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Sacred sex - Tantra

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(99+) (PDF) Which Lurianic Kabbalah? INTERVIEW WITH GEORG FEUERSTEIN 1997 - Richard Rosen Yoga. INTRO - MAY 31, 2015In the summer of 1996 I got a phone call from Donald Moyer, then the director of the Yoga Room in Berkeley.


"Your hero’s coming here to talk," were the first words out of his mouth. I paused for a moment to consider .... my hero? Sex Study Says Female Orgasm Eludes Majority of Women. First came the G-spot, then multiple climax and spiritual tantric sex.

Sex Study Says Female Orgasm Eludes Majority of Women

The modern woman is not only expected to be a good mother and a professional success, but some believe she needs to behave like a porn star in the bedroom. So if a simple device could reveal whether a woman is capable of a vaginal orgasm, would it take the pressure off heterosexual women to perform? New research suggests that a simple measurement -- a "rule of thumb" -- might be the key to the pleasures of sexual intercourse. Shakti Amarantha's answer to What is tantra? Inner Alchemy: Notes on the Origin and Use of the Term neidan.

164 Farzeen Baldrian- Hussein eventually lengthen the lifespan of the user, the main motive seems to have been religious (N.

Inner Alchemy: Notes on the Origin and Use of the Term neidan

Sivin, see postscript, p. 189). One of the aims of Chinese alchemy, since antiquity, has been the attainment of immortality. This goal was shared by both waidan and neidan adepts alike. For the neidan alchemist, however, his body was the laboratory which contained all the elements needed to transform the mortal self into an indestructible entity. 1. The problem of the earliest use of the term neidan is a thorny one. Sintropia - Syntropy. Esther Perel: The secret to desire in a long-term relationship. A quoi pense-t-on quand on fait l'amour ? À rien !

A quoi pense-t-on quand on fait l'amour ?

Faux. Pendant l’acte sexuel, chacun est traversé de pensées, inhibantes ou excitantes. au lit, notre esprit joue bien des tours à notre corps… voici enfin dévoilés quelques secrets de magie érotique. A quoi pense-t-on quand on fait l'amour ? Shiva Shakti Mandalam: Tantrik Home Page. Sacred Sex. For further contact with others who are interested in sacred sexuality, you might enjoy subscribing to the usenet newsgroup alt.magick.tantra.

Sacred Sex

It is a low-traffic group where long-time practitioners and newcomers can frankly discuss everything from meditational Hindu Tantra Yoga and Asatru sex worship to karezza and Crowleyian sex-magick. If the theories and techniques of classical Indian Tantra Yoga are your interest, you might enjoy subscribing to alt.religion.tantra, which deals exclusively with those subjects. Oh -- and if you clicked on the names of the newsgroups above but couldn't get through to them, please read my helpful hints on accessing arcane newsgroups. A Short Definition of Sacred Sex. By catherine yronwode Tantra (a Sanskrit word which means "woven together") is a term loosely applied to several divergent and even contradictory schools of Hindu yoga in which the sexual union of male and female is worshipped either in principle or in human practice.

A Short Definition of Sacred Sex

It has also come to be applied to sex-based religious practices developed in other religions, including Bon, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Christianty, Judaism, and Transcendentalism. Pre-Hindu tantra: Shaktiism and Shaivism Although tantra yoga texts themselves are only dated to the medieval period in India, it is thought by some that the earliest strand of tantra yoga, derived from the Dravidian, pre-Hindu religion of Shaktiism (worship of the goddess in her numerous forms), focuses on yoni puja, a ceremony honouring the vulva -- either of a statue or a living woman. Partnership and Sacred Sex. A correspondent asked what it takes "to successfully blend tantric partnership and life partnership over a period of time.

Partnership and Sacred Sex

" Having had this ideal for years and enjoying a realistic opportunity to explore and experience such a blending, we humbly provide the following list of general suggestions: Good Advice when given a choice between intellectual debate or fucking, always choose fucking when given a choice between working or fucking, always choose fucking In regard to the "rural /garden" environment noted above and the general layout of the physical area in which we create our sacred spece, the following extracts from a classic text on Chinese sex-alchemy may be of interest.

The precise date of authorship is in dispute but the work is conceded to have been written during the 15th or 16th centuries C.E. From "Summary of the Golden Elixir" by Chang San-feng Choosing a Location. Sacred Sex. SpiritualWiki - Sexualitaet. Tabus – Geld ♦ Sex ♦ Macht ♦ Tod Drei evangelische Räte Radikale Wahrheitsübung – D.

