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The Gnosis Archive: Resources on Gnosticism and Gnostic Tradition

The Gnosis Archive: Resources on Gnosticism and Gnostic Tradition
What is Gnosticism? Many visitors have requested some basic introductory material explaining Gnosticism. To meet this need we offer these "places to start": two short articles, The Gnostic World View: A Brief Summary of Gnosticism and What is a Gnostic?; and an audio lectures (mp3 format) on the Gnostic concept of Christ: The Misunderstood Redeemer. A reading of the Overview of the Gnostic Society Library collection will also give a useful brief introduction to the history and textual legacy of the Gnostic tradition. For more in-depth reading suggestions visit the Gnostic Society Bookstore—you will find offered there a selection of the best introductory and advanced books on Gnosticism, along with brief reviews of recommended books. Meditations Take a moment to reflect on a brief meditation and reading from the Gnostic scriptures, selected from this week's Gnostic liturgy. The Gnostic Society Library Video presentations: Nag Hammadi Library collection updated: Gnosis and C. "C.G. C. C.

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teilhard-de-chardin Teilhard de Chardin Have Yourself a Teilhard Kind of Christmas For several weeks, through the eyes of 21st Century theologians, we have been gazing into the mind, heart, and mystical, poetic soul of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Brilliant scientist, creative thinker, man of faith, Teilhard brings into harmony recent discoveries about an evolving universe and his faith in the Christic presence at the heart of it all. We have already seen that for Teilhard the concept of original sin, committed by our first parents in a lost garden of paradise, was incompatible with the reality of an evolving universe where everything is moving into fullness of being, including God.

Mandaeism "Mandaean" redirects here. For the ethnoreligious group, see Mandaeans. "Mandean" redirects here. For the language family in West Africa, see Mande languages. The CARS Checklist The CARS Checklist... Credibility Accuracy Reasonableness Support designed to provide some criteria for assessing the quality of a source, whether it is print or online. Few sources will meet every criterion in the list, and even those that do may not possess the highest level of quality possible. But if you learn to use the criteria in this list to critically evaluate the material you are reading, you will be much better able to separate the high-quality information from the poor quality. First, read the summary of the CARS Checklist below, then do the exercise that follows it.

Philippians 2:6 Not thievary for a man to be God "Have this attitude that also was in Christ Jesus, who, being in the form of God, did not regard it robbery to be equal with God, but made himself of no reputation." (KJV) The Trinitarian translation and subsequent intepretation of this passage is devised contrivance, pure and simple. Their object here is to try and make out that Christ didn't reckon it was thievery to be in the form of God and enjoy that equal status with God and thereby keep his divine nature when he decided to take the form of a man. Now we shall prove the utter lucicrosity of this interpretation. The Gnostics and Their Remains Index Sacred Texts Gnosticism Buy this Book at Contents Start Reading Page Index Text [Zipped] In the mid-19th century, eighty years before the chance discovery of a treasure trove of Gnostic manuscripts in a dump in Egypt, C.W. King collected what was known about the Gnostics in this book. At that time there were only three sources of information on Gnosticism: polemics against them by early Christian writers, the Pistis Sophia, and a jumble of confusing images and cryptic inscriptions on Roman-era gems and amulets.

Innovation in Practice: The Voice of the Product Could the greatest innovation of all time be a method of innovation? Roger Smith proposed this in The Evolution of Innovation. Is such a method out there? The answer is yes. Suppose you want to come up with a new product idea. Jesus Lived in India Holger Kersten: "It is simply of vital importance to find again the path to the sources, to the eternal and central truths of Christ's message, which has been shaken almost beyond recognition by the profane ambitions of more or less secular institutions arrogating to themselves a religious authority. This is an attempt to open a way to a new future, firmly founded in the true spiritual and religious sources of the past". The Russian scholar, Nicolai Notovich, was the first to suggest that Christ may have gone to India. In 1887, Notovich, a Russian scholar and Orientalist, arrived in Kashmir during one of several journeys to the Orient. At the Zoji-la pass Notovich was a guest in a Buddhist monastery, where a monk told him of the bhodisattva saint called "Issa".

C.G. Jung - The Seven Sermons to the Dead (Septem Sermones ad Mortuos) (Seven Sermons to the Dead) C.G. Jung, 1916 (Translation by H. G. Baynes) Sermo I Instructional Design Central Instructional Design Jobs Browse instructional design and eLearning jobs on the Instructional Design Central job board. Find instructional design jobs in government, higher-education, K-12, non-profit, and private business sectors. INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNER-The Adler School of Professional Psychology PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE, ELEARNING-Yeshiva University DIRECTOR OF ACADEMIC TECHNOLOGY-Middlebury College

One Time, One Meeting Cortical ColumnsGreg A. Dunn It’s no great mystery, my friend used to say.