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Welcome to Method of Action

Welcome to Method of Action

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Become an Expert in Free RPGs Friends! Roleplayers! Philanthropists! Lend me your eyes. Livret d'initiation au graphisme Livret d'initiation au graphisme© Aurélien Farina, Sophie Cure, HEAD – Genève Lead by Aurélien Farina et Sophie Cure The introductory booklet to graphics was designed by Paper! Tiger (Aurélien Farina) and Sophie Cure for Chaumont Festival graphic design. It is an introduction to the concepts and techniques of typography and graphic design, through a series of games for young and adults. By this playful way, the reader / player can "learn without understanding", "understandwithout learning how a typeface is it designed?

First Principles of Interaction Design (Revised & Expanded) The following principles are fundamental to the design and implementation of effective interfaces, whether for traditional GUI environments, the web, mobile devices, wearables, or Internet-connected smart devices. Help! This is a huge revision. Forbes Welcome Thanks for coming to Forbes. Please turn off your ad blocker in order to continue. To thank you for doing so, we’re happy to present you with an ad-light experience. Hi again. Looks like you’re still using an ad blocker.

Trip's GeoAdventures If there was ever a cache that everyone should try once, pict-o-caches would likely be near the top of the list. They take aspects of several different types of caches and join them together to make a cache that everyone can participate in and enjoy. But how do they work? First, we need to establish what they are… Pict-o-caches are a class on their own. Taking cues from multi-caches, on-site puzzles, and visual puzzles, these puzzles definitely require an observant eye. Designing for the Next Step There are two things that every designed screen must do well: describe the current step and describe the next step. It’s as simple…and hard…as that. In a recent post (Why you should bury the sign up button) I told the story of a redesign I did in which people just didn’t want to click the “sign up” button on the home page, no matter how beautiful or sexy that sign up button was. What I realized from that project is that there are cases in which no amount of visual design will significantly improve the state of things…instead we need to focus on making people care. Here’s another example. On cyber Monday this past November I received an email from the New York Times informing me that I could save 50% on a Times Digital Subscription.

POLARIS Creative Solutions – 2016 Social Media Guide 2016 Social Media Guide Facebook Cover Photo dimensions: 851 x 315 pxFacebook Profile Image dimensions: 180 x 180 pxFacebook Shared Image dimensions: 1200 x 630 pxFacebook Shared Link dimensions: 1200 x 627 pxFacebook Highlighted Image dimensions: 1200 x 717 px Pinterest Profile Image dimensions: 165 x 165 pxPinterest Board Display dimensions: 222 x 150 pxPinterest Pin dimensions: 236 width

Gamestorming Think back to the last time you played a game. What was the game? Why did you choose to play? Was it a simple game like tic-tac-toe, or something more complex, like Monopoly, Scrabble or Chess? Or maybe it was a game of basketball? Did you play with friends? UI and Capability - (Ryan Singer) It’s easy to get overwhelmed with details when you’re designing a UI. That’s why I try to keep hold of which things “really matter” and continually come back to them. In a software tool, the important things are the capabilities you give your users.

Creating a custom HTML theme Want to create a custom look for your blog? If you’re comfortable hand-coding HTML, then you’ve come to the right place! If not, choose from hundreds of beautiful themes in the Theme Garden. Introduction Tumblr is built around seven key post types: text, photos, links, quotes, chat, audio, and video. Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend Good Questions to Ask Your GirlfriendWelcome to Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend Asking great questions always opens up interesting conversation. If you can get them telling stories that relate back to the answers you will have endless good times.