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SIMILE Project

SIMILE Project
S IMILE was focused on developing robust, open source tools that empower users to access, manage, visualize and reuse digital assets. Learn more about the SIMILE project. A web-based highly-configurable faceted browser for RDF datasets. An extension to the Firefox Web browser that turns it into a Semantic Web browser letting you make use of existing information on the Web in more useful and flexible ways not offered by the original Web sites. A Firefox extension that helps you write Javascript screen scrapers for Piggy Bank. The server companion of Piggy Bank that lets you persist, share and publish data collected by individuals, groups or communities.

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What Is RDF? Tim Bray 2001 January 24, 2001 Spanish Translation available here. This article was first published as "RDF and Metadata" on in June 1998. It has been updated by ILRT's Dan Brickley, chair of the W3C's RDF Interest Group, to reflect the growing use of RDF and updates to the specification since 1998. Word Tree A word tree is a visual search tool for unstructured text, such as a book, article, speech or poem. It lets you pick a word or phrase and shows you all the different contexts in which it appears. The contexts are arranged in a tree-like branching structure to reveal recurrent themes and phrases. The image above is a word tree made from Martin Luther King's famous "I have a dream" speech, using the search term "I." Font sizes show frequency of use, so you can see that among King's many uses of "I," the most frequent context is the phrase "I have a dream." With the right phrase, a word tree can reveal the heart of a data set.

Lean project management based on kanban A software development project managed by flow. flow is a lean project management application based on kanban. Visualize your workflow See what is going on at a glance: How many tasks there are in each phase, and who is working on what. Focus on the work at hand Working on everything simultaneously slows you down with too many tasks in various states of completion. Finish more in less time with Work In Progress limits.

Guardian/ICM polls: every one since 1984 The Guardian and ICM have been conducting monthly polls since 1984. Here is the full data going back to then. Plus we can bring you the trends in the big questions and how they've changed over time. Timeline format Note: This result format is not currently maintained. It might not work with the latest version of SMW. The result format timeline is used to display query results in interactive timelines. What Is RDF? Joshua Tauberer July 26, 2006 Editor's Note: "What Is RDF" was originally written by Tim Bray in 1998 and updated by Dan Brickley in 2001. Recently it seemed like time for another update, particularly to relate RDF and the Semantic Web to the cutting edge of web development. We've republished the original in a new location and offer the following update. I'll leave to you, dear reader, the task of deciding how well Joshua Tauberer has accomplished the task of updating a classic. -- Kendall Grant Clark

Text Analysis Tools Definition: Text analysis software enables users to determine the frequency with which words or phrases are used, create concordances, view words in context, and otherwise study patterns in texts. Tools: Resources: Open Source Lab Simile Releases AJAX Timeline Tool Simile, a joint project between W3C and MIT, released an AJAX tool for visualization of time-based events. Timeline is a DHTML-based AJAXy widget for visualizing time-based events. It is like Google Maps for time-based information.

A Protovis Primer, Part 2 The second installment of the Protovis tutorial introduces some more of its JavaScript-specific features like scales, shows how to anchor marks on other marks, and how to use rules. We also start using real data, and learn how to load that data from a remote source. Visualization is pointless if it doesn’t represent interesting data.

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