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Sacred geometry

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Latest Science News & Technology News. Decoding the Dance of Space. This article is a follow-up on my last one, entitled Rodin Fibonacci Wheel Symmetries.

Decoding the Dance of Space

Golden Ratio in Geometry. The Golden Ratio (Golden Mean, Golden Section) is defined as The classical shape based on \phi is the golden rectangle where appears alongside the perfect (unit) square: The golden rectangle has dimensions such that removing the unit square one is left with the rectangle similar to the original rectangle.

Golden Ratio in Geometry

Indeed, the most fundamental property of the golden ratio is To see this, we reduce (1) to. The 9 Trinary Permutations. You are here:Index Esoteric Wisdom (Click on the image map above for easy navigation)

The 9 Trinary Permutations

Kabbalistic 72 Names of God – #41. How: Read Hebrew letters from right to left.

Kabbalistic 72 Names of God – #41

English left to right. Pronounced: Hey Hey Hey Meaning: Self-esteem. Most Amazing Spiritual Discovery of 2015! Revelation: Map of the Human Brain (Videos) (Before It's News) An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here!

Most Amazing Spiritual Discovery of 2015! Revelation: Map of the Human Brain (Videos)

No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others! Yes, it is true. Revelation was written as a map of the human brain; a beacon of truth to lead all to the understanding that only God could have encoded the events of the bible into our own inner anatomy. It is his creation that held the proof all along. The Gnostic Center of Long Beach - Transmutation and Alchemy. Transmutation and Alchemy “Sex can liberate or enslave the human being.

The Gnostic Center of Long Beach - Transmutation and Alchemy

No one can attain integrity, no one can be deeply Self-realized, without sexual energy. Sex is the power of the Soul.” -Alchemy and Kabbalah in the Tarot, Samael Aun Weor “Man has the power to recreate himself. -Perfect Matrimony, Samael Aun Weor Transmutation. Mem hebrew water. A Hebrew Word Picture Of Water, The Biblical Feasts and Covenant Relationship, The 144,000... The water molecule is known chemically as H2O.

A Hebrew Word Picture Of Water, The Biblical Feasts and Covenant Relationship, The 144,000...

That means there are two hydrogen atoms attached to one oxygen atom. This German retiree solved one of world's most complex maths problems - and no one noticed. It's a problem that the world's most experienced mathematicians have spent decades trying to solve, and the solution had eluded them at every turn - the infamous Gaussian correlation inequality (GCI).

This German retiree solved one of world's most complex maths problems - and no one noticed

Then, out of nowhere, a retired German statistician figured out the proof while hunched over the sink, cleaning his teeth. But rather than being celebrated by the wider mathematical community, the proof went largely ignored. Because how could such an unlikely figure have outsmarted them all? "I know of people who worked on it for 40 years," Donald Richards, a statistician from Pennsylvania State University, told Natalie Wolchover at Quanta Magazine. "I myself worked on it for 30 years. " Phi in Chemistry and Physics - The Myth of the Golden Ratio. Time in Quantum Physics and Phi - The Golden Ratio: Phi, 1.618.

Time in Quantum Physics may be related to Phi.

Time in Quantum Physics and Phi - The Golden Ratio: Phi, 1.618

The Golden Ratio seems to be appearing in several places in the Quantum Physics Model. Because an electron has an electric charge and an intrinsic rotational motion, or spin, it behaves in some respects like a small bar magnet and is said to have a magnetic moment. Because the electron also has mass, it behaves in some respects like a spinning top, and is said to have spin angular momentum.

Golden Ratio - Portal. Fig. 1.

Golden Ratio - Portal

Vesica Pisces form when unit-one radii circles overlap while tangent to the sides of a double unit-one square. The Minimalist Beauty of a Renaissance-Era Geometry Book. Perspectiva Corporum Regularium (Perspective of regular solids), created in 1568 by German goldsmith and printmaker Wenzel Jamnitzer (1508–1585) and available online through the Getty Research Institute, is a study in shapes inspired by the five Platonic solids: tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron. An article by Frank J. New digital map reveals stunning hidden archaeology of Stonehenge. A host of previously unknown archaeological monuments have been discovered around Stonehenge as part of an unprecedented digital mapping project that will transform our knowledge of this iconic landscape -- including remarkable new findings on the world's largest 'super henge', Durrington Walls.

1st Anniversary at the "New Form Technology Center" Geometry: Requirements for a Visualization System for 2020. In this essay, i give a list of requirements that i think is necessary for a software system for creating scientific visualization for the next decade. For the past 10 years, i have been strongly interested in mathematical visualization. I'm not a professor, and am not doing it for the educational purposes per se. Geometry has just been beautiful for me, and i'm also a professional programer. Programing computers to visualize geometric theorems or geometric objects, has been a immense personal pleasure. A particular aspect of visualization, is to design it so that when viewed, it forces a immediate and crystal clear understanding of the object or theorem.

In the following, i give itemized descriptions on features necessary in a visualization system, based on my experiences. Requirement: Real-Time 3D Rotation. 25 Gifs That Teach You Math Concepts Better Than Your Teacher Did. Knots and Surfaces. Surfaces With Boundary In class, we have mainly studied surfaces without boundary - the sphere, torus, klein bottle, etc. We have been particularly interested in the Euler characteristics of these surfaces. How do we find the Euler characteristic of a surface with boundary? Any surface with boundary can be "capped off" to create a surface without boundary simply by filling each boundary component with a disk.

The Sound of Silence II. By Thomas Váczy Hightower Standing waves In the first part of The Sound of Silence we have mainly investigated the broaden concept of motion, the pendulum and its strange behavior at the quantum level. Now we will explore other meta physical aspects of music and sounds. CARBON ATOMS, MELANIN AND SACRED GEOMETRY. Carbon atoms, melanin and sacred geometry. 20 MRI Scans of Fruits and Vegetables. These Are Both Mesmerizing and Vaguely Terrifying. » Paintings Official Paul Laffoley Website.

After 400 Years, Mathematicians Find A New Class Of Shapes. Revolution in Understanding Weather-Singer. Chapter 4Organization in Space Space and Some of its Features In chapters 13 and 14, I show some aspects of an orderly arrangement over a hemisphere of low pressure centers, high pressure centers, and cols (which are points between pressure centers).