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K-pop or Korean

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With ASTRO. V LIVE+ Reception Report/Interactive /About KBS World Radio/KBS World Radio. Your privacy is important to us.

Reception Report/Interactive /About KBS World Radio/KBS World Radio

KBS World Radio (“we” or “our” or “us”) complies with personal information and digital network usage laws. Please familiarize yourself with our privacy practices as we lay out how and for what purpose we use your information. We strive to protect your personal information. Our privacy policy applies to each page of our Web site unless otherwise noted. Please review our privacy policy carefully and check back frequently as we may revise our policy without prior notification. 1. Mobile Service/About KBS World Radio/KBS World Radio. 4minute. A beauty doing ballet?


Elegant. Body figure isSlender. There is no fat at all. "You want to know the secret? " STARCAST’s new corner, 'Wanna B'. Her secret to pass-on is? Body like a crane. Start with stretching. Relax whole body. The readers saying ‘This is not funny’ (Lee Jung-jae ver.)now.Let’s just have a look at those. JI HYUN is who learnt dance. This is none of my business indeed. JI HYUN says : Then just follow one thing. "Close your ribs, pull down your shoulders and tighten your hips. Are you relaxed now? ① Excercise for belly fat: Now, let’s get started. The point here is make your legs at 90 degrees.

"Try it when you watch televesion at home. "Lay down" "and got up! " "The legs are at a 90 degrees" "If you look from the side? " Ask for a helpif you have a sister at home. "If push hard," "the belly fat will go away" ② Excercise for the lower body: Let’s learn ‘half-kick’ this time. The effect is amazing. Real time star broadcasting app 'V' is finally available for download! Facebook. KBS World. KBS World is distributed via local platform operators such as Cable, Satellite or IPTV except certain regions where the service is available directly from satellite.

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Below are the lists of the local operators around the world. Please select your region to see the detailed information on where and how KBS World is available. KBS takes full responsibility on programming, quality of content and other content-related issues. Actual provision of the service is in the domain of local service providers (except the case, where the service is provided directly from satellite).

Please contact local operators about the availability of KBS World or other physical or technical issues. ※ The list of local platform operators is not complete and only shows representative operators.


(엑소) EXO 2. (제국의 아이들) ZE:A. (대국남아) The BOSS. (인피니트) INFINITE. Quiz: Which K-pop Girl Group Do You Belong In? Quiz: How Unhealthy Is Your K-pop Obsession? Melon_seoin: 공항으로 출발!! ... Quiz: What Kind of Korean Pop Culture Fan Are You? [TUTORIAL] Using Twtkr is the korean version of twitter, it allows you to log in with your account on twitter in this case it works like a new client (tweetdeck, seesmis..etc).


To access and how twtkr works: Boyfriend_heree: 140705 Donghyun at Music Core ... Keep Calm. JoshuaPark89: No. 001 of 300...