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Meaningful Play. Getting »Gamification« Right.

Meaningful Play. Getting »Gamification« Right.

You can do better: Lessons Learned from Government Meets Social Net... Gamification Categorization[edit] Gamification in a narrow sense is used in a non-game context, is built into the service system, and is aiming at an infinite experience. It does not aim at creating a game but offering a gameful experience. Another categorization compares gamification with other gameful approaches by looking at characteristics such as spontaneity, rules, or goals:[20] Techniques[edit] Gamification techniques strive to leverage people's natural desires for socializing, learning, mastery, competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism, or closure. Another approach to gamification is to make existing tasks feel more like games.[27] Some techniques used in this approach include adding meaningful choice, onboarding with a tutorial, increasing challenge,[28] and adding narrative.[27] Applications[edit] Gamification has been widely applied in marketing. Gamification can be used for ideation, the structured brainstorming to produce new ideas. History[edit] Legal restrictions[edit]

Just add points? What UX can (and cannot) learn from games Gamify | The Gamification Platform HitoshiAriga on deviantART 5 Ways to Be Persuasive in Your UX Work By Michael Hawley Published: November 1, 2011 “To be successful as a UX professional, you need to know how to be persuasive.” In your work as a UX professional, do you ever find that you need to convince people that the team should follow a user-centered design process? Do you need to convince stakeholders they should do user research? Being good at persuading people is particularly important in our profession, for a variety of reasons. Recognizing the importance of persuasive skills, I was very intrigued when a speaker at a recent conference recommended the book 27 Powers of Persuasion by Chris St. 1. “Persuading others is much easier if they like you.” In the literature, this is a common theme: persuading others is much easier if they like you. First, start with the basics of etiquette. Second, find something that you like about the people you work with. I had this experience with a CEO I was working with on a project. Finally, don’t be afraid to be different. 2. 3. 4. 5. Yes, and…. St.

Gamer Humor for the Minor Illusion of Win « Kelly Rued's Work Blog Effectively using humor in marketing is tricky. If you know your target market well, humor is great linkbait. The most viral web phenomena to date have all been funny… to some people. The problem is knowing if the market for your website or app has a generally homogeneous sense of humor. Sometimes we are so immersed in our personal subcultures that we fail to see how anyone can NOT get the jokes that we take for granted. Nowhere is this becoming more of a problem in my media diet than in the realm of gamer humor. Gameification may be encouraging game designers to apply the stock tools* of game design to applications that might be much better without even a whiff of Leeroy Jenkins’ chicken. *If chainmail binkini and “<blank> of <blank>ing” jokes are any less of a stock game tool than “badges” I’ll eat my lush dwarven beard. But Everyone I Know Thinks It’s Funny! There’s a big difference between enjoying games and being so into gamer culture that you understand gamer jokes. Like this:

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o montar formulários quando você é o responsável pelo código e design Acessibilidade Como montar formulários quando você é o responsável pelo código e design. O front-end é uma profissão de uma amplitude imensa. Temos profissionais montando mockups/PSDs, especialistas em acessibilidade, usabilidade, arquitetura da informação, integração com aplicações, designers de interface, application developers. Tem até SEO. O background do profissional neste momento não importa muito, apenas a afirmação que ele está trabalhando na camada de front-end. Em muitas empresas o front-end é trabalhado de maneira criteriosa, com separação de tarefas em maior ou menor intensidade, de modo que o processo esteja sempre azeitado e atento aos prazos dos outros times que dependem da interface. É o famigerado exército-de-um-homem-só, que em um projeto normalmente é responsável por: Pesquisa: Fornece dados e insights para o desenvolvimento de todo o projeto – sobre o usuário, suas características, hábitos e necessidades. Aplicando o Metawebdesign a formulários: o design da interface