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List of LGBT awareness days. 40 Sex Tips - Best and Steamiest Sex Article Tips. 9 Numbers That Are Even Sexier than 69. The Pedometer For Your Penis. Wearable technology is already changing the way we understand sleep and fitness.

The Pedometer For Your Penis

But up until now, nothing on offer has changed the way we think about sex. Introducing "SexFit," a vibrating cock ring by the UK-based company Bondara that increases pleasure while simultaneously tracking your x-rated fitness. The SexFit, which was announced by the company on Thursday, syncs with a free smart phone app that provides users with information about calories burnt during intercourse and thrusts per minute. But the fun doesn't stop there, according to Bondara's press release: "Much like other similar fitness tracker innovations, the SexFit allows the most dedicated users to share and compare their favourite sessions and impressive individual milestones with their peers on social media.

" Can You Tell The Difference Between A Dog Toy And A Sex Toy. Sex toy articles. 12 Women With Perfect Responses for Why They Don't Have Kids. In a classic Seinfeld episode, Elaine sits surrounded by friends with kids as they accost her with the now-infamous line: "You gotta have a baby!

12 Women With Perfect Responses for Why They Don't Have Kids

" We can only guess millions of women watched, nodding their heads and wondering: What do you say when society demands to know when you'll procreate, and why you haven't done so yet? Even as more millennials choose to delay children or remain child-free altogether, the demand on women to have babies is still high. Media has doubled down on celebrity "baby bump" coverage, and young women report feeling real pressure thanks to society's strong link between femininity and motherhood. Many women indeed long for children, while others are firmly against it and still more are undecided. But regardless of a woman's feelings on childbearing, the decision to have kids is hers alone, to be decided for her own reasons.

Here are 12 women who had the perfect responses to the dreaded baby questions. A Guide to Sex Toy Safety. "Sexual pleasure is your birthright.

A Guide to Sex Toy Safety

Brown University Health Education. What are sex toys?

Brown University Health Education

Sex toys can be an exciting way to spice up your sexual life, whether using them by yourself or with others. There are many misconceptions that sex toys are only used by people who choose to remain abstinent, do not currently have sexual partners, or by gay men and lesbians. The truth is, people of all types use sex toys. Some choose to use them when they are alone, on their sexual partners, or on themselves while partners are present. Whatever you choice, it’s important to understand how to best clean the toys and how to protect yourself against STIs if you choose to share sex toys with others. Sex toys can range from objects that tickle and vibrate, to various products that are inserted into the vagina or anus. How can I bring sex toys into my relationship? Sometimes it’s hard to communicate our sexual desires to our partners, especially when wanting to bring something new into a sexual relationship.

Dear geek girls, today I made something special... The Avengers Vibrators - LOKI special edition. ❤ ... Been a long time since I post something sex toy... Dear geek girls! I would like to introduce my... Fifty Shades of Grey Gets BDSM Dangerously Wrong. What is a fantasy?

Fifty Shades of Grey Gets BDSM Dangerously Wrong

From Freud to Ludacris, it's been an elusive idea, suggesting both an escape from reality and an expression of hidden desire. In culture, fantasy works like a mirror: It reflects who we are, but it also shapes what we become. Love it or despise it, American culture's sexual fantasy of the moment is Fifty Shades of Grey. Since Random House bought the rights to the trilogy in 2012, the series has sold well over 100 million copies worldwide.

Trailers for the movie adaptation of the first book have been viewed 250 million times, according to an ad aired in early February; it’s expected to gross at least $60 million at the box office in its opening weekend. And that means the Fifty Shades fantasy is about to become all the more influential. The story is fairly simple. Sex Toys Of The Future, According To The Adult Entertainment Expo (NSFW) You probably won't get a rise out of these toys.

Sex Toys Of The Future, According To The Adult Entertainment Expo (NSFW)

There are plenty of exhibitors at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, but these are the weirdest new additions we could find this year. Many chain stores now add a toy aisle for adults – Store shelves at supermarkets, pharmacies and supercenters across the USA are making room for sex toys once reserved for adults-only eyes.

Many chain stores now add a toy aisle for adults –

CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Safeway, Target and Walmart are among major national chains that now include vibrators on store shelves. The Bruce Jenner Story Goes From Gossip to News. Photo For the last few years, there have been rumors and anonymously sourced tabloid items suggesting that Bruce Jenner, the former Olympic champion and somewhat comically befuddled patriarchal figure on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” was transitioning from male to female.

The Bruce Jenner Story Goes From Gossip to News

The various clues — the growing of his hair into ponytail length, the apparent shaving down of his Adam’s apple, the brightly colored polish on his fingernails — were gleefully reported by gossip websites and some of the more fact-challenged tabloid magazines. One of them, In Touch, even went so far as to superimpose a picture of Mr. Jenner’s head onto the body of the actress Stephanie Beacham, adding red lipstick to his mouth in an attempt to feminize his appearance and better reflect the headline, “Bruce’s Story: My Life as a Woman.”

But, for the most part, the so-called mainstream press has steered clear of this story. Until now. Mr.