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Virtual Reference: A Selected Annotated Bibliography Definitions | Web Resources | Guidelines | Email Discussion Groups | Book Resources | Journal Articles | Vendors & Platforms This fact sheet offers a selection of articles, web resources, and some vendor information that will provide an introduction to the issues to consider when considering implementing virtual reference services. The American Library Association cannot make specific product recommendations. Also see the resources collected by this office at Virtual Reference on the ALA Professional Tips Wiki. Librarians seeking information not included in these sources are referred to the Library Literature & Information Science Index. Definitions Virtual reference is reference service initiated electronically, often in real-time, where patrons employ computers or other Internet technology to communicate with reference staff, without being physically present. Web Resources Guidelines Guidelines for Implementing and Maintaining Virtual Reference Services (PDF). Email Discussion Groups

OUPblog | Oxford University Press’s Academic Insights for the World Ranking Web de Universidades Presentación El Ranking Web (Webometrics) de Universidades proporciona la clasificación más completa y actualizada de instituciones de educación superior de todo el mundo. El Laboratorio de Cibermetría (Consejo Superior de investigaciones Científicas, CSIC, España) publica desde 2004, cada seis meses, un ranking académico independiente con el objetivo de suministrar información fiable, multidimensional, actualizada y útil sobre las universidades de todo el mundo teniendo en cuenta su presencia e impacto en la Web. En la actualidad el Ranking incluye más de 21.000 universidades con dos ediciones, una que aparece a finales de Enero y una segunda disponible al terminar Julio. Historia El Laboratorio de Cibermetría lleva desarrollando estudios cuantitativos sobre la web académica desde mediados de los años noventa. El ranking se construye a partir de datos publicados en la web abierta (no intranets) e indizados por los motores de búsqueda. Objetivos y motivación Filosofía y justificación

Getting started - E-Books and Online Sources - LibGuides at St. Catherine University The library offers more than 17,000 books in electronic format from various publishers and providers. Our major collections of e-books include: Britannica Online Browse or search more than 100,000 articles from Encyclopædia BritannicaCambridge Histories OnlineOnline access to more than 300 volumes from the Cambridge Histories series, providing scholarly coverage of many academic subjectsCredo Reference A digital reference library of dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri, books of quotations, and subject-specific titles, covering many subjects, all from leading publishers.EBSCO eBook CollectionA collection of more than 12,500 electronic books, including scholarly monographs, reference materials, and more.

wiseGEEK: clear answers for common questions 2012 top ten trends in academic libraries A review of the trends and issues affecting academic libraries in higher education ACRL Research Planning and Review Committee The ACRL Research Planning and Review Committee is responsible for creating and updating a continuous and dynamic environmental scan for the association that encompasses trends in academic librarianship, higher education, and the broader environment, e.g., economic, demographic, political; providing an annual environmental scan “snapshot.” The committee also is responsible for identifying the ACRL “top ten trends” for release every two years. In order to identify the trends, the committee members review the literature, attend conferences, and contact experts who are familiar with current trends in higher education. These top trends are listed alphabetically. Communicating value Academic libraries must prove the value they provide to the academic enterprise. Data curation Digital preservation Higher education Information technology Mobile environments Staffing

Oddity Central - Weird Places, Odd Events, Bizarre News, Strange People and A Lot More Challenges to Building an Effective Digital Library The staff of the National Digital Library Program at the Library of Congress have identified ten challenges that must be met if large and effective digital libraries are to be created during the 21st century. In some cases, there may be no technology solution to the challenge, but through sharing of ideas, new thinking may emerge to help institutions such as the Library of Congress formulate policy on these important issues. The challenges may be grouped under the following broad categories building the resource, interoperability, intellectual property, providing effective access, and sustaining the resource. The Library hopes that creative and innovative minds can devise solutions to these challenges. Building the Resource Challenge One: Develop improved technology for digitizing analog materials. In order to build a comprehensive resource, historical materials now in analog form (e.g., books, journals, laboratory records, sound recordings, manuscripts, photographs) must be converted.

The Public Domain Review | Octavia Butler - Pasadena City College <Back Allison, Dorothy. "The Future of Female: Octavia Butler's Mother Lode." Reading Black, Reading Feminist: A Critical Anthology. Ed. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Govan, Sandra Y. Research, 1992. Lesniak, James G. 38). Levy, Michael. IAFA Newsletter, Spring 1989 issues. Robert Latham, editors, Science Fiction and Fantasy book Review Annual, 1989 Edition (Westport, CN: Meckler, 1990). of recent work by Octavia Butler, Nancy Kress, Pamela Sargent, and Sheri S. Locher, Frances Carol. Gale Research, 1978. McTyre, Robert E. fiction." Raffel, Burton. Novels of Octavia E. Salvaggio, Ruth. Black American Literature Forum 18:2 (1984). 78-81. Stevenson, Rosemary. Encyclopedia. Zaki, Hoda. Octavia Butler." Octavia Butler Resources McCaffery, Larry. Antczak, Janice. Butler, Octavia E. "Octavia Butler" in Contempory Black Biography, Vol. 8. eds. Govan, Sandra. "Octavia E. "Octavia E. Stevenson, Rosemary. O'Connor, Margaret Anne. Wild Seed Purchase Octavia Butler books The Xenogenesis Series Blood Child Dawn (1987)

Lostpedia - The Lost Encyclopedia The Constant Innovator: The Academic Library as a Model of Change Management | Backtalk By Ben Showers It sometimes feels as though libraries are always behind. In the academic sphere this is amplified by the perception of cutting-edge research and activity that goes on elsewhere in a university. Yet it is often the case that libraries are already testing ideas and new technologies and services. Indeed, one might argue that the recent history of the library is one of adaptation and new technology innovation. Libraries are often contrasted with the private sector, in particular with what are seen as highly innovative companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple. In many ways the library makes the ideal site of resistance to a dominant language of polarization and reduction. Changing models of access to library services and content is an example of where libraries have been able to meet student expectations and improve the student experience for the institution as a whole. An organization that works to bring innovation to UK higher education institutions is JISC.

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