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This week saw introduce vocabulary that enables websites to describe the actions they enable and how these actions can be invoked, in the hope that these additions will help unleash new categories of applications, according to a new post by Dan Brickley. This represents an expansion of the vocabulary’s focus point from describing entities to taking action on these entities. The work has been in progress, Brickley explains here, for the last couple of years, building on the types added last August by providing a way of describing the capability to perform actions in the future. The three action status type now includes PotentialActionStatus for a description of an action that is supported, ActiveActionStatus for an in-progress action, and CompletedActionStatus, for an action that has already taken place.

Tools - Visual Data Web More information on the DBpedia endpoint availability. Several tools have already been developed in the project that showcase the visual power of the Data Web. The following four tools are all implemented in the open source framework Adobe Flex. Home - Team Science Toolkit Skip to main content at the National Institutes of Health 2014 Science of Team Science Conference The SciTS conference will be held on August 6, 8, 2014 in Austin, TX. Curiosity & the Future of Robotics Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom has written an article for Forbes regarding the recent successful landing of the Mars rover Curiosity and what this step will mean for the future of robotics and AI. She writes, “Even though spacecraft travel at high speeds through the solar system, the travel times are long enough that software advances can be significant. The software has already been updated once during its 8 month flight.

Web 3.0 Approaches" You never know how future technology will eventually turn out. In the case of Web 3.0, most Internet experts agree about its general traits. They believe that Web 3.0 will provide users with richer and more relevant experiences. Semantic University Semantic University is the largest and most accessible source of educational material relating to semantics and Semantic Web technologies. It includes: Lessons suitable to those brand new to the space. About Five AKSW Papers at ESWC 2014 Hello World! We are very pleased to announce that five of our papers were accepted for presentation at ESWC 2014. These papers range from natural-language processing to the acquisition of temporal data. Read more about "Five AKSW Papers at ESWC 2014"

IU Helping Create Research Network April 20, 2011 News Release ARLINGTON, Va. -- Internet2, Indiana University and the Clean Slate Program at Stanford University today announced the Network Development and Deployment Initiative (NDDI), a partnership to create a new network platform and complementary software, which together will support global scientific research in a revolutionary new way.

Facebook Most Effective Social Marketing Channel for SMBs (But They Want Social Media Help) Facebook is overwhelmingly the most effective social media marketing channel for small businesses, with exponentially more saying it’s better than Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and all other social networks. The numbers come from the Constant Contact Small Business Pulse survey, which had replies from 728 small business and non-profit participants in April-May 2012. To get a sense of what kinds of businesses replied, consider that 74 percent of respondents have 10 or fewer employees. ReseDa Research Database of the University of Art and Design Helsinki Research title:iTEC: Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom, WP3 Abstract:iTEC is a large-scale pilot involving >1,000 classrooms focused on Learning in the 21st Century and the design of the future classroom. Partners include 15 Ministries of Education, leading ICT vendors, innovative SMEs, TEL researchers, teacher educators and experts in school validations and pedagogical evaluation. The key aim is to develop engaging scenarios for learning in the future classroom that can be validated in large-scale pilots and subsequently taken to scale.iTEC produces meaningful pedagogical scenarios (assisted by a Web 3.0 technology approach) for the future classroom and, from these, derives learning activities and new approaches to assessment that engage teachers, learners and stakeholders outside the school. Keywords:technology, learning environment, iwb, pedagogy, scenario, participatory design, prototyping Tutkimusala:Oppimisympäristöt

RDF - Semantic Web Standards Overview RDF is a standard model for data interchange on the Web. RDF has features that facilitate data merging even if the underlying schemas differ, and it specifically supports the evolution of schemas over time without requiring all the data consumers to be changed. RDF extends the linking structure of the Web to use URIs to name the relationship between things as well as the two ends of the link (this is usually referred to as a “triple”). SweoIG/TaskForces/CommunityProjects/LinkingOpenData - W3C Wiki News 2014-12-03: The 8th edition of the Linked Data on the Web workshop will take place at WWW2015 in Florence, Italy. The paper submission deadline for the workshop is 15 March, 2015. 2014-09-10: An updated version of the LOD Cloud diagram has been published. The new version contains 570 linked datasets which are connected by 2909 linksets. New statistics about the adoption of the Linked Data best practices are found in an updated version of the State of the LOD Cloud document. 2014-04-26: The 7th edition of the Linked Data on the Web workshop took place at WWW2014 in Seoul, Korea.

Can Hobbyists and Hackers Transform Biotechnology? For most of us, managing our health means visiting a doctor. The more serious our concerns, the more specialized a medical expert we seek. Our bodies often feel like foreign and frightening lands, and we are happy to let someone with an MD serve as our tour guide. For most of us, our own DNA never makes it onto our personal reading list. Biohackers are on a mission to change all that. These do-it-yourself biology hobbyists want to bring biotechnology out of institutional labs and into our homes.