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The Founder Institute: Helping Founders to Build Great Companies

The Founder Institute: Helping Founders to Build Great Companies
Bachelor Haus vies for Slice of the $9bn Online Furniture Industry, featured in LA Business Journal Bachelor Haus was featured in an LA Business Journal article titled Moving In: Niche-focused Online Furniture Dealers work to click with Internet-Cautious Manufaturers. Bachelor Haus is an online furniture store featuring carefully selected room sets for young, modern men. The company, and its Founder & CEO Adam Acheson, are Graduates of the Los Angeles Founder Institute. Read More San Diego Grad Kaliki Launches its Audio-on-Demand Service on Chevy Vehicles, Featured in USA Today

Pricing: Why You’re Doing It Wrong « Mimiran: Killer proposals made easy. From I don’t know you. How can I know you’re pricing all wrong? Obviously, I don’t, and there’s a chance you’re actually doing it right, but experience with hundreds of business owners lets me play the odds. So in this post, we’ll look at the most common ways small business owners hold back their own businesses by pricing badly. Job Board Written by Robert Greiner on March 12, 2012 If you are a proud owner of a Github account (free or paid) and are looking for a new job, it might be in your best interest to let Github know you are looking for a new job. This will let potential employers know you are interested in being contacted about opportunities, and will also flag your account in search results for third-party Github crawlers. By default, Github doesn't know you are looking for a new job, so you will need to update your profile manually.

Steve Blank Teaches Entrepreneurs How To Fail Less Editor’s Note: This guest post is written by Derek Andersen, who is the founder of StartupGrind and Vaporware Labs, and is a former entertainment development manager at Electronic Arts. While secretly wanting to be an entrepreneur but working at Electronic Arts, I would sometimes sneak out early and jet to Stanford campus to crash Steve Blank’s entrepreneurial lecture series. Steve literally wrote the book on customer development with “Four Steps To The Epiphany” and now he’s back again co-authoring a 500-page reference guide with Bob Dorf called “The Startup Owner’s Manual”. How to answer "What is your greatest weakness?" - PatchSpace Blog Humans are creatures of habit, and creatures of ritual. These habits and rituals are comforting to us, and give a sense of structure to our lives and how we behave. But these rituals can crystallise, and we often work through them so religiously and mechanically that to an outsider it might well appear that the ritual works us through it, rather than the reverse. Sometimes they can take on a distinctly pathological character, as thinking about the true purpose of the activity stops, and the ritual starts serving some other end.

And the most in-demand tech skills of 2012 are … One way to find out what skills will be in highest demand this year is to look at job posts. I decided to analyze recent Craigslist San Francisco Bay Area job ads. It’s a good proxy for the local demand. Optimizely Copy this code and paste it immediately after your opening <head> tag: Because you are using the Shopify App, the Optimizely embed code is already added to your shop automatically! If you want to run Optimizely on a page NOT hosted by Shopify, copy & paste this code snippet to the top of the <head> tag: Copy to Clipboard Send to Developer Vacancies: Defence Intelligence & Security Group Careers - jobs for analysts, programmers, developers, security and business staff Vacancies For information about Defence APS career opportunities, see Defence APS Careers. Read how to apply using the APS Careers@Defence online application process (PDF).

Leaving your Job Most often when we talk about career risk it's in a relatively short time context. If I leave my job tomorrow, I won't be able to afford rent next month. If I just stay and work a few more 60 hour weeks, a promotion or raise is right around the corner. For our jobs, risk is all about balancing an unknown future with a certain present. Atlassian Jobs Charity Get five paid days off per year to support the cause of your choice, and feel good knowing your company donates licenses and money to nonprofits. Growth