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AQF > Home since 2005) About this original series Learning Without Frontiers is a global platform for disruptive thinkers and practitioners from the education, digital media, technology and entertainment sectors who come together to explore how new disruptive technologies can drive radical efficiencies and improvements in learning whilst providing equality of access. Episodes of Learning Without Frontiers This is Learning Without Frontiers Learning Without Frontiers (LWF) is a global platform that facilitates the ongoing dialogue about the future of learning. LWF attracts an engaged and open-minded audience who are forward thing, curious and receptive to new ideas and perspectives about education, teaching and learning.

Million-kroners-spørgsmålet Anmeldelse af ”INNOVATION IN THE MAKING”. Lotte Darsøs bog handler om udvikling af viden i organisationer – populært sagt, hvordan forskere bliver bedre til at samarbejde om at gøre nye opfindelser. Af ph.d. Lotte Darsø. 1. udgave 2001, Samfundslitteratur. 406 sider, 348,- kr. 100 dollars til Bill Gates De gode ideers historie er historien om folk, der tog fejl af, hvilke problemer som ville være lette at løse, og hvilke, der ville være svære. 25 million dollars spørgsmålet Emnets diffuse og magiske karakter har dog ikke afholdt psykologen Lotte Darsø fra at skrive afhandlingen: ”Innovation in the making”. Bad karma med en kold pizza fra Domino Bogens væsentligste styrke er analysen af det gruppepsykologiske spil, der på godt og ondt er en del af enhver innovationsproces. · Adskil idefasen fra kritikfasen Svimmel af Clip Art I bedste tilfælde bekræfter bogen de mange erfaringer fra kreativt arbejde, men i de værste tilfælde skaber Darsø et klinisk og tåget begreb for noget velkendt.

Business Origami – The Centre for Citizen Experience Jess McMullin Business origami is paper prototyping for systems design. It uses simple paper cutouts to represent the different parts of a system: the people, the locations, the channels used and the specific touchpoints where interactions occur and value is exchanged as a particular scenario unfolds. These cutouts are arranged on a horizontal whiteboard, which allows participants to show relationships in the system. I got introduced to business origami over dinner at Weatherhead business school with a visiting Japanese researcher. Update: August 4, 2011 – It looks like the Hitachi Design Centre team now has a brief page up on their site about business origami (Japanese). Here’s a quick slideshare over view of how the components work together. Business origami works best in a workshop setting, with multiple people from different areas of the system you’re exploring. If you’d like to try this yourself, here’s the Business Origami Shapes PDF.

Ignite Seattle! — Enlighten us, but make it quick. Social Science Research Network (SSRN) Home Page Home - VS Games 2010 Think Like a Designer If not for the emergence of design thinking, some of the world’s most innovative companies might not have the edge they do now. There are 10 tools that I teach my students to expand their thinking about corporate design beyond the development of new product. They are aimed at better identifying customer needs, just as some of the most successful people in business do today. 1. Visualization. Use imagery to envision possibilities and bring them to life. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Jeanne Liedtka Professor of Business Administration Batten Institute, Darden School of Business University of Virginia Charlottesville, Va.

Brains, Behavior & Design These reference cards are helpful when becoming familiar with basic behavioral economics concepts. This tool is by no means a complete or comprehensive collection of all behavioral economics concepts; they are a selection meant to provide enough depth and coverage to help establish a foundation. Terms on the reference cards are categorized into four decision-making factors and four decision-making shortcuts. Introduction to Reference Cards All Reference Cards top

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