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Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast

Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast
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Teacher's Guide on The Use of Podcasting in Education What is a Podcast ? According to the New Oxford American Dictionary a podcast is a " digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the internet for downloading to a personal audio payer." in other words, it is a digital audio file that is created, shared and heard. Podcast can also be in the form of videos streamlined online, however, video podcast is known as vidcast or vodcast. Educational Uses of Podcasts Podcasts can be used for several educational purposes. 1- Recording for this you will need a microphone and an audio recording software like the ones mentioned below. 2- Test your Podcast Always make sure you listen to your podcasts and redo the parts that you dont like until you finally get the vesrion you want then move on to the next step 3- Publish your podcast You can use online platforms for publishing your podcasts. Tools to create your podcast Here are some of the softwares you might start with to create your podcasts . 1- Audacity 2- Garage Band

MIT – Docubase | The open documentary lab Download Free Ebooks » 41 Free Audiobook Sites * Added 10 more Audiobook sites to the existing list, making it 35 (9th March 2009) * Added 1 more, making it 36 (22nd August 2009) * Added 5 more, making it 41 (22nd February 2011) From books to ebooks to audiobooks. Depending on your daily schedule and personal preferences, you might opt for something different, something which is somehow the most convenient for you. Although speed can be a factor, getting audiobooks as an alternative medium to get your readings done can be an enjoyable experience. Podcasts EPNWeb – The Education Podcast Network (Podcast)PodcastDirectory – Various Categories Sources (Ilounge’s Forum, MightBargainHunter, Pickthebrain & Google) We hope you enjoy another long list of compilation, and feel free to leave your comments if I’ve left anything good.

50 Educational Podcasts You Should Check Out Cinco herramientas gratuitas para crear vídeos interactivos El vídeo interactivo amplía las posibilidades narrativas del formato audiovisual digital. Su desarrollo es progresivo y actualmente existe una variada oferta de soluciones tecnológicas profesionales para crearlos. No obstante, también hay opciones gratuitas para el usuario ocasional o individual. Cuando Youtube incluyó su servicio de “anotaciones” dio alas a la imaginación de muchos creadores. El simple hecho de incluir botones enlazados a vídeos permite crear relatos no lineales. Es una opción gratuita extensamente utilizada. En poco tiempo, la oferta se ha ampliado. Like a Rolling Stone ¿Recuerdan el vídeo musical de la canción Like a Rolling Stone de Bob Dylan? En el plan de precios de la empresa se contemplan dos tarifas para proyectos profesionales y una sin cargo para uso personal. Dibujar sobre la imagen Además de enlazar fragmentos de vídeo entre sí, existen otras opciones interactivas disponibles, como crear cuestionarios o dibujar sobre las imágenes. Vídeo + encuesta

Free Audio Books Online Introduction This is a listing of 224 sites that legally offer free audio books, either for online listening or for download. A comprehensive alphabetical listing of free books for reading or listening can be found on these pages: This listing does not include the free online courses, audio and video, that are now listed in the Free Courses Online (Audio & Video) page here at Gizmo's Freeware. Also, the video listings under Free Cooking, Food & Wine Audiobooks and Free Health, Fitness & Medicine Audiobooks are not included here. The Old Time Radio shows listed in some of the genres are also not listed here and the Free Motion Comics Online are not listed here either. All of the listings here are, to the best of my knowledge, offering legal content. If you know of any other sites offering free and legal audio books, then please post them in the comments below. Most entries at those sites that offer only online listening or viewing can be downloaded with VideoCacheView. Alphabetical Listing

Teaching With Podcasts Home › Professional Development › Strategy Guides Strategy Guide Podcasts are serial recordings, posted regularly online. Podcasts can be used for any purpose a text might serve-they can tell fictional stories, share and comment on recent events, inform listeners about a topic, and persuade listeners to take an action or adopt a stance. Students can produce podcasts that fit any genre, including audio diary entries, analytical commentary on readings or current events, informational recordings that explain concepts, and persuasive and argumentative statements. Review your district's appropriate use policies to determine the requirements for a podcasting site that students can use.

Hacia una metodología proyectual de los multimedios (7) Se han descrito y analizado múltiples actividades concernientes al diseño de los multimedios, siendo su intención final, una vez comprendidas y contextualizadas, organizar estas etapas de diseño de manera de afrontar un proyecto de multimedios desde una perspectiva metodológica acorde con las nuevas actividades del diseño surgidas de las nuevas tecnologías de la información. De esta forma se propone finalmente un esquema de acción en que cada fase de diseño propuesta responde a una pregunta fundamental dentro de la concepción general del diseño de multimedios. Este plan metodológico además intenta vincular de manera coherente el orden en que debieran ser abordadas todas estas materias junto con indicar la relación que existe entre ellas, hasta definir el prototipo que da respuesta a los objetivos de diseño planteados al inicio del proyecto. Esquema metodológico propuesto del taller de diseño de multimedios, según la problemática descrita. Solís Stegmann, Juan Marcos.

Free Biography, Autobiography and Memoir Books Online Introduction This is a listing of 104 sites that legally offer free ebooks on Biographies, Autobiographies & Memoirs, for reading. There is a separate listing of sites offering free audiobooks in these genres: Free Biography Autobiography and Memoir Audiobooks Online All of these sites listed have content that is legal for them to distribute. This list is not comprehensive and if you know of any other sites please post in the comments below or at our forums. A comprehensive alphabetical listing of free books for reading or listening can be found on these pages: For a complete listing of the free ebook pages here at Gizmo's, see Free eBooks and Audio Books To Read Online Or Download There will be other books on Biographies, Autobiographies & Memoirs, at the sites listed there, but they are not categorized at the sites. Libraries are also an excellent source for reading and listening materials. Biographies/Autobiographies/Memoirs Sites For Free eBooks A Celebration of Woman Writers Allah's Word

Creating Podcasts with Your Students Preproduction Before students even think of stepping up to the microphone, much planning must be done. In fact, I've found in creating Radio WillowWeb that preproduction takes over three-quarters of the time to produce a podcast. Students need to keep their audience in mind. Who will listen to the podcast? The podcast will need a name. In preproduction, you must also decide upon the format for the podcast. Sample ideas and uses for a podcast: Weekly classroom news broadcast Document a field trip Record a class discussion Share book reviews Conduct interviews Review curricular content Segment Planning Booklet: Download the planning sheets used for Radio WillowWeb. When planning, consider the length of your podcast. If your podcast is involving an entire classroom of students, the teacher should find ways to involve everyone in preproduction. It's really helpful for students to practice what they are going to say out loud to others. Apple has lesson plans for using iPods in classrooms.