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Announces Results of Epic Space-Time Experiment

Announces Results of Epic Space-Time Experiment
NASA Announces Results of Epic Space-Time Experiment May 4, 2011: Einstein was right again. There is a space-time vortex around Earth, and its shape precisely matches the predictions of Einstein's theory of gravity. Researchers confirmed these points at a press conference today at NASA headquarters where they announced the long-awaited results of Gravity Probe B (GP-B). "The space-time around Earth appears to be distorted just as general relativity predicts," says Stanford University physicist Francis Everitt, principal investigator of the Gravity Probe B mission. "This is an epic result," adds Clifford Will of Washington University in St. Time and space, according to Einstein's theories of relativity, are woven together, forming a four-dimensional fabric called "space-time." If Earth were stationary, that would be the end of the story. The idea behind the experiment is simple: In practice, the experiment is tremendously difficult. Pulling off the experiment was an exceptional challenge. Related:  `test 1021

The 6 Most Mind-Blowing Things Ever Discovered in Space It's actually really easy to think of space as boring. The planets in our own solar system all seem to be empty rocks or balls of gas, and you find a whole lot of nothing before you get to the next star. Meanwhile, Hollywood's most creative minds can't get past populating the place with planets that look a whole lot like Earth (and specifically, parts of California) featuring monsters, rapey aliens or Muppets. But real space is far, far stranger. You just have to know where to look to find things like ... #6. Science fiction writers have this annoying thing they do where they can only think of like five different types of planets. But scientists have studied almost 700 real planets outside the solar system, and some of them are downright gaudy. Via Inewp.comIt's a wedding gem worthy of Jesus or the Sultan of Dubai. How Is This Even Possible? Via Spaceflightnow.comWhat a dick! Carbon is just a shitload of heat and pressure away from becoming a diamond."Yeah, that's cute. #5. #4.

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The 2011 Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition winners Amateur astronomer Damian Peach has become the first British entrant to win the title of Astronomy Photographer of the Year, beating hundreds of photographers from around the globe in the 2011 competition. As well as securing the £1,500 top prize, his image takes pride of place in the exhibition of winning photographs opening at the Royal Observatory Greenwich on 9 September 2011. Competition for the 2011 prize was fierce with more pictures received than ever before; over 700 entries from all around the world. For more information see Above: OUR SOLAR SYSTEM category winner and Overall Winner: Jupiter with Io and Ganymede, September 2010 by Damian Peach (UK). Jupiter depicted along with two of its 64 known moons, Io and Ganymede, showing the surface of the gas giant streaked with colourful bands and dotted with huge oval storms; detail is also visible on the two moons. Picture: Damian Peach

Ascension Alchemy ®: Sacred Geometry, The Language Of Light New Formula: Preface New: in the winter of 2005 we had a square wave frequency generator built for us with multiple programmable channels utilizing a quartz oscillator that creates very precise frequencies with square wave forms. With frequency generators, whether used with plasma tubes, sound waves, etc. most researchers prefer square waves because they propagate harmonics. These original sound frequencies were used in the early Gregorian Chants, such as the great hymn to St. The synthesis of the six tones is encoded in Chrysalis 8 as a standing wave, greater than the sum of the parts, during the torus implosion method we use to lock frequencies into our water based formulas that last for months rather than the minutes that would otherwise occur since water normally reverts quickly back to a disorganized state. Chrysalis 8 was the first product we made available to the public back in the late 1970's before we existed as "ASC Intl." This is not about forming standard clustered water.

Graphene in space could hold clues to development of life on Earth An artist's concept of graphene, buckyballs and C70 superimposed on an image of the Helix planetary nebula (Image: IAC/NASA/NOAO/ESA/STScI/NRAO) Human beings may have only discovered how to create the one-atom-thick sheets of carbon atoms known as graphene in 2004 but it appears the universe could have been churning out the stuff since much earlier than that. While not conclusive proof its existence in space, NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has identified the signature of graphene in two small galaxies outside our own. If confirmed, it would be the first-ever cosmic detection of the material and could hold clues to how carbon-based life forms such as ourselves developed. The infrared-sensing Spitzer telescope identified signs of graphene in planetary nebulae - the material shed by dying stars - within the Magellanic Clouds galaxies that orbit our Milky Way galaxy. Spitzer first definitively detected the presence of both buckyballs and C70 in space in July 2010. Source: NASA.

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Double eclipse: Moment Moon AND International Space Station cross face of Sun By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 20:58 GMT, 5 January 2011 Britons were only offered a clouded view of yesterday's partial solar eclipse owing to our typically dreary weather. But one lucky skywatcher in south-west Asia managed to catch a doubly striking glimpse of the natural phenomenon. After some careful calculations, photographer Thierry Legault decided to travel to just outside Oman's capital city of Muscat, where he knew he could catch both the Moon and the International Space Station briefly crossing the Sun. Photographer Thierry Legault captured both the Moon and the International Space Station (circled) crossing the face of the Sun His margin of error was miniscule since the space station sped across the face of our solar system's star in less than a second. However, Mr Legault's 1/5000th second exposure managed to perfectly capture Earth's two largest satellites against the glowing yellow backdrop.

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Existence: Why is the universe just right for us? - space - 29 July 2011 Read more: "Existence special: Cosmic mysteries, human questions" IT HAS been called the Goldilocks paradox. If the strong nuclear force which glues atomic nuclei together were only a few per cent stronger than it is, stars like the sun would exhaust their hydrogen fuel in less than a second. Our sun would have exploded long ago and there would be no life on Earth. If the weak nuclear force were a few per cent weaker, the heavy elements that make up most of our world wouldn't be here, and neither would you. If gravity were a little weaker than it is, it would never have been able to crush the core of the sun sufficiently to ignite the nuclear reactions that create sunlight; a little stronger and, again, the sun would have burned all of its fuel billions of years ago. Such ...

A Lot Will Change—So Must Leadership | Boston Consulting Group Before the coronavirus struck, it was already clear that winning the ‘20s would require approaches to business fundamentally different from those of the past. Becoming a bionic company, one that unleashes the full potential of people and technology, was already becoming an imperative. The COVID-19 pandemic seems only to have accelerated the need for this transformation. Of the many pressing demands on leaders, transforming their companies to adopt a new, “bionic” operating model may be the most urgent and will require them to lead in new ways. What do leaders really need to do—what really needs to change—as they transform their companies to become bionic in the post-COVID world? Rethink the Art of the Possible Technology creates new possibilities. Set an imaginative aspiration and bold direction. Similarly, bionic companies start from tomorrow and work backward, not from today forward. Fail fast, scale fast. Win with others. Move from Managing to Enabling Nudge for the right behaviors.