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Choose your Character: Gamifying the Selection of a B2B Lead Generation Company

Choose your Character: Gamifying the Selection of a B2B Lead Generation Company
Gamification, in modern parlance, refers to the incorporation of video game elements (strategies, tactics, etc.) to real-life experiences. Concepts such as “min-maxing” and “camping”, terms most common to nerds, can be relevant to a diverse range of settings: courting, studying, raising a child, and of course, business. B2B companies can gain a lot from gamifying their appointment setting and lead generation programs. In games like Starcraft and Assassin’s Creed, managers can learn about the importance of effective resource allocation, item usage and terrain utilization. But just like in numerous games, things get increasingly tough with each level. And while you can always reach save points and use cheat codes in these games, a business is always left alone to handle its progress in the B2B marketing world, hence requiring intervention from an outsourcing group. B2B lead generation companies serve as power-ups that game characters need to overcome certain challenges. Experience.

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What IT Leaders can Learn from (the fall of) Nokia Every day, we face and make decisions – decisions as inconsequential as choosing which hanky to use, or as significant as whether to hire that impressive fresh grad or that steady guy with tons of experience. Most of the time, we go with common sense and prudence; sometimes, we go with our gut feel. Then there are times when, for reference or affirmation we replay and choose from the dozens of aphorisms and inspirational quotes we either learned from school or from our family, or read in some book. Or in Twitter.

Top Reasons to Hold and Market Corporate Events Today, businesses want to reach new heights in terms of acquiring new clientele and increasing revenue generation. They are now considering various techniques and methods to achieve such goals. B2B lead generation can drive traffic of potential business partnerships. Customized Content: A Massive Marketing Hit for B2B IT Companies When you listen to a record, common music fan as you are, you do not wallow in the technical aspect or the science involved in the production of what you are hearing. You simply let your mind drift with the tones as they penetrate your soul, invoking memories of lost love or teenage angst. Pseudo-philosophizing aside, we can relate that experience to organizing a multi-channel B2B marketing program. Much like music, generating B2B leads highlights one important factor: subjectivity. Companies in the IT industry recently have wanted to provide their target audiences with dynamic and individualized content.

Telecom Companies says Content Marketing is 'WORTH' their Fortune Different people have different definitions of Content Marketing, but the bottomline is, it’s the use of storytelling to build relationships with consumers by providing them with something entertaining or useful. That’s it. It’s simple, and it’s not new. In fact, companies have always sought to build relationships with consumers in hopes that they’ll buy something, and content marketing has long been one of the most effective ways of doing so. Competitive Battle Plan: A Quick Guide to IT Lead Generation Outsourcing The IT industry is as vibrant as ever. And along with better and newer technologies each year, the market is also seeing innovations in terms of B2B lead generation and appointment setting. Industry players mainly want to deliver their solutions in the best possible ways. From data management and telecommunications, companies like Microsoft and SAGE primarily depend on telemarketing to bridge IT managed services and their intended audience.

Why You Should Bet Your Money - Digital Marketing Statistics 2017 [FREE EBOOK] Don’t know where to allocate the biggest chunk of your marketing budget next year? How about which platform will have the best odds in having maximum ROI? We brainstormed ideas, assessed the merits of each, analyzed data, and interpreted recent developments vis-à-vis previous trends before coming up with a realistic view of next year’s marketing trends. To make the right decisions, you need more than just prudence and a discerning mind. You need this ebook, too.

Why Businesses Need IT Consultants Taken at face value, the question isn’t as rhetorical as it sounds. I mean, why wouldn’t companies just solve their own problems themselves? Surely, there’s somebody in the office whose opinion is sensible enough to merit conformity. But before we answer the question let’s first define the role of an IT consultant. The Expert’s Guide to Using Video for Lead Generation Today’s marketing generation relies a great deal on a harmonious combination of text and visual content in acquiring quality B2B leads. Is there anything else we don’t know? Apparently, there is since video is a new thing, and marketers need to understand a lot more about using it to full advantage. So, here is Vidyard Content Marketing Manager Kimbe MacMaster with the nine practical uses of video marketing for lead generation.

A Blog Roll: SEO, Social and Content Marketing for Tech There’s a constant query on how to implement an effective online marketing campaign. Now that IT and Software customers are elusive and wiser, you have to make use of all the resources. Indulging yourself to the modern marketing should be obligatory, for all we know most of IT targets are active on social media or maybe scanning on Google search. So we compiled three of our essential blog posts tackling online strategies: SEO, Social and Content.

Inspirational Quotes for IT Professionals to Keep Innovating Yes, it happens to the best of us. Even the best need a little push sometimes, and it doesn’t even matter what form the push comes in. Good for you if you get that “Eureka!” moment before the deadline. Most of the time, all you need is a poster on the wall with a timely inspirational quote. Here are eight words of wisdom from people who earned their stripes innovating that should push (or shove) you into thinking outside the box. MSN Apps Now Allow Ad Options, and Why this is a Big Deal Technology powerhouse Microsoft has announced it is providing ad platforms for its partners through MSN Apps. This is in line with their goal to provide partners with better opportunities to reach their audiences across multiple mobile platforms and, in the process, enhance their multi-channel B2B marketing efforts. According to Microsoft’s GM for Advertising Greg Nelson, “advertising experiences on the MSN Apps can be purchased across 24 markets, with standardized ad sizes – 320 x 50 for phones and 300 x 250 for tablets – simplifying the process of purchasing cross-platform inventory.

4 Effective Ways to Increase Telemarketing Efficiency Much of the allure of telemarketing lies in its ability to nurture prospects. But the problem many B2B executives have with it involves using the best approaches that secure a high number of conversions and promise a good increase in revenue. Here are four essentials in successful telemarketing that are worth a gander, from Get Buy-In for Telemarketing Too often, telemarketing campaigns don’t have buy-in from the whole organization.