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IHDS - International Human Design School

IHDS - International Human Design School
General Education Start learning about Human Design General Education provides any level of student with the opportunity to explore a variety of Human Design topics through Foundation Courses, Advanced Courses, Single Lectures and Self-Study Programs. Professional Education Your path to a career in Human Design Human Design is an evolution that takes hold one person at a time.The IHDS is dedicated to providing the highest quality education and hands-on preparation for all levels of professional certification. Your Personal HD ReportThe user manual for your life A personalized, instant and comprehensive 50-page report containing the user manual for your life.

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Genetic Matrix - Incarnation Crosses Human Design – Incarnation Crosses All of us were born or “incarnated” with an incarnation cross theme for our lives. This theme represents where your life direction or life purpose lies IF you follow your strategy and inner inner authority correctly. There are 768 basic Incarnation cross variations in Human Design.448 are Right Angle crosses – Personal Destiny.256 are Left Angle Crosses – Transpersonal Destiny.64 are Juxtaposition crosses – Fixed Fate.The 768 basic Incarnation Crosses have been given 112 thematic names.It is this thematic name that appears on your Human Design chart. See the full list of Right Angle Incarnation Cross Names. The 448 right angle incarnation crosses have 16 thematic names. THE NEW GEOMETRY Robert Pavlita's Geometry by Michael Donovan Webmaster's Note: This web site cannot be printed.

IHDS - International Human Design School Click on any Audio or Video listed below to play it. Signatures: Click now to play Resources - Articles Neutrinos, Sun and planets: How do they make us who we are? (Text in Italic is reproduced with permission from Rave ABC's Student Manual by Theresa Blanding) One of the sciences that are part of the Human Design synthesis is physics, particularly the role of neutrinos. Physicists divide all that exists in the universe into two families. "To put it simply, one is matter and the other energy. Pyramid Plans These plans give you the layout & angles to construct a perfect replica of the Great Pyramids of Giza. They can be easily scaled to meet your unique size requirements. Of all the interesting properties of pyramids, perhaps the most significant is the correspondence to the angles of naturally occuring quartz crystals.

Discover Your Design - #4 - Reaching Fulfillment In 1781 something new happened—it’s called the Projector, and by now there are a lot of Projectors. We live in a world where Projectors are truly on the ascendancy, they are about 1/5 of humanity. And Projectors, being non-energy types, need an advantage in this life. The world is dominated by energy Types (Generators and Manifestor represent more than 75% of humanity), and in order for the Projector to be able to compensate they need to have a mastery. Human Design System Article The Voices of Light: Paramahansa Yogananda IN THE 19TH CENTURY, AT A TIME WHEN the “Sun never set on the British Empire,” (because, it was joked, God would not trust an Englishman in the dark), Britain had trade and governing routes into all corners of the globe; the beginning of world communications had commenced! In one place within the reach of Britain’s rule and trading was India, a huge country, comprising many different people’s, languages, religions and treasures. The British way of governing colonies was through establishing bureaucracy and rule systems so that trading was continued without interruptions.

Human Design System Profiles In Human Design, there are twelve possible Profiles. A brief description of these is given in the table below. Your Profile gives a general description of your direction in life. Your Profile is identified by a pair of numbers like "1/3" or "6/2". These numbers come from lines in the hexagrams of the gates defined by your conscious and unconscious Suns. This requires a little explanation. HDS Article 4 through Human Design Article #4 The Human Being, Consciousness & Biology Being born into this world brings your spirit consciousness into the realm of living your life in a human body. Over thousands of generations, the human body has proven itself to be incredibly versatile, resilient and capable of amazing feats, but still, it has its physical and biological limits. It is only in fairly recent times that life expectancy has risen significantly, so, to date, the importance of procreation and repopulating the species has been of the greatest importance.

The Profile Series Login Create Account Discover Your Design. Live Your Life. Create Free Account Bill Gates personality analysis Bill Gates: born on 10/28/1955, Seattle, 21.15 PST Explanation Human Design System When we look at the design/rave chart of Bill Gates we see that there are two areas of chakra's defined: the Ajna-center (mental awareness) is linked through channel 11-56 (curiosity, a design of a searcher) to the throat center (manifestation, verbalisation).

Introduction to the Human Design System WHAT CAN HUMAN DESIGN DO FOR YOU? Human Design is a science of self-discovery. From your personal Human Design chart you can gain enormous insights into your own unique nature: your health, your psychology, your vulnerabilities and limitations as well as your talents, strengths, and gifts.