home doesn’t always necessarily mean thousands of square footage, towering great rooms and gilded toilets. Take these homes for example: to begin building one of these epic houses, all you need is $2,000. That $2,000 will buy you a shipping container. What you do with that shipping container… well, that’s completely up to you. 1.)

Credit: Digital Trends. Welcome to D-Shape. D-Shape is a new robotic building system using new materials to create superior stone-like structures.

welcome to D-Shape

This new machinery enables full-size sandstone buildings to be made without human intervention, using a stereolithography 3-D printing process that requires only sand and our special inorganic binder to operate. D-Shape is a new building technology which will revolutionize the way architectural design is planned, and building constructions are executed. By simply pressing the “enter” key on the keypad we intend to give the architect the possibility to make buildings directly, without intermediaries who can add interpretation and realization mistakes. Today’s Construction technology lags behind the available Computer Design Technology. The new 3D CAD software allow architects to conceive and design constructions easily, but existing building methods do not allow the full potential of the new design software to be achieved.

Arquitectura sustentable. Las casas de tierra: una solución del pasado para el futuro. Aspecto de una casa de tierra acabada.

Las casas de tierra: una solución del pasado para el futuro

Fuente: El proyecto “Tienes tierra, tienes casa” surgió hace un año y medio, cuando uno de sus fundadores y actual presidente, Antonio Prados, descubrió junto a unos amigos las construcciones de tierra. Entonces se marcharon todos a California a formarse para aprender a construirlas. Desde aquel momento, este grupo de emprendedores se ha dedicado a construir casas de tierra, y a enseñar a otras personas a fabricarse sus propios hogares, usando básicamente tierra y cal. Actualmente, el desarrollo del proyecto es llevado a cabo por profesionales de diversas disciplinas que creen que las cosas se pueden hacer de otra manera: creen en otra forma de asociarse, de trabajar y de construir, en definitiva, de vivir más en armonía con la naturaleza, y en concordancia con las necesidades energéticas y económicas de la sociedad actual.

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