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Aquarelle Marichalar Watercolor

Aquarelle Marichalar Watercolor

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Demo — Painting the Portrait In this piece I decided to do a more involved underdrawing in vine charcoal on toned canvas (which I spray-fixed). There are basically three reasons for this.1.) In a double portrait things get even more tricky needing to have the two faces and bodies in proper proportion to each other. I decided to take a little extra time with the drawing to make sure I wouldn’t encounter any unpleasant surprises later. 2.) I just really enjoy drawing and I found myself getting involved in the process. Painting Roses, Watercolor art instruction Watercolor Lessons Art Lessons Art Books Drawing Lessons Oil Painting Drawing for Students I have started with a new painting of the Heidi Klum Rose. It needed some time with finding the right composition.

Packing for Bandung, Indonesia Sketching Trip I'll be going to Bandung, Indonesia for a sketching event on 30 April to 2 May 2015. As usual, here's a sketch of my packing list. The things I'll be bringing are not too different from those that I brought for the Hanoi sketching trip in March. I'll be compiling all my Bandung sketches into an eBook as well. So support me on Patreon. Oil Painting Workshop with Robert Burridge - Strathmore Artist Papers If you've always wanted to try oil painting but didn't know where to start, Robert Burridge's free online workshop series is for you! He breaks down this intimidating medium to make it approachable and fun. Let us emphasize the word FUN! Robert has incredible energy and passion. His enthusiasm is contagious.

The Watercolor Teacher We have all hit days when the well seems to be dry, and the dry rut we feel we are in just got deeper. How do you get the fire back? How do you open the dam and let the creative waters flow again? Dwelling on the paucity of ideas and lamenting your lack of talent (whatever that is) is not the answer. Some artist wanna-be’s just say, “I’m not in the mood today, the muses have not touched me this morning. I have to wait for the creative moment, for the inspiration to hit me.” Painting Spices! — Rebecca Green Truly, this could have been painted a thousand different ways. With a white or black background or an emphasis on the glass. It could have been painted super realistically. Or sharp, clean, and graphic. The reason I make these tutorials is not so you can paint like me.

Watercolor Demonstrations - Step By Step Details by Artist Lisa Hill Watercolor Demos Click here to add text. Step by step watercolor demonstrations of flowers, foliage, fruit and wildlife. Click on an image to view a demonstration of the painting. Casa Blanca Watercolor Painting Demonstration of Sunflowers by Richland, WA Artist Lisa Hill 1. Nothing says "sunflower" like long, yellow petals radiating outward, reminiscent of a child's drawing of the sun's rays. The large leaves are held horizontal; their surfaces reflecting the cool blue of the sky. This first thin glaze of blue will be apparent even in the final step. The dark blue lines are masking fluid used to preserve white paper.