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True Knowledge - the internet answer engine

True Knowledge - the internet answer engine

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RDF-Gravity Sunil Goyal, Rupert Westenthaler {sgoyal, rwestenthaler} Salzburg Research, Austria RDF Gravity is a tool for visualising RDF/OWL Graphs/ ontologies. Its main features are: Graph VisualizationGlobal and Local Filters (enabling specific views on a graph) Full text SearchGenerating views from RDQL QueriesVisualising multiple RDF files

Refdoc Refdoc est momentanément indisponible pour cause de maintenance. Nous vous prions de nous en excuser et vous invitons à vous reconnecter ultérieurement Eric Sweet Search Moteur de recherche Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Un moteur de recherche est une application web permettant de retrouver des ressources (pages web, articles de forums Usenet, images, vidéo, fichiers, etc.) associées à des mots quelconques. Certains sites web offrent un moteur de recherche comme principale fonctionnalité ; on appelle alors moteur de recherche le site lui-même (Google Video par exemple est un moteur de recherche vidéo). C'est par abus de langage qu'on appelle également moteurs de recherche des sites web proposant des annuaires de sites web : dans ce cas, ce sont des instruments de recherche élaborés par des personnes qui répertorient et classifient des sites web jugés dignes d'intérêt, et non des robots d'indexation — on peut citer par exemple DMOZ et Yahoo!, etc. Historique[modifier | modifier le code]

THINK - Overview Overview | People | Collaborators | Sponsors | Publications | Tools The THINK (Tactical Human Integration of Network Knowledge) project is a collaborative effort of Pearson’s Knowledge Technologies (PKT) division, Carnegie Mellon University’s Center for the Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems (CASOS) and the MA&D Operation of Alion Science and Technology. The goal of the effort is to develop an integrated toolset that supports different but complementary analysis methods.

Metasearch Search Engine Google Search Engine - google search engine free download - Google App Engine API Search, Google Ranking Search Engine Optimization Tool, Tubidy Mobile Video Search Engine, and many more ... Google Search - google search free download - Maps - Navigation & Transit, Google Search, Google Search, and many more programs

Overview / Conzilla - The Concept Browser browse News 2010-10-10 Conzilla 2.3.0 released. (New collaboration backend) 2007-06-11 Conzilla 2.2.3 released. Brainstorming 2.0: Making Ideas That Really Happen One of the most common questions we hear at 99U is: “How do I get more out of my brainstorming sessions?” While brainstorming sessions have become perhaps the most iconic act of creativity, we still struggle with how to give them real utility. The problem of course is that most brainstorming sessions conclude prematurely. Activity System Design Tools - KP-Lab Tools Help From KPE Tools Help This page explains how to get started with using the Activity System Design Tools software. The purpose is to show what can be done in the user interfaces and how things work from the end user's perspective. [edit] Opening ASDT within KPE To start using ASDT, you need to open up KPE (Knowledge Practices Environment) with the ASDT plugin. You can do this by either:

Open source data structs and semantic frameworks The Open Semantic Framework is a complete and integrated software stack that combines external open source components with specific enhancements developed by Structured Dynamics. OSF is a complete foundation to bring semantic technology capabilities to the enterprise. OSF has a variety of potential applications from enterprise information integration to collaboration networks and open government. OSF can integrate and manage all types of content — unstructured documents, semi-structured files, spreadsheets, and structured databases — using a variety of best-of-breed engines. All external content is converted to the canonical RDF data model, enabling common tools and methods for tagging and managing all content.

Volkswagen’s Use of structWSF in their Semantic Web Platform at Frederick Giasson This story has been published by Jennifer Zaino’s in her article: Volkswagen: Das Auto Company is Das Semantic Web Company! I can now talk about this project that uses some pieces of the framework that we have been developing for more than 3 years now. The Objective Volkswagen’s main objective behind the development of the next version of their Web platform started by improving their online search engine, but as William Greenly mentioned, it quickly became a strategic decision: The Semantic Web For the Sustainable Materials Lifecycle MaterialSource, an online platform focused on the sustainable materials lifecycle, will relaunch with a semantic web focus by year’s end. In development by ontoforce, the revamped site will initially cater to users in its native Belgium, but it expects to expand to include an international audience. The goal, says ontoforce co-founder and CEO Hans Constandt, who also is MaterialSource’s co-founder and CIO, is to “apply the whole philosophy of the semantic web to doing the work of connecting small providers” in the space.

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