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Information Philosopher - Introduction Introduction The Information Philosopher has established that quantum mechanics and thermodynamics play a central role in the creation of all things. This finding has enormous implications for philosophy and metaphysics. Instead of a closed universe that is winding down deterministically from an initial state of high information, we find the universe is open and increasing information indeterministically from an initial state of relatively high entropy and low information.

BUILDING BIG: Home Page Explore large structures and what it takes to build them with BUILDING BIG™, a five-part PBS television series and Web site from WGBH Boston. Here are the main features of the site: Bridges, Domes, Skyscrapers, Dams, and Tunnels. The Labs Try your hand at our interactive engineering labs. The Challenges Take on the challenges of building big. Wonders of the World Databank Explore our databank of big structures. The 100 Best Tracks of 2014 There are qualities about Mike Hadreas that make him seem heroic: His songbook takes on themes of trauma and addiction, the body and identity, all in a way that seems designed to protect us—a reminder that we're not alone in our otherness. This year, Hadreas has been selling T-shirts depicting an emasculated Eminem, a proper jab at one of popular music's most problematic living artists. On the shirt, Slim is clad in coral lipstick, just a few shades lighter than the tint Hadreas wore on his watershed "Letterman" performance in October, contorting a slow, sultry sway through "Queen".

DataStax adds graph databases to enterprise Cassandra product set When DataStax acquired Aurelius, a graph database startup last year, it was clear it wanted to add graph database functionality to its DataStax Enterprise product, and today it achieved that goal when it announced the release of DataStax Enterprise Graph. The new enterprise graph product has been fully integrated into the DataStax Enterprise product set, giving customers an integrated graph option for the first time in addition to key-value, tabular and JSON/document models it offered previously. After working closely with 10 Beta customers including Kaiser Permanente, Cambridge Intelligence and Linkurious for the past couple of months, the company is ready to release the product to the world. The new graph database is built on top of the open source Titan graph database, which was originally developed by Aurelius. Graph visualization in DataStax studio. Photo Credit: DataStax.

1946 New York Subway Photographed By 17-Year-Old Stanley Kubrick Before he went down in history as one of the greatest film directors of all time, 17-year-old Stanley Kubrick was known for something else – New York City subway photography. Over two weeks in 1946, Kubrick worked for LOOK magazine to capture the everyday lives and intimate moments of the people of a bygone era. While working for LOOK, Kubrick completed 129 assignments for a total of 15,000 photos. His photos captured the mundane and everyday side of an era often heavily romanticized in the U.S., giving us a closer and more identifiable look at their lives. They commuted just like us! For more awesome New York street photography past and present, check out these photos by Vivian Maier and Matt Weber.

The Quest For Gnosis — Gabriel D. Roberts Those who have read my other works know that I came from fundamentalist Christian background; a mindset that clearly set boundaries of what I should and should not believe. This book may touch on some of those ideas in conversation, but will not be the primary focus here, instead the focus is upon equipping you with a new sense of wonder and understanding of just how big this omniverse is and just how amazing a part of it you can be. Though you will find the definition to vary within the pages of this book, the term Gnosis in its most basic form simply means knowledge. Going more deeply Gnosis means intrinsic knowledge of a mystical nature; something that is personal and experiential. It is my opinion that the best way to understand something is to take a hands on approach to its investigation, not taking other people’s word for it. Poetic speech is nice, but it does little to stem the tide of real evil at work in this world.

Macmillan Business The Business Podcasts are interviews focusing on working life in the UK. The podcasts offer authentic listening practice for you to use with – or recommend to – your business English students. Episode 1: Nils, on working life in the UK – Pre-intermediate Download Listening Worksheet Tapescript Charlie's Diary So: the referendum is over and the count is underway. I'm about to go to bed; when I wake up there should be a result. The final YouGov opinion poll today (not an exit poll) gave No a 54/46 lead, but earlier polls suggest the outcome is within the margin of error; I'd be very surprised if that final poll reflects the final count. In Edinburgh, the turnout was around 89.7% of the electorate, with voter registration running at 97% overall and more than 95% of postal ballots returned. One thing is sure: even a "no" victory won't kill the core issue of the delegitimization of the political elite.

Cannot Backup error 0x81000019. Cannot create shadow copy... Thanks for your posting. God bless you. I was wrestling with this issue for over than 6 months now. Rare Photos Of Chicago In 1949 Taken By Stanley Kubrick Rare Photos Of Chicago In 1949 Taken By Stanley Kubrick If you hadn't already guess we're huge fans of director Stanley Kubrick, best known for creating celebrated classics such as 'A Clockwork Orange', 'The Shining', 'Dr. Strangelove' and even the controversial 'Eyes Wide Shut'. But whether shooting a film or photographing everyday life, his unique style and evocative imagery shines through. We've previously featured 18 of his most candid & personal photographs along with a mesmerising collection of 24 cinemagraphs, but today we're highlighting Kubrick's documentary work. Rewind to 1949 when Look Magazine upon noticing his natural talent, commissioned the 21 year old to photograph a series titled 'Chicago City of Contrasts'.

In the Spirit of Seatco, Sasquatch, Indians, Geography, and Science in the Nineteenth Century In the Spirit of Seatco Sasquatch, Indians, Geography, and Science in the Nineteenth Century By Henry J Franzoni III Over 4000 Indian place name coordinates compatible with Google Earth Over 60 maps providing detailed coverage of place names across North America Many Indian legends presented, interpreted, and explained How do I get to the zoo? How do you get to the zoo? Vocabulary I. Ashton - Winding Road - Tobacco Reviews This Aston Blend does not get a lot of respect nor high ratings but for the life of me i don't know why, other than the fact that most likely previous reviewers smoked it right out of the tin and not drying it out some. It does come too moist in the tin, but with a little dry time, it becomes a very tasty smoke, mostly a citrusy VA flavor with the caramel just making an appearance andthe apricots just adding to a very nice room aroma. I find it to be quite enjoyable to smoke, it burns very well and dry, and smokes down to a fine grey ash with no gunk or moisute at the bottom of my pipe. It is an all brown tobacco cut in a rought ribbon cut and was very easy to load and pack in the pipe. But it must be dry to enjoy. Dry it will not bite at all, and while you can stove it into a fireball if you puff too fast, smoked slow and proper, it is very tame and tasteful.

An awesome technology-focused news publication founded in 2011 by Joshua Topolsky and Marty Moe which is still new compared to the other Tech sites such as TechCrunch, Engadget, or Mashable. However, it has become my personal favourite, really, because of the excellent quality it delivers especially their few but truly wonderful throughout product reviews and also wise and fairly non biased articles. Oh, make sure you check out their forums collections and also their monthly episodes of On The Verge~ by masuta Jan 2

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