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You don't have to love your job to find it meaningful — Quartz. In 2000, I became the first person in my family to finish college.

You don't have to love your job to find it meaningful — Quartz

I soon landed a job at a major management consulting firm. On the Cultural History of Opium – and how poppy came to Afghanistan. An Afghan tool to harvest opium 'latex'.

On the Cultural History of Opium – and how poppy came to Afghanistan

Photo: (c) Andrew Weir. Mention drugs or Google the word ‘opium’ and the link to Afghanistan will never be far away. No wonder, since over the last few decades, Afghanistan has become the largest opium producer in the world. But where did opium come from, how did it spread and what are its cultural expressions? Dipa Ma - Wikipedia. Dipa Ma in Barre, Massachusetts, 1978 Dipa Ma (March 25, 1911 - September 1989) was an Indian meditation teacher of Theravada Buddhism.[1] She also taught in the United States and influenced the American branch of the Vipassana movement.

Dipa Ma - Wikipedia

Early life[edit] INTERROGATION TECHNIQUES. This report provides a concise overview of (1) the Reid method of interrogation, (2) critiques of the Reid method, and (3) alternative interrogation techniques.


The Reid method is a system of interviewing and interrogation widely used by police departments in the United States. The term “The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation” is a registered trademark of John E. Reid and Associates, Inc. According to the company's website, over 500,000 law enforcement and security professionals have attended the company's interview and interrogation training programs since they were first offered in 1974. Nicotine and spinal stenosis. Electronic Screen Syndrome: An Unrecognized Disorder? Ren and Keely - Accueil. Life is less stressful after retirement, but only for those at the top. You might expect people at the top of the corporate hierarchy to have more stress than those at the bottom, but it’s actually the other way around.

Life is less stressful after retirement, but only for those at the top

Considering the many health risks associated with stress, that’s no small burden. And retirement offers little relief. A new study of British civil servants shows those in high-level positions experienced a drop in the stress hormone cortisol when they stopped working, while retirees who'd had low-level jobs saw little change. Can You Be Fired From a Job While on Leave With Disability? Short-term and long-term disability insurance policies are intended to offer income protection (cash benefits) to people who become unable to work for medical reasons.

Can You Be Fired From a Job While on Leave With Disability?

What surprises many disability recipients is that these policies offer little to no job protection. In many cases, an employer is legally allowed to fire an employee who is receiving disability benefits, although there are some situations in which an individual would have legal grounds to file a lawsuit for wrongful termination. Job Protection Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) A federal law known as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides employees with twelve weeks of unpaid leave per year to deal with one's own medical issues or to take care of a sick member of one's immediate family. Not all workplaces are subject to FMLA, and even in those that are, employees must meet certain requirements to be covered by the law.

How the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Can Protect Your Job Next Steps. Time Off Work as a Reasonable Accommodation. Social media and smartphones have forced teen dramas to evolve - The Verge. Finding a Coding Mentor With These Two Traits Is Key. NYPD Refuses to Disclose Information About Its Face Recognition Program, So Privacy Researchers Are Suing. Researchers at Georgetown University law school filed a Freedom of Information lawsuit against the New York City Police Department today for the agency’s refusal to disclose documents about its longstanding use of face recognition technology.

NYPD Refuses to Disclose Information About Its Face Recognition Program, So Privacy Researchers Are Suing

The NYPD’s face recognition system, which has operated in the department’s Real Time Crime Center since at least 2011, allows officers to identify a suspect by searching against databases of stored facial photos. Records pertaining to the NYPD’s program were requested in January 2016 by researchers at Georgetown Law’s Center on Privacy and Technology as part of The Perpetual Line-Up, a year-long study on law enforcement uses of facial recognition technology.

After receiving public records from more than 90 agencies across the country, the study found that one in every two American adults is enrolled in a criminal face recognition network and that “few agencies have instituted meaningful protections to prevent the misuse of the technology.” I was pulled over by the police, and feared for my life. So, I'm driving to the pharmacy, exhausted after a long day and my 6 month old is crying in the back seat.

I was pulled over by the police, and feared for my life.

All of a sudden, I notice a police cruiser come flying up behind me and hits the lights. I haven't been pulled over in nearly 20 years. The roads are tight, so I couldn't just pull over. I moved up the road and found a parking lot and pulled in. My baby started screeching, so I turned around in my seat to try to reach for his binky and I accidentally hit my door knob with my elbow, opening the door slightly.

Improving Police – By a veteran chief who is committed to improving police leadership, trust, effectiveness, and officer safety. What Is Michael Burry Doing Today? ‘The Big Short’ Character Is Still Weary Of The Financial Market. Adam McKay's dramedy about the 2008 financial crisis, The Big Short, is drawing rave reviews and plenty of Oscar buzz, with some even saying the movie makes the confusing housing market meltdown more accessible than it's ever been before.

What Is Michael Burry Doing Today? ‘The Big Short’ Character Is Still Weary Of The Financial Market

The film's cast is tremendous, with Brad Pitt, Steve Carrell, and Ryan Gosling all playing fictional characters who are based on people who actually saw what was happening in the market. But the most intriguing character of all also happens to be a real person: Dr. Is It Possible for Humans to Transmit Memories Through Their Genes? The Itch. It was still shocking to M. how much a few wrong turns could change your life.

The Itch

She had graduated from Boston College with a degree in psychology, married at twenty-five, and had two children, a son and a daughter. She and her family settled in a town on Massachusetts’ southern shore. She worked for thirteen years in health care, becoming the director of a residence program for men who’d suffered severe head injuries. But she and her husband began fighting. The Marriage Cure. ELI5: Why do human beings just get sad sometimes for no real reason? : explainlikeimfive.

Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria - The Atlantic. You were going to get one-click access to the full text of nearly every book that’s ever been published. Building For Bennett - Accueil. Volume 16, No. 3 (Fall 2014) - Falling - The Hedgehog Review: Vol. 16 No. 3 (Fall 2014) Reprinted from The Hedgehog Review 16.3 (Fall 2014). This essay may not be resold, reprinted, or redistributed for compensation of any kind without prior written permission.

Please contact The Hedgehog Review for further details. Return to Exercise After Microdiscectomy Surgery. Early mobilization and exercise may help patients heal sooner, as the pre-operative pain has usually caused patients to limit their motion, and limited motion is a common cause of pain. In addition to an early exercise program of stretching, strengthening, and conditioning, return to normal daily activity may also help improve the secondary soft tissue component of the pain after microdiscectomy back surgery. Article continues below. Bicycling and Back Pain. Lumbar Spinal Stenosis in My 30's - Back Problems Message Board. 14 Daily Habits Killing Your Back. Twenty Two Harsh Truths You Need to Learn in Your Twenties. Post op pain after discectomy with prolonged standing/sitting - Arachnoiditis Message Board. Cosponsors - S.J.Res.34 - 115th Congress (2017-2018): A joint resolution providing for congressional disapproval under chapter 8 of title 5, United States Code, of the rule submitted by the Federal Communications Commission relating to "Protecting the Pri.

Drug 'reverses' ageing in animal tests. Image copyright Getty Images. Steve Bannon: This Man Is the Most Dangerous Political Operative in America. Man-Computer Symbiosis. Man-Computer Symbiosis. Microdiscectomy Surgery Video: A Spine Surgeon Explains the Procedure. Help nerve pain 1 week post lumbar discectomy - Back Problems Message Board. IBM is ending its decades-old remote work policy — Quartz. Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery: Risks, Complications, and Success Rates. A widely performed surgery, microdiscectomy is considered to have relatively high rates of success, especially in relieving patients’ leg pain (sciatica). Kayaking bad for backs? John Suler, Ph.D. Six Stretches to Help Your Stiff Back Feel and Move Better. Remember the People America’s Healthcare System Has Already Killed - Motherboard. US military retirement: Only one in five soldiers get a pension that lets them retire at 40 — Quartz.

What I’ve Learned From Tinkering With the Raspberry Pi for Five Years. Anarchism - Wikipedia. The Disintegration of Lancaster, Ohio - The Atlantic. How Doctors Treat Mental Illness With Psychedelic Drugs - Rolling Stone. Microdiscectomy 6 Year Update – RICK SANNICANDRO. Hidden Depression Among Us. I am a UK cheap flight hacker, here to help you find cheap fares and learn some tricks! AMA! : IAmA. 5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win.

Presidential Election of 2000, Electoral and Popular Vote Summary. Transcript of 911 call from 17-year-old Jake Evans. Social Media and the Hedgehog's Dilemma. Smartphone addiction is part of the design. Andrew Sullivan: My Distraction Sickness — and Yours. Quora. Uk.businessinsider. Bill Gates says these are the two books we should all read to understand AI — Quartz.

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (9780062316097): Yuval Noah Harari: Books. Top 10 philosophical ideas everyone should understand. Imgur. Vampire Professor, American Ninja Warrior (2015) Theory of Knowledge. Articles of Note. Google just published a free, three-month course on deep learning. Revit Tutorial - 3D Standing Seam Metal Roof in 6 Minutes!