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European Central Bank home page

European Central Bank home page

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ECB - Publications "The international role of the euro" Description: This is the 12th annual review of the international role of the euro published by the ECB. It presents the main findings of the continued monitoring and analysis conducted by the ECB and the Eurosystem as regards the development, determinants and implications of the use of the euro by non-euro area residents. This review also examines in greater depth issues that have a bearing on the euro’s international role and the global currency order, including prospects for non-traditional reserve currencies and a multi-polar international monetary system. This analysis is presented in the form of three special features.

PwC: Building relationships, creating value CEO insights blog <a href=" RSS feed</a> Global Annual Review 2013 Our people: Leadership at all levels Inspiring a movement of trust: Reporting and assurance for the 21st century Bahrain's regime talks softly while bringing the big guns in The international community is taking weeks to decide whether to impose a no-fly zone over Libya. Meanwhile, in the eerie quiet of a Bahraini afternoon a deployment of 1,000 soldiers from the Saudi Arabia who are part of the Pensinsula Shield Force entered the country. Bahrain TV proudly aired clips showing cheering Saudi soldiers in their tanks and armoured personnel carriers as they rolled across the 16-mile causeway between the two countries. Tellingly, a man at the parapet of a tank sits behind his machine gun waving a peace sign at the camera. This is a snapshot of the regime's current strategy, smile sweetly and say peace for the cameras – and bring in the big guns.

Financial Stability Review Financial stability can be defined as a condition in which the financial system – comprising of financial intermediaries, markets and market infrastructures – is capable of withstanding shocks, thereby reducing the likelihood of disruptions in the financial intermediation process which are severe enough to significantly impair the allocation of savings to profitable investment opportunities. The three parts of the financial system: financial intermediaries, such as banks, insurance companies and other institutional investors that direct funds from those willing to invest/lend to those who want to borrow. financial markets, where lenders and borrowers meet. Examples are money markets and stock exchanges.

Downloads Gapminder Slides Download Gapminder’s slides, free to modify and use in any way you like! Here are the slides used in our public presentations and TED talks. Gapminder Tools Offline Handouts & Lesson plans (PDF) World Competitiveness Yearbook (WCY) The IMD World Competitiveness Center (WCC) has been a pioneer in the field of competitiveness of nations and enterprises for the past 25 years. We are dedicated to the advancement of knowledge on world competitiveness by gathering the latest and most relevant data on the subject and by publishing an annual ranking of countries. IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook The IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook (WCY) is reputed as being the worldwide reference point on the competitiveness of nations, ranking and analyzing how an economy manages the totality of its resources and competencies to increase the prosperity of its population.

Social Indicators of Development World Bank Social Indicators of Development Copyright 1995 by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/The World Bank Abstract/Summary "Social Indicators of Development" contains the World Bank's most detailed data collection for assessing human welfare to provide a picture of the social effects of economic development.

Trends in Developing Economies World Bank Copyright 1995 by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/The World Bank Abstract/Summary Trends in Developing Economies (TIDE) provides brief reports on most of the World Bank's borrowing countries. World Tables - Dataset Description Guide Dataset Abstract/Summary World Tables, published annually, provides the most detailed collection of economic data and socioeconomic indicators published by the World Bank. Standardized data presented for numerous inividual countries (161,1994 edition) make this an ideal reference for international comparisons.

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