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Tim Berners-Lee: The year open data went worldwide

Tim Berners-Lee: The year open data went worldwide

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SPARQL Query Language for RDF W3C Recommendation 15 January 2008 New Version Available: SPARQL 1.1 (Document Status Update, 26 March 2013) The SPARQL Working Group has produced a W3C Recommendation for a new version of SPARQL which adds features to this 2008 version. Please see SPARQL 1.1 Overview for an introduction to SPARQL 1.1 and a guide to the SPARQL 1.1 document set. This version: How San Francisco Used City Data to Save $1 Million on Street Cleaning The brilliant Code for America project — which connects cash-strapped city governments with cutting-edge web developers to achieve more impact with less money — has updated its blog with a story about how San Francisco used city data to save more than $1 million dollars on street cleaning. Ed Reiskin, Director of San Francisco’s Public Works department, noticed that some street cleaning trucks were returning with little or no trash on certain days or routes. This compelled Ed to ask for tonnage logs — how much trucks weigh going out vs. how much trucks weigh coming in — to determine how to optimize city cleaning. After about a month of study, Ed’s team concluded that they could find significant savings by re-routing certain routes and reducing others.

Racial Discrimination in Ohio: Neighborhood Denied Water Service A federal jury has found failure to provide water service to residents in a rural Ohio town violated state and federal civil rights laws. The African-American neighborhood of Coal Run was denied water service for decades. (Photo: Jacob Holdt) How to Connect Port-au-Prince with a Wireless Network - Haiti Re Inveneo's long-distance WiFi network in Port-au-Prince, Haiti As you can see from the network diagram above, Inveneo's long-distance WiFi links connecting NetHope member organizations is starting to be far-reaching. Inveneo engineers Mark Summer and Andris Bjornson have been able to bring high-speed Internet access - critical communication capacity - to eleven relief agency locations with minimal equipment and installation time

RDF - Semantic Web Standards Overview RDF is a standard model for data interchange on the Web. RDF has features that facilitate data merging even if the underlying schemas differ, and it specifically supports the evolution of schemas over time without requiring all the data consumers to be changed. MapQuest Launches International Bike Routing API on Open Data Online mapping and directions innovator MapQuest has been building new web services on top of data from the publicly-editable OpenStreetMap project since the company announced a new open platform initiative in August. Now MapQuest has a new addition to its family of open data–based services, bike routes: If you’re asking yourself, “what does MapQuest mean when they claim a more bike friendly route?” Well, we will route you on paths that are not vehicle accessible and also try to not let you do anything illegal, like riding on an interstate : ) On a more serious note, the following list provides some specific rules that are applied to bike routes:Avoids roads where bicycle access in OpenStreetMap is set to falseAvoids all limited access highwaysFavors bike specific paths (road segments that have bicycle access only – no auto or pedestrian)Favors walkways with no auto accessApplies various weights to roads based on the maxspeed tag (ex. favors routes where maxspeed <= 30 mph)

Elementary Particle Explorer Welcome to the Elementary Particle Explorer, designed by Garrett Lisi and Troy Gardner. Every known elementary particle is identified by its charges with respect to the electromagnetic, weak, strong, and gravitational forces. Electrons have electric charge -1, up quarks 2/3, down quarks -1/3, and neutrinos 0, with antiparticles having opposite electric charges. In the Standard Model, as you are about to see, these electric charges are a combination of the particles' hypercharge, Y, and weak charge, W. Telethon tries to raise 'Hope for Haiti' "Hope for Haiti" one of the most widely distributed prime-time televised benefits in historyActors staff the phones, musicians play the songs on telethonTelethon broadcast on more than 25 networks including CNN, MTV and Planet GreenCNN's Anderson Cooper reports live from Haiti during the event Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Solemn music from the world's biggest stars served as the soundtrack to Friday night's telethon for Haiti relief, but the fundraiser ended with Wyclef Jean shouting "Enough of the moping, let's rebuild Haiti." Organizers did not immediately say how much money was raised during the two-hour "Hope for Haiti Now" show, but donations will continue to flow in as the phone lines remained open and the night's musical performances are sold on iTunes. A moving performance by Alicia Keys opened the telethon.

Semantic Web I have an idea that I think is very important but I haven’t yet polished to the point where I’m comfortable sharing it. I’m going to share it anyway, unpolished, because I think it’s that useful. So here I am, handing you a dull, gray stone, and I’m saying there’s a diamond inside. Maybe even a dilithium crystal. My hope is that a few experts will see what I see and help me safely extract it. Or maybe someone has already extracted it, and they can just show me.

Amazon Web Services Success Stories Written by Alex Iskold and edited by Richard MacManus. We have written before about the innovative Amazon Web Services Platform. This stack was officially announced by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos during the recent Web 2.0 summit and is now considered part of the core business strategy for Amazon. While analysts, competitors and Wall Street are pondering what to make of this move from a business sense, in this post we look at who is utilizing Amazon Web Services - and how. This post is based on personal communication with those people, along with the set of success stories available on the Amazon Web Services site.

Processing - Please Wait. "An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything"[1] is a physics preprint proposing a basis for a unified field theory, very often referred to as "E8 Theory,"[2] which attempts to describe all known fundamental interactions in physics and to stand as a possible theory of everything. The paper was posted to the physics arXiv by Antony Garrett Lisi on November 6, 2007, and was not submitted to a peer-reviewed scientific journal.[3] The title is a pun on the algebra used, the Lie algebra of the largest "simple", "exceptional" Lie group, E8. The theory received accolades from a few physicists[citation needed] amid a flurry of media coverage, but also met with widespread skepticism.[4] Scientific American reported in March 2008 that the theory was being "largely but not entirely ignored" by the mainstream physics community, with a few physicists picking up the work to develop it further.[5]

Aftershock Hazards in Haiti RESTON, Va.—The aftershock sequence of the magnitude-7 earthquake that struck near Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Jan. 12, 2010, will continue for months, if not years. The frequency of events will diminish with time, but damaging earthquakes will remain a threat. Profile for latest GRDDL transformation for RDFa This page is a profile for GRDDL source documents using the latest GRDDL RDFa transform. Currently the use of this profile licenses RDF data extracted by 2008/09/03/RDFa2RDFXML.xsl from an RDFa source. If you want to declare that a document contains RDFa and always uses the latest profile, add this profile to the head of your XHTML: <head profile="

The 20 most-watched TED Talks to date TEDTalks The 20 most-watched TEDTalks (so far) Today, on the fifth birthday of TEDTalks video, we’re releasing a new list of the 20 most-watched TEDTalks over the past five years — as watched on all the platforms we track:, YouTube, iTunes, embed and download, Hulu and more … What a great, mixed-up group this is! Talks about education and creativity, sex […] Playlist The 20 most popular TED Talks, as of December 2013

Open Data. The power of the many facilitated by the web by wcolmen Feb 19

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