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Purple Goldfish Project #21. From John Phelps Jr. “We have a little example of lagniappe here at GG, LLC. To generally promote our online shopping business, both the non-profit fundraising application and the employee benefit program, we sponsor a discount prescription drug card. Ideas and evidence for marketing people Jeff Chown and Mick CarterDavie Brown Entertainment If you enjoy this article from Admap, find out more about subscribing to Admap and Warc. This article may be shared or reproduced online, provided the contents are not altered and the source is acknowledged as: Reproduced from Admap with permission. © Copyright Warc.

Flat-Fee, Dongle-Free Card Payments Startup Emu Opens For Business In U.K., Registrations In Europe Square better get a move on launching its first non-U.S. mobile payment service because the market for point-of-sale mobile payments continues to hot up. We’ve been following the fortunes of Square-like competitors such as iZettle, mPowa and PayPal’s Here for a while. Now meet the latest addition to the space: Emu – a flat-fee card payment acceptance startup that’s launched its service in the U.K. today, with registrations open to the rest of Europe. Emu is offering the U.K.’s small businesses fee-less card payments for the first €1,250 ($1,600) of sales — after which it levies a flat per-month fee of €6.50 ($8.40), regardless of how many transactions are processed. Hence its claim of “unlimited free payments at 0% transaction fees”. Emu says it has its eye on the 20 million European sellers not currently accepting plastic.

A Look Into the Obsession with Facebook (INFOGRAPHIC) Facebook has revolutionized the web, becoming one of the major players in Social Networking and growing to obtain more daily views then Google, Facebook is unstoppable. No wonder why people can't stop using it! We have teamed up with Online Schools to give you this informative breakdown of how people use facebook showing you that this is a more powerful addiction that many drugs. Social Media Week : le e-Commerce est mort, vive le Social Commerce Social Commerce, building “a social layer on top of online commerce”, “turning products into conversations”, is attracting big funding, big buzz and generating big revenue. Social Commerce Factoids Social Commerce Smart Quotes On the potential for social commerce: Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder) “If I had to guess, social commerce is the next area to really blow up”Andrew Mason (Groupon founder) “The size of the [social commerce] market is the size of every empty restaurant table”Bing Gordon (KPCB investment (sFund)) “The potential for social commerce today is “infinite”… Every ecommerce site will have to adapt”Christian Hernandez (Facebook) “There was an Econsultancy survey that said that 90 per cent of purchases have some sort of social influence – your friend recommended it, or you saw it on somebody.

Building A Purposeful Brand As part of our ongoing work on #ProjectReconnect with the WFA, we recently explored the premise that all brands today must be ‘purposeful’. They’ve been kind enough to let us share our findings here too. Purposeful Brands In today’s competitive world, a great product is no longer enough for a brand to succeed. A great product is still critical of course; no-one would willingly buy a bad product twice.

Ad of the Day: Absolut Rolling Out Personalized Bottles—a Whopping 4 Million of Them You are a special snowflake. There is no other person like you. And now, you have your very own personalized bottle of booze to match. Absolut vodka is taking limited-edition liquor packaging to new extremes with Absolut Unique, a new line of paint-splattered bottles—a staggering 4 million of them—the design of each one a little different from all the rest. At its heart, it's a more brazen but also authentic version of a familiar play to vanity that drives desire for branded collectibles. Black Friday: PayPal Sees Mobile Payments Jump 193 Percent; eBay Up 153 Percent Black Friday numbers are strong across the board, according to initial reports coming in today from retailers and payments companies. As IBM reported earlier today, total online sales saw a surge of 20.7 percent in spending from last year. eBay-owned PayPal is reporting that Black Friday global mobile payments volume was up 193 percent from last year. eBay is also reporting a major increase in transactions; total mobile volume in the U.S. was up 153 percent, and GSI Commerce saw a 198 percent jump in mobile sales.

Social Media Predictions For 2010 With the first decade of the new century and new millennium coming to a close, its time to look forward at some of the prognostications that several of today's visionaries have divined from their social media crystal balls. These predictions are meant to be thought-provokers more than a specific road map, and derive from an eclectic assembly of thought leaders,entrepreneurs and folks who are in the trenches every day dealing with the evolution of social media in our very many global neighborhoods. Based on this research, I have also added findings from my own humble analysis that supports, questions and occasionally disputes some of these predictions. Southeast Asia, Next Social Media Hotspot Jimmy WalesJimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia thinks the most important changes ahead will be forged by the “next billion people coming online, mainly in India and China.” In Southeast Asia, it has been the year of Facebook.

The rise of social shopping in 2011: 7 examples of where it is going - Trends in the Living Networks SmartCompany recently featured an excellent article on The next 10 social media trends, which received considerable attention and was syndicated through a number of other outlets. I was quoted in the article talking about social shopping and mini-blogs. Here are a few further thoughts on social shopping.

Drawing out the different voices within the three horizon methodology for Innovation We so often struggle to articulate our innovation activity and then can’t seemingly project our plans into the future in consistent and coherent ways. We often lack the framing necessary. If this rings true of the innovation activity in your organization, then it is in danger of being seen as isolated, one-off events, that fail to link to your organizational strategy. Furthermore you’ll be missing out, or not capitalizing on emerging trends and insights where fresh growth opportunities reside. I so often come back to the messages we need to learn, which centers around the three horizon methodology. I just wish this framework would be adopted far more within organizations. wanting to build a sustaining dialogue around innovation, it can be such a powerful enabler.

Ad of the Day: Bad Dog, Good Volkswagen All I have to say to the guy in this Volkswagen Jetta spot from Deutsch LA is: Thank God for keyless entry. But wouldn't it be cheaper, and better for your dog, if you got a coathook or something so the little bastard couldn't get at your keys? Or buy him a big car-key-shaped strip of rawhide or something? Starbucks Sells Square Readers For $10 Starbucks is selling Square's mobile card readers for $10 in the coffee retail giant's 7,000 locations nationwide, extending the companies' budding partnership. The readers let users accept credit and debit card payments from individuals and are free after rebate. "We have a lot of small business owners who do business in our stores. So we wanted to offer them the reader for their business needs. And it just seemed like a good natural next step in our relationship with Square," a Starbucks spokesperson told Adweek.

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