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Ian Bogost. Psy et Geek ;-) Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend. Good Questions to Ask Your GirlfriendWelcome to Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend Asking great questions always opens up interesting conversation.

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

If you can get them telling stories that relate back to the answers you will have endless good times. HOW TO: Use Game Mechanics to Power Your Business. Shane Snow is a regular contributor to Mashable and tweets at @shanesnow.

HOW TO: Use Game Mechanics to Power Your Business

This post was co-authored by Phin Barnes, a principal at First Round Capital, SneakerheadVC and creator of the Xbox game, Yourself! Fitness. Fun Trivia Quizzes - World's Largest Trivia and Quiz Site! Mentally Stimulating Diversions. World's Best Quizzes. ENCUESTAS/ QUIZS. Serious Games. Gamification. How Gamification Works - 3D GameLab. Instead of courses consisting mainly of textbook learning and lectures, classes built using game mechanics such as badges, experience points, levels and leaderboards, boost student engagement by allowing students to choose from “quests” and progress at their own pace through a series of educational activities.

How Gamification Works - 3D GameLab

Students are motivated due to personal choice and meaningfulness, real-time feedback, the ability to collaborate or compete, and over time, they learn stay persistent in learning due to prior successes. Quest tasks can range from listening to a podcast, collecting and analyzing real-time data, or watching a short video to partnering with a classmate for discussion or writing a short essay. Octalysis: Complete Gamification Framework - Actionable Gamification - Quora.

Octalysis: Complete Gamification Framework Gamification is design that places the most emphasis on the human in the process.

Octalysis: Complete Gamification Framework - Actionable Gamification - Quora

In essence, it is Human-Focused Design (as opposed to “function-focused design”). Most processes design around function and efficiency – they try to get the job done as quickly as possible. Gamification Blogs. Gamification Providers. Jeux sérieux. Jeux sérieux (Serious games) Enigmes. Jeux culturels. Serious games et univers virtuels. Gamification Blog. BigDoor: Gamified Loyalty and Rewards Programs. Gamification. Gamify. Gamification. 1.2 Serious games. Serious games.

Generators. Game Theory. What Makes a Learning Game? Le Social Gaming arrive ! How Brands Are Using Facebook Apps for Contests and Campaigns. Background: Some time back I published a research paper about how brands are using Facebook apps for enhancing their CRM.

How Brands Are Using Facebook Apps for Contests and Campaigns

In this post I would like to focus on the second value proposition that Facebook apps bring to brands – an amazing opportunity to run campaigns. I have been increasingly seeing brands using Facebook apps to give a boost to their marketing. The Theory Behind Game-based Learning. Games and narrative. Game Mechanics Resource. 9,5 Theses on the Power and Efficacy of Gamification. Empowerment, Feedback, Gamification. Jeux sérieux (adultes) Enigme facile : des centaines d'enigmes avec solution !

Serious Game. BigDoor: Gamified Loyalty and Rewards Programs. Gamestorming. Think back to the last time you played a game.


What was the game? Why did you choose to play? Was it a simple game like tic-tac-toe, or something more complex, like Monopoly, Scrabble or Chess? Or maybe it was a game of basketball? Did you play with friends? The Fun Theory. Serious games_ jeux sérieux et jeux de société. Enigmes. SERIOUS GAME. Enigme facile : des centaines d'enigmes avec solution !

Serious_Game. Become an Expert in Free RPGs. Friends!

Become an Expert in Free RPGs

Roleplayers! Philanthropists! Lend me your eyes. Welcome to Method of Action. Gamification. Trip's GeoAdventures. If there was ever a cache that everyone should try once, pict-o-caches would likely be near the top of the list.

Trip's GeoAdventures

They take aspects of several different types of caches and join them together to make a cache that everyone can participate in and enjoy. But how do they work? First, we need to establish what they are… Pict-o-caches are a class on their own. Taking cues from multi-caches, on-site puzzles, and visual puzzles, these puzzles definitely require an observant eye. May Day Mystery:Historical Madness.

7 Examples: Put Gamification To Work - The BrainYard. Gamification. 10 serious games pour se former réellement. Gamification: What it means and how you can use it. A group of scientists were struggling to solve a thorny problem: They were studying the structure of an enzyme similar to HIV, trying to understand the stability of the enzyme.

Gamification: What it means and how you can use it

This is a very hard problem, and traditionally scientists used to run computer simulations to try out various structures to study how stable they were. Since there can be billions of different ways the structure could form, computationally this was a very expensive and very long process. This particular problem had stumped the scientists for over 15 years.

Until one of the scientists had a brilliant idea: Evaluating the structure and the stability of the protein was a very intuitive task, something that computers are horribly bad at – but at which humans are very good at. Great Scavenger Hunt List. Ian Bogost. Gamification. Virtual Worlds. Fractal World Generator.