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Find Film and Video Professionals

Find Film and Video Professionals
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The VFX Cloud - Post Production News, Websites, Articles, Videos, Blogs & More! For Film and Video, Editing, VFX, Sound, Colour, and Animation Training | White Light You can now book courses online via our online shop! The finest facilities, the latest technologies, the most advanced products – none of these are of any use if no-one knows how to use them! We offer a wide range of lighting and audio training. Some courses target specific products such as particular lighting consoles. We seek out the best talent to lead our courses – members of our own staff, product manufacturers and experienced freelancers who are using the equipment day in, day out. We offer Control Console TrainingMoving Lights TrainingAV TrainingProduct Specific Training (White Light exclusive products)Bespoke Trainings for Schools and Venues For further information or to book a course over the phone, please call Liz Thompson on: 020 8254 4800. For any pyrotechnics training enquiries, please contact BECTU or visit Upcoming Training Courses Moving Lights Maintenance: 16th December 2015 Other References Glow Your Own – Part 1

Computer Graphics: Art, 3d, Vfx, Animation, Digital Art, Job, Tutorial Help Wanted Hotline - Georgia Department of Economic Development Thank you for visiting the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Help Wanted Hotline page. Find up-to-date job information for film and television projects happening throughout the state. Please submit your resume to the production companies directly at the link provided, and put the department/job title you are applying for in the subject line of the email. Updated May 2, 2017. Studio audience members needed for the daytime court TV show “Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court” Season 5. For more information and details on how to submit, please go This time around, the iconic show heads to Georgia (within a 3-hour radius of Atlanta) in search of men who desperately need a lifestyle intervention. If you know someone in Georgia who deserves the makeover of a lifetime, please email with your name, contact information, a recent photo of the person you’re nominating and their story.

366 Weird Movies | Celebrating the cinematically surreal, bizarre, cult, oddball, fantastique, strange, psychedelic, and the just plain WEIRD! Five Apps to Sell Smartphone Photos - Work From Home Happiness I’m gonna be honest. I have just over 1,000 pictures on my smartphone. That does not even account for the ones that I have removed and stored in my Amazon Cloud Drive for safekeeping, you know, just in case I need photographic evidence of the fancy meal I ate on March 3rd, 2012. I suspect, if you are a smartphone owner, you probably have a pretty impressive collection of selfies, food shots, scenic pics, and social snaps you have collected over the years, too. Actually, it’s kind of hard not to amass a large collection of smartphone photos. So, it only makes sense that with such high-quality photo-taking capabilities and literally millions of photographers walking the earth, brands and businesses have turned to everyday folks like you and me to buy images. Curious? Foap Download the Foap App (free for Android and iOS devices) to start earning money for your smartphone photos. People shop the Foap gallery and pay $10 for each image they purchase. The key to success on Foap is to: Snapwire

El periódico más breve: Un poco de lenguaje cinematográfico Aprendamos hoy algo del lenguaje que utilizan los cineastas para procurarnos distintas sensaciones. Nos valdremos para ello de extractos de la película El vampiro de Dusseldorf (1931), rodada por el genial Fritz Lang. Lo esencial es saber qué es un plano, es decir, lo que la cámara capta en una única toma. Aclaro que para hacer más amena esta introducción al lenguaje cinematográfico he reducido el número de definiciones: La escala de planos Primer plano Vemos el busto del personaje, el rostro ocupa gran parte de la pantalla, sus sentimientos quedan al descubierto. Plano medio Los cuerpos se muestran hasta la cintura, a menudo se recurre a este plano para mostrar conversaciones entre personajes. Plano 3/4, también llamado plano americano El famoso plano americano, cuyo uso se extendió gracias a las películas del oeste, para mostrar las cartucheras de los pistoleros. Plano general Plano en el que vemos la figura entera de los personajes y el escenario en el que se mueven. Plano picado Plano detalle

The best 5 production tracking tools for CG artists | Audiovisual This article is produced in association with Masters of CG, a contest for creatives in partnership with HP, Nvidia, and 2000 AD. Check out the shortlisted entries here. There are no shortage of project management and calendar tools on the internet. Most of these, however, are not particularly useful if you're a CG artist. Our asset tracking of 3D models, image sequences and compositing projects is a bit too complex for a lot of the simpler tools to handle. Thankfully there's a range of software designed to take the headache out of managing your CG project, whether you're a large studio or a standalone freelancer. 01. Ftrack is primarily designed to manage the VFX on feature films, from assets to artists. With Ftrack, producers can schedule and assign shots to artists and get notified when the artist has finished a version, which can then be shared with the client, all from a web-based interface. Senior artist and supervisors can add instructions to shots too. 02. 03. 04. 05. Conclusion