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The Psychology of Color

The Psychology of Color

10 reasons your Wi-Fi speed stinks (and what you can do about it) May 09, 2012, 4:44 PM — The first 801.11ac chipsets are coming soon, but 802.11n is likely to stick around for many years to come -- both in the business world and our homes. Unfortunately, the 300Mbps (megabits per second) that the n-standard promises rarely delivers anything even close and proves to be a massive bottleneck in the days of 50/100Mbps (or more?) broadband connections, 1080p video streaming, massive backups and so forth. On the business side of things, even menial tasks such as remote desktop or real-time collaboration suffer from a poor Wi-Fi-connection. [ 8 free Wi-Fi security tools ] In some of our tests, it wasn't uncommon that a 802.11n connection with devices only a few meters apart (and with only wall in between) can fall back to a mere 2-15 Mbps. If you're sick of slow Wi-Fi speeds but hate to go back to Ethernet, we've got a handful of tips that'll help boost weak signals. 1. Some routers are set up with their "Power savings" mode on by default. 2. 3.

Crisis Communication and Social Media Crisis Communications and Social Media The rapid evolution of new media often results in the practice of public relations getting ahead of research. The practice of crisis communication is ahead of research in terms of social media. The current entry does cover research on web sites, Intranet sites, and some discussion of mass notification. We should start by noting that social media are a useful way to identify warning signs that a crisis is developing. The other side of crisis communications is sending messages during a crisis. So what next? 50 Viral Images The Web Shared In 2010 As a perpetual observer/analyzer of what people share and why, it’s fascinating to me to study content that spreads. As such, I document/bookmark much of the web’s hottest content for my own insight/analysis, but I also share with readers here too. Images have always been one of the most popular types of content on the web, (even through the popularization of video) and I’m always surprised more marketing and PR folk don’t actively use them as part of their content mixes. Anyway – to continue to spread inspiration, following are 50 images the web has shared in 2010 (likely not all created in 2010, but were shared this year). This is the 4th installment of this series, if you’re new to the blog check out the first three – as when taken together you’ll start to notice patterns in the web’s most shared images If you’re involved in any facet of content marketing, study the archetypes of popular images to gain an understanding of why certain images are sticky and others fall flat. Agreed…

15 Must-Know Facts on How People View Websites Do you know what is the first thing that your eye is drawn to on a website? And in what pattern do people scan your website? There have been many eyetracking tests on this subject and I’ll give you 15 most useful facts you should know. The picture below shows 3 different websites and where people look on them. As you can see, the more people scroll down, the more they lose focus and start mainly scanning your website. Here are the 15 facts you should know on how people view websites. Text attracts more attention than pictures. There you go. Sources: BBC News | directcreative | GoogleBlog How to Create a Retro Boxing Poster in Photoshop As it's Graphic Design Week here on Psdtuts+, let's take a look at some basic Graphic Design principles and cast an eye over the Boxing Poster aesthetic from yesteryear. Creating a retrograde look is nothing new, but there are some things to keep an eye out for when mimicking Graphic Design from any decades past. We'll be drawing inspiration from Poster Design from the 1960s, particularly Boxing Posters from that era. Let's get started! As with any design project, you'll need to decide upon the medium which will carry your message. It's very good practice to sketch out a few ideas before sitting in front of the computer. Of course, for this type of project we'll need old paper stock. As the paper stock is from the 1960's (not really, but that's what we're aiming for), it wouldn't look quite this ancient so add a couple of Adjustment Layers to sort it out. ...and Hue/Saturation (Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation). Go to View > Rulers and turn them on.

Megapack de libros de marketing Megapack de libros, manuales, apuntes y como bonus 2 (dos) audiolibros. En esta oportunidad comparto con Uds. Un tremendo pack de libros para aquellos que estén interesados en la carrera de Marketing y algunos secretos de algunas empresas para captar usuarios o consumidores. Estimación de Costos de Un Proyecto.pdf, Dirección de Marketing - Tomo I-II.pdf, tiene un tamaño de 22,72 Mb. DESCARGAR:Elaborar Plan Marketing.pdf, tiene un tamaño de 0,45 Mb. DESCARGAR:Evaluación de Proyectos - Guía de Ejercicios.pdf, tiene un tamaño de 89,59 Mb. DESCARGAR:Alberto Levy – La Esencia del Marketing.pdf, tiene un tamaño de 1,07 Mb. DESCARGAR:Administración de Marketing.pdf Portugués, tiene un tamaño de 0,37 Mb. DESCARGAR:Los 80 conceptos esenciales del marketing - Philip Kotler.pdf, tiene un tamaño de 24,05 Mb. DESCARGARMarketing de ejambre.pdf, tiene un tamaño de 0,79 Mb. DESCARGAR:Marketing Lateral.pdf, tiene un tamaño de 31,30 Mb. La culpa es de la vaca.pdf, tiene un tamaño de 5,08 Mb.

10 Gorgeous Container Gardens Made from Trash (Slideshow) Photo: Gardener_24/Creative Commons If you've been hesitant to start a garden because you think your yard's not big enough, then container gardening is the way to go: You can grow herbs, flowers, apples, cherries, cucumbers, and even citrus fruits -- plus tons of other plants -- without using any land. And the containers don't have to break the bank, either. These gardeners used a little ingenuity and treasures that other people would consider trash -- like this eggshell -- to make beautiful, functional gardens that you'd never know have their roots in the recycling bin. More about Container GardeningContainer Gardening Options for Small Spaces (Slideshow)15 Creative Container Garden Ideas66 Things You Can Grow at Home: In Containers, Without a Garden

15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Star Trek Did you know that the famous Vulcan salute was invented by Leonard Nimoy and based on a priestly blessing performed by Jewish Kohanim? Also, if you’re looking for an amazing Gift for a Star Trek fan, be sure to check out Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years, a hardcover book documenting the first 150 years of the intergalactic democracy up until the year 2311. [Via Reddit]

Origami X-Wing instructions Here are step-by-step instructions for how to make an origami x-wing, as seen at Picocon 22, and demonstrated by Alex Crosse. He is a proper Origami club person; the terribly un-technical descriptions are entirely my (Dormouse's) fault. This was done using a 15cm-square of thin paper, coloured on one side and white on the other - the x-wing ends up coloured all over. When making folds, try to be as precise as possible, particularly when folding a corner in half! Some of the folds get very thin at the end. Start with the coloured side (here blue) face up. Fold along one diagonal, open it up, then fold along the other. Turn the paper over, and fold horizontally, open up again, then vertically. Squash the paper together, inwards along the folds, so that this square shape is formed. Fold one of the closed flaps towards the centre Then unfold the flap, and fold it back on itself, the other way. Unfold the flap again, and open up the inside and squash it flat. Fold one white side down to the centre.