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The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing - Smashing Magazine

The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing - Smashing Magazine
Advertisement A/B testing isn’t a buzz term. A lot of savvy marketers and designs are using it right now to gain insight into visitor behavior and to increase conversion rate. And yet A/B testing is still not as common as such Internet marketing subjects as SEO, Web analytics and usability. People just aren’t as aware of it. What Is A/B Testing? At its core, A/B testing is exactly what it sounds like: you have two versions of an element (A and B) and a metric that defines success. This is similar to the experiments you did in Science 101. 1Large version2 A/B testing on the Web is similar. What To Test? Your choice of what to test will obviously depend on your goals. Even though every A/B test is unique, certain elements are usually tested: Create Your First A/B Test Once you’ve decided what to test, the next step, of course, is to select a tool for the job. You can set up an A/B test in one of two ways: Do’s And Don’ts Don’ts Do’s Know how long to run a test before giving up. Which Test Won? (al) Related:  Curso AI y UX

怎样打造高性能的移动用户体验 在新家一点点安顿了下来,不过心里还是缺乏踏实的方向感;猫猫们也都有些瞻前顾后草木皆兵的样子,有待继续习惯;希望大家都好好的。话说眼前的这篇候选文章貌似已然有同行做过译文,不过正像 “关于BeForWeb”中所说的,我只挑那些我喜欢的 、对我自己有学习和收藏价值的内容来做译文,其他方面的因素和我没有半毛钱的关系。不多说,直接进入正题。 在人际关系中,良好的第一印象是非常重要的,人们愿意在彼此身上寻求信任与诚实,并期望在接下来的经历中重现和增强这些好感。同样的道理也体现在移动应用或互联网产品中。 在用户的期望中,移动应用应该是准确、友好和高效的。 本文中,我们将对移动应用的设计与性能表现之间的关系进行讨论,并了解七个相关的设计准则。 移动应用的性能表现 人们需要通过移动应用在某种场景中完成一定的需求目标,例如提升效率、舒适度,或是单纯的找找乐子。 然而,在现实中我们时常发现,对于很多移动应用来说,设计和开发周期却始于对视觉外观的强烈诉求:“ 它看上去必须很棒!” 下图是Twitter与Cookmate两款应用的界面对比;抛开用户基础方面的因素,即使拥有炫目的视觉效果, Cookmate的用户打分和评价也无法超越界面简洁朴素的Twitter客户端。 性能表现与品牌差异 产品的每个方面都会影响品牌感知。 关于这一点,Flickr的iPhone应用是个不错的例子。 所以,在规划你的应用产品时,有必要首先对市场进行分析,并问自己两个问题: 我们的应用与竞争对手相比有哪些不同? 明确了这些方向性的问题之后,再将注意力放在产品的设计与开发上。 相关书籍推荐 性能表现与设计 无论打造怎样的产品,正确的方式方法都是至关重要的,这也是人们制定设计与工程准则的初衷。 我们可以发现,很多产品团队会将性能表现方面的责任丢给技术开发人员;这种传统观念所造成的最直接的结果,就是很多涉及到性能方面的潜在问题只有在设计流程的尾声、开发环节的初期才会暴露出来。 接下来要提到的一些与用户界面性能表现相关的要素,以及本文后半部分将要介绍到的七个设计准则,会帮助大家一点点认识到,移动应用的性能表现绝不仅是技术人员需要考虑的问题,它与设计之间关联也是相当密切的。 移动应用用户界面中的性能要素 用户对移动应用的性能表现的感知来自多方面,包括启动速度、界面加载时间、动画效果的流畅程度、对交互行为的响应时间、出错状况等。 七个设计准则 2.判定产品优先级

6 Best Practices for Modern SEO Erin Everhart is the director of web and social media marketing at the digital marketing and web design company, 352 Media Group. Connect with her on Twitter @erinever. Google’s search results aren’t what they used to be. Need proof? Just look at its results page. If you rely heavily on search engines for pageviews and sales, as many businesses do, Google search results will drastically affect how your customers find you. 1. There’s a good probability that a large chunk of the Google searches you perform will display Google Places listings – and consumers are taking notice. If your business relies on local listings, concentrate on scoring a seat at Google Places. Citations: Ensure that your correct business information is listed in as many (reputable) sources as possible around the Internet. 2. The separation of search and social has officially ended. 3. People search in Google because they have a question. 4. Google is not stupid — it can spot paid and spam links. 5. 6.

WebScarab Getting Started WebScarab has a large amount of functionality, and as such can be quite intimidating to the new user. But, for the simplest case, intