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Sacred sex - Tantra

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Textes et Écrits Anciens, Sacrés et Gnostiques, Articles, Extraits. Beaucoup pensent que le Hua Hu Jing (IVe siècle avant J.

Textes et Écrits Anciens, Sacrés et Gnostiques, Articles, Extraits

-C.) a été écrit par Lao Tseu. Bien que sa paternité soit contestée, le contenu de ce livre est remarquable. Voici un extrait: Soixante-cinq L'interaction du yin et du yang dans le sein de la Mère mystérieuse crée l'expansion et la contraction de la nature. Soixante-Six La première intégration du yin et du yang est l'union d’une semence et d’un œuf dans l'utérus. Textes et Écrits Anciens, Sacrés et Gnostiques, Articles, Extraits.

Extrait du Livre: Puissance de la Compassion S.S. le Dalaï-Lama.

Textes et Écrits Anciens, Sacrés et Gnostiques, Articles, Extraits

VBT Odier. So You Say You Want a Conscious Man - Rewilding for Women. So you say you want a conscious man, hey?

So You Say You Want a Conscious Man - Rewilding for Women

You do realise this would require you to be a conscious woman, right? Do you know what that means? Do you understand the demands that unavoidably come with this territory? Yoga & Tantra. More and more Westerners are embracing Tantra as a means for transforming day-to-day experiences into a cause for blissful celebration.

Yoga & Tantra

Can it change your life? One night Vasugupta, a great sage believed to have lived during the latter half of the eighth century, had a dream in which Lord Shiva appeared. Shiva instructed the sage to visit a nearby mountain called Mahadevgiri, where he would find 77 sutras (verses) under a rock. Krumm-Heller: The Only Way. Details Written by Arnold Krumm-Heller Category: Western I, who have expended almost half of a century on the study of these subjects; I who have the highest degrees of masonry 3-33-97; I who have belonged to the esoteric section of the Theosophical Society; I who am a member of more than twenty secret societies, like O.T.O. and A.A. in which I have the final degree; I who am a bishop of the Gnostic Church, consecrated with a primitive and Anglican ordinal; I who as a Commander of the Rosicross Brotherhood have a connection with the White Brotherhood, the Hierarchy of the invisible; I who have belonged to the old guard of Papus, Eliphas Levi; I who personally dealt with the main occultists of the world, declare that - for me - by means of vocalization, the use of mantras and prayer, for the awakening of the sexual secretions, is found the only way to arrive to the goal, and that anything else, that is not through this way, is a pitiful waste of time.

Krumm-Heller: The Only Way

Why you probably suck at sex - Notes & Errata by Mark Morford. It’s the church’s fault.

Why you probably suck at sex - Notes & Errata by Mark Morford

All those icepicks of Puritanism and daggers of sin stabbing at your pleasure center, endless guilt and shame directed at your own body, the endlessly cruel idea that ecstasy, soft moaning and a hot rush of blood to the netherparts are all surefire signs of the devil, when of course they are the exact opposite. Maybe it’s your mom’s fault? Or your school’s? Potentialités de la Sexualité. Chapitre XII de son œuvre intitulée (Roman Initiatique)

Potentialités de la Sexualité

Textes et Écrits Anciens, Sacrés et Gnostiques, Articles, Extraits. 12 dalai lama enseignements secrets du bouddha sur le sexe. 12 top books on tantra or aghora. Tantra is not for everyone. it is for selected few. the need of guru is emphasized in every spiritual path. but many people have reached without guru also. but in tantra its not like this. the guru is almost must in tantra. you cannot venture into tantra or aghora without a guru. otherwise you are bound to burn your hands. so the books which i am mentioning below will not teach you real tantra. but they will just act as an introduction to mantra, tantra or aghora. aghora is the extreme side of tantra and is very scientific method but again for rarest of rare people. 1. avadoot gita – teachings of lord dattatreya who is considered as the first guru by tantriks and aghoris. even naga sadhus revered him as their guru. lord dattatreya is still active and helping seekers. according to aghori vimalnanda, lord dattatreya is still living in girnar forest in gujarat. few famous places associated with lord dattatreya are temple in girnar, narsinhwadi and ganagapur. 4.

12 top books on tantra or aghora

Tantricism-1 - Non-dual Shaivism of Kashmir - Sanskrit & Sánscrito. Introduction Gabriel Pradīpaka --wrongly-written Pradipaka-- again.

Tantricism-1 - Non-dual Shaivism of Kashmir - Sanskrit & Sánscrito

People often think that they can understand "anything" about philosophies and spiritual paths if someone just takes the trouble to explain it to them. This is a common "illusion". Nevertheless, most of them accept that they cannot understand a particular differential equation, for example. This is the paradox. Why do they behave so? Despite the aforesaid "illusion", the "real" fact is that the sciences of Yoga, Tantra, Sanskrit, etc., are incredibly deep. In Śivasūtra-s (first section), the fifth aphorism states the following: उद्यमो भैरवः॥

"Bhairava" is God, the Supreme Consciousness. Shiva Shakti Mandalam: Tantrik Home Page. Néo-Tantra : la voie de l’occident. Néo-Tantra : la voie de l’occident Par Laurence Heitzmann et Laurent Lacoste Le Tantra est un chemin de conscience.

Néo-Tantra : la voie de l’occident

La moindre des choses est donc que nous nous demandions pourquoi nous écrivons cet article. La première raison en est simple : si nous apparaissons ainsi sur le site et la newsletter de Meditationfrance, c’est d’abord pour que vous nous connaissiez mieux. La seconde est plus complexe : au gré de nos diverses lectures et recherches sur le sujet du Tantra, dans notre tentative de mieux connaître ce que nous transmettons, nous avons rencontré les mots de nombreux philosophes, d’érudits, de maîtres, d’enseignants. Les vœux-racines tantriques communs. Modifié en mars 2002 par Alexander Berzin Traduit par Pauline M. Silbermann L’initiation de KalachakraTraduit par Marie-Béatrice Jehl Éditions Dangles, 2000 Aperçu général.

Love, Sex & Intimacy Magic Retreat. Sivananda: The Value of Semen. My dear brothers! The vital energy, the Virya [strength; power; energy; courage] that supports your life, which is the Prana of Pranas, which shines in your sparkling eyes, which beams in your shining cheeks, is a great treasure for you.

Origins of sex magic