SpiritualWiki - Sexualitaet

Hawkins Zitate zum Thema Sexualität und Begehren / Sexuality Zitate von D. Home. Yogi Bhajan Answers Questions about Sacred Sex. Shiva Shakti Mandalam: Tantrik Home Page. Tantric Natha Sampradaya, Akula Vira Tantra, Chakras,Chakras according to Goraksanath, Gorakhbodh, Jnanakarika, Jogi Tradition, Kaulajnananirnaya Tantra, Kulananda Tantra, Malinivijayottara Tantra, Shrinatha Navaratna Malika, Nathas in Nepal, Shiva Sutra, Shiva Shakti Mandalam: Tantrik Home Page. Tantra, Tantric Scriptures, Tantric Concepts, Tantric Rituals, Jyotisha, Astrology, Kalachakra, Devata - Devis & Devas, Different Tantric Traditions (Schools of Tantra), Kalikula - Kali Tradition, Shrikula - Lalita Tradition, Nathas & Yoga. "Reversal" in Internal Alchemy (Isabelle Robinet) The Golden Elixir ▶Taoist Alchemy ▶Articles Isabelle Robinet Reproduced from: The World Upside Down: Essays on Taoist Internal Alchemy Isabelle Robinet Golden Elixir Press, 2011 Paperback ● Kindle ● PDF Four essays on Taoist Internal Alchemy translated for the first time into English.

"Reversal" in Internal Alchemy (Isabelle Robinet)

Le tantra expliqué. Sexual Union in Tantra: Distinguishing Between Sexual Abuse and Buddhist Practice – Guidelines from HH Dalai Lama – Tibetan Buddhism – Struggling With Diffi·Cult Issues. Guest Post By Joanne Clark When I was a student of Sogyal Rinpoche, I knew all about Yeshe Tsogyal.

Sexual Union in Tantra: Distinguishing Between Sexual Abuse and Buddhist Practice – Guidelines from HH Dalai Lama – Tibetan Buddhism – Struggling With Diffi·Cult Issues

I didn’t wonder about the story, what it meant to be a consort, what the practice entailed. I just accepted that Guru Rinpoche had a consort and that she was highly realized. It looked pretty cool. It was all part of the mystique, part of the landscape of life in Rigpa as I knew it, where the master could introduce you to the nature of your mind at any second. I didn’t feel the need to look deeper. Textes et Écrits Anciens, Sacrés et Gnostiques, Articles, Extraits. Beaucoup pensent que le Hua Hu Jing (IVe siècle avant J. Textes et Écrits Anciens, Sacrés et Gnostiques, Articles, Extraits. Extrait du Livre: Puissance de la Compassion S.S. le Dalaï-Lama.

VBT Odier. So You Say You Want a Conscious Man - Rewilding for Women. So you say you want a conscious man, hey? You do realise this would require you to be a conscious woman, right? Do you know what that means? Do you understand the demands that unavoidably come with this territory? It will require your ALL. Yoga & Tantra. More and more Westerners are embracing Tantra as a means for transforming day-to-day experiences into a cause for blissful celebration.

Can it change your life? One night Vasugupta, a great sage believed to have lived during the latter half of the eighth century, had a dream in which Lord Shiva appeared. Krumm-Heller: The Only Way. Details. Why you probably suck at sex - Notes & Errata by Mark Morford. It’s the church’s fault. All those icepicks of Puritanism and daggers of sin stabbing at your pleasure center, endless guilt and shame directed at your own body, the endlessly cruel idea that ecstasy, soft moaning and a hot rush of blood to the netherparts are all surefire signs of the devil, when of course they are the exact opposite. Maybe it’s your mom’s fault? Potentialités de la Sexualité. Chapitre XII de son œuvre intitulée (Roman Initiatique) Textes et Écrits Anciens, Sacrés et Gnostiques, Articles, Extraits. 12 dalai lama enseignements secrets du bouddha sur le sexe. 12 top books on tantra or aghora. Tantra is not for everyone. it is for selected few. the need of guru is emphasized in every spiritual path. but many people have reached without guru also. but in tantra its not like this. the guru is almost must in tantra. you cannot venture into tantra or aghora without a guru. otherwise you are bound to burn your hands. so the books which i am mentioning below will not teach you real tantra. but they will just act as an introduction to mantra, tantra or aghora. aghora is the extreme side of tantra and is very scientific method but again for rarest of rare people. 1. avadoot gita – teachings of lord dattatreya who is considered as the first guru by tantriks and aghoris. even naga sadhus revered him as their guru. lord dattatreya is still active and helping seekers. according to aghori vimalnanda, lord dattatreya is still living in girnar forest in gujarat. few famous places associated with lord dattatreya are temple in girnar, narsinhwadi and ganagapur. 4. 5. 6. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Tantricism-1 - Non-dual Shaivism of Kashmir - Sanskrit & Sánscrito. Introduction Gabriel Pradīpaka --wrongly-written Pradipaka-- again. People often think that they can understand "anything" about philosophies and spiritual paths if someone just takes the trouble to explain it to them. This is a common "illusion". Nevertheless, most of them accept that they cannot understand a particular differential equation, for example. Shiva Shakti Mandalam: Tantrik Home Page. Néo-Tantra : la voie de l’occident. Néo-Tantra : la voie de l’occident Par Laurence Heitzmann et Laurent Lacoste Le Tantra est un chemin de conscience. La moindre des choses est donc que nous nous demandions pourquoi nous écrivons cet article. Les vœux-racines tantriques communs. Modifié en mars 2002 par Alexander Berzin Traduit par Pauline M. Silbermann L’initiation de KalachakraTraduit par Marie-Béatrice Jehl Éditions Dangles, 2000.

Love, Sex & Intimacy Magic Retreat. Sivananda: The Value of Semen.

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