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You Should Start Playing Chess, The Original Cult Classic Board Game. Ah, chess.

You Should Start Playing Chess, The Original Cult Classic Board Game

The sport of kings. The game which every other game with some strategic element is compared to. Automobile racing is chess on wheels. Ball sports are chess, with a ball. Suspect policy decisions are chess (played in the 11th dimension, with human emotions). End of Apartheid in South Africa? Not in Economic Terms. At 38, Mr. Moloeli no longer needs to wonder. He lives in a gated community set atop jungle-covered hills north of Durban, on the Indian Ocean. His two-story house boasts glistening bathrooms, a pair of garages holding two Mercedes and an Audi, plus a golf cart he drives to the country club at the center of the complex. How People Learn to Become Resilient. Norman Garmezy, a developmental psychologist and clinician at the University of Minnesota, met thousands of children in his four decades of research.

How People Learn to Become Resilient

But one boy in particular stuck with him. He was nine years old, with an alcoholic mother and an absent father. Each day, he would arrive at school with the exact same sandwich: two slices of bread with nothing in between. At home, there was no other food available, and no one to make any. Even so, Garmezy would later recall, the boy wanted to make sure that “no one would feel pity for him and no one would know the ineptitude of his mother.” Post-brexit, Britain can learn from one of London's poorest schools how to rebuild its fractured communities.

Joe Lawrence started his first day of high school in east London with his head down the toilet.

Post-brexit, Britain can learn from one of London's poorest schools how to rebuild its fractured communities.

It was 1969 and the initiation ceremony— called “ducking”—frightened him. But he took comfort in knowing the same thing was going to happen to his entire freshman class. And how bad could it be? Sure, it could be rough, but Barking was a town where everyone knew everyone else, including the milkman and the postman, a place where no one bothered to lock their doors (not that anyone had much to steal anyway).

You lived among your people. Shipping executive: 'We have deliberately misled public on climate' Industry veteran said lobbyists at UN shipping talks were ‘prostitutes employed by our racket to try and put one over on the general public’ A UK shipping executive has turned on the industry for ignoring the effect lobbying has had on its efforts to reduce carbon pollution.

Shipping executive: 'We have deliberately misled public on climate'

In an op-ed published on the trade press site Splash 24/7 on Thursday, Andrew Craig-Bennett said industry mockery of a report released this week that concluded lobbyists had “captured” talks at the UN International Maritime Organisation (IMO) was misplaced. On Monday, the NGO Influence Map released a damning report that exposed the degree to which these shipping registries and industry lobby groups had infiltrated the body intended to regulate them. Things You Can Do on the Dark Web That Aren't Illegal. Meet the High Schooler Shaking Up Artificial Intelligence. How People Learn to Become Resilient. Travel - In search of Russia's lost gold. It was our third night on the Trans-Siberian Express in mid-July, and we had grown accustomed to the heat.

Travel - In search of Russia's lost gold

The prehistoric cars contained neither air conditioning nor showers. My husband Dennis, who doesn’t speak any Russian, was left to play with his new fancy video camera, but I was more fortunate ‒ I could listen to conversations. As I stood in the narrow hallway of the train, waiting my turn to use the bathroom, the two middle-aged Russian guys in front of me in the queue were having a heated debate about the infamous treasure train that rattled along these very tracks a century ago, possibly setting the course of the Russian Revolution. NEEDED ON MINDHUNTER: Boys, Caucasian, 18-20, to look younger Shoots in East Pittsburgh on Thursday 12/8 $64/8hrs and time and a half after that. Longer hair is a plus but not a requirement! To submit please send height, weight, waist, inseam, and two cur. Crime Classification Manual - Wikipedia. Crime Classification Manual: A Standard System for Investigating and Classifying Violent Crimes (1992) is a text on the classification of violent crimes by John E.

Crime Classification Manual - Wikipedia

Douglas, Ann W. Burgess, Allen G. Burgess and Robert K. Ressler.[1] The publication is a result of a project by the Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime.[2] A second edition of the book was published in 2006, and added 155 pages of new information and research.[3] See also[edit] References[edit] Jump up ^ Douglas, John E.; Burgess, Ann W.; Burgess, Allen G.; Ressler, Robert K. (1997) [1992]. External links[edit] Robert Ressler - Wikipedia. Robert K.

Robert Ressler - Wikipedia

Ressler (February 21, 1937 – May 5, 2013) was an FBI agent and author. He played a significant role in the psychological profiling of violent offenders in the 1970s and is often credited with coining the term "serial killer".[1] After retiring from the FBI, he authored a number of books on serial murders, and often gave lectures on criminology. Early life[edit] Robert Ressler grew up on North Marmora Avenue in Chicago, Illinois and graduated from Schurz High School,[2] Class of 1955. He was the son of Joseph, who worked in security and maintenance at the Chicago Tribune, and Gertrude Ressler.[3] At an early age Robert became interested in killers, as he followed the Tribune's articles on "The Lipstick Killer".[3] Ressler claims that he was more fascinated than afraid of this notorious killer, as other killers fascinated him in his later years with the FBI.[3] Ressler attended two years at a community college before joining the U.S.

Military career[edit] M'Naghten rules - Wikipedia. Daniel M'Naghten circa 1856 The M'Naghten rule (pronounced, and sometimes spelled, McNaughton) is any variant of the 1840s jury instruction in a criminal case when there is a defense of insanity: "that every man is to be presumed to be sane, and... that to establish a defense on the ground of insanity, it must be clearly proved that, at the time of the committing of the act, the party accused was laboring under such a defect of reason, from disease of the mind, as not to know the nature and quality of the act he was doing; or if he did know it, that he did not know he was doing what was wrong.

M'Naghten rules - Wikipedia

"[1]:632 The rule was formulated as a reaction to the acquittal in 1843 of Daniel M'Naghten on the charge of murdering Edward Drummond, whom M'Naghten had mistaken for British Prime Minister Robert Peel.[2] M'Naghten fired a pistol at the back of Peel's secretary, Edward Drummond, who died five days later. Historical development[edit] The Complex History of the Genes That Color Our Skin - The Atlantic. Few human traits are more variable, more obvious, and more historically divisive than the color of our skin.

The Complex History of the Genes That Color Our Skin - The Atlantic

And yet, for all its social and scientific importance, we know very little about how our genes influence its pigment. What we do know comes almost entirely from studying people of European descent. To Sarah Tishkoff, a geneticist at the University of Pennsylvania, that’s a ridiculous state of affairs. “It gives you a very incomplete perspective,” she says. High-ranked women less generous than men when sharing a reward with their collaborators. Recent Deep Learning Discoveries Could Lead to a New Path of Research. What Facebook Did to American Democracy - The Atlantic. In the media world, as in so many other realms, there is a sharp discontinuity in the timeline: before the 2016 election, and after.

What Facebook Did to American Democracy - The Atlantic

Things we thought we understood—narratives, data, software, news events—have had to be reinterpreted in light of Donald Trump’s surprising win as well as the continuing questions about the role that misinformation and disinformation played in his election. Tech journalists covering Facebook had a duty to cover what was happening before, during, and after the election.

Reporters tried to see past their often liberal political orientations and the unprecedented actions of Donald Trump to see how 2016 was playing out on the internet. What is Stopping Poor People From Moving? - The Atlantic. MERCED, California—Seccora Jaimes knows that she is not living in the land of opportunity. Her hometown has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, at 9.1 percent. Jaimes, 34, recently got laid off from the beauty school where she taught cosmetology, and hasn’t yet found another job. Her daughter, 17, wants the family to move to Los Angeles, so that she can attend one of the nation’s top police academies. Jaimes’s husband, who works in warehousing, would make much more money in Los Angeles, she told me. Google is really good at design. There’s a past version of me who probably wouldn’t have believed that the devices Google announced at its fall event were actually designed by Google.

The old me might have thought: The company that had the generic rainbow serif logo for 17 years made this? The stuff Google showed off on October 4 was brazenly designed and strangely, invitingly touchable. These gadgets were soft, colorful… delightful? They looked human, but like something future humans had made; people who'd gotten righteously drunk with aliens. You could imagine them in your living room, your den, your bedroom. Philip K. Dick - Wikipedia.

Personal life[edit] The family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. When Philip turned five, his father was transferred to Reno, Nevada. Ichthys - Wikipedia. The ichthys or ichthus ([1]), from the Greek ikhthýs (ἰχθύς 1st cent. AD Koine Greek [ikʰˈtʰys], "fish") is a symbol consisting of two intersecting arcs, the ends of the right side extending beyond the meeting point so as to resemble the profile of a fish. The symbol was adopted by early Christians as a secret symbol. It is now known colloquially as the "sign of the fish" or the "Jesus fish".[2] Origin[edit] An early circular ichthys symbol, created by combining the Greek letters ΙΧΘΥΣ, Ephesus.

Businessinsider. Netflix, Microsoft, and Google just quietly changed how the web works. I'm Charlie Hamilton James, I'm a wildlife photographer for National Geographic Magazine. Huge fan of vultures and sea otters. Today is World Animal Day so AMA! : IAmA. Businessinsider. Hidden disabilities at work: 'Every day I'm fatigued and in pain' Task rabbit. Julianne Tveten. Earlier this year in Silicon Valley, a phalanx of six-figure-earning Facebook engineers confronted Mark Zuckerberg about subsidizing their extortionate rents. Neuroscience is Better Equipping Us to Deal With Emotional Pain. Julianne Tveten. Kalash- Descendants of Alexander the Great Living in an Unstable Muslim Country.

Sylvester Stallone's Tribute To His 'Rocky' Dog Butkus Is Just Beautiful. Hooked: how pokies are designed to be addictive. Every Day, Someone Who Grew Up Poor Outperforms Someone Who Grew Up Rich. Current SGA Level. The most awesome images on the Internet. The most awesome images on the Internet. What does the 'SSSS' on your airplane boarding pass mean? Airline passengers who find 'SSSS' stamped on their boarding passes will face extra security checks and delays, it has been revealed. This is because the innocuous looking code, which applies to travellers flying into the United States, stands for 'Secondary Security Screening Selection'. Hypnic Jerk: Explained with the ultimate cure. The Pre-Sleep Shock Explained - UA Magazine.

Captain: Oklahoma City man killed by police was deaf. ADDS NAME OF NEIGHBOR - Julio Rayos answers questions for the media in Oklahoma City, Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017, concerning the officer involved shooting of Magdiel Sanchez Tuesday night. ARKit. Gasping for life: Syria's merciless war on children. What the 'Crack Baby' Panic Tells us About the Opioid Epidemic - The Atlantic. Living with depression and social anxiety. Mary Ellen Mark. Free-roaming Bronco [DSEI17D4] Why Isis fights. What’s Holding Blacks Back? When I was ten, my mother made me read Roots cover to cover, and she’d coax me to curl up beside her to watch old newsreels of black civil rights protesters being hosed, beaten, and dragged off to prison.

Here’s Why You Should Embrace Multi-Account Web Browsing. Making war illegal changed the world. But it’s becoming too easy to break the law. Paris Review - Stephen King, The Art of Fiction No. 189. Mapping a Future Where Robots Have Taken Over the Supply Chain. John Cleese on Monty Python and Political Correctness. A Comparison of India's Caste System and Racism in America. Psmag. Why Do Small Dogs Live Longer Than Large Dogs? Does the world really need a new iPhone every year? - CGTN. Class Action Lawyers Say Equifax Can’t Prevent You From Suing Them - Motherboard. TechCrunch: Equifax Hack-Checking Web Site Is Returning Random Results - Slashdot. Leadership. Unearthed near Hadrian’s Wall: lost secrets of first Roman soldiers to fight the barbarians. Why is Depression So Prevalent in Japan? Massive genetic study shows how humans are evolving. Carpentry sorcery : gifs. Summit Powder Mountain and the Architecture of Utopia - The Atlantic.

DRONE Over The Soon To Be Demolished AMES/NORTHERN LIGHTS SHOPPING CENTER (Economy, PA) TC Guidance. Stanford psychologist Kelly McGonigal has a simple mental exercise for tackling student anxiety — Quartz. Teens need to learn persistence and how to ask for help. EWTS Spring 2017. Why Happy People Cheat - The Atlantic. Windows is doomed. Why Happy People Cheat - The Atlantic. Recognizing and Accepting Psychological Distress. I am a flight hacker, here to help you find cheap flights and beat the airlines. AMA! : IAmA. Men’s Dockworker Cargo Pants - Eastern Mountain Sports. Morrissey. The man who predicted trump's presidency. Chopin l'adieu. Wind Energy Is One of the Cheapest Sources of Electricity, and It's Getting Cheaper - Scientific American Blog Network.

Nobel-winning economist Robert Shiller says bitcoin is "the best example right now" of a speculative bubble — Quartz. Xi Jinping says a dark shadow looms over the world after years of peace. Wind Energy Is One of the Cheapest Sources of Electricity, and It's Getting Cheaper - Scientific American Blog Network. To Understand Rising Inequality, Consider the Janitors at Two Top Companies, Then and Now - The New York Times. Anjelica Huston on Her Father, John Huston: “He Was Extremely Well-Endowed” Mom and Cubs follow hiker. Mom and Cubs follow hiker. Mom and Cubs follow hiker. The Collection.

The Collection. How the Voyager Golden Record Was Made. How the Voyager Golden Record Was Made. Hear What Your Voice Sounds Like To Others. Kerreen O'Connor – Fine Goods from Ireland. When East Meets West: The Last Spike of the Transcontinental Railroad. Men and the Manufacturing Decline - The Atlantic. Internet Cafe Refugees » Japan's Disposable Workers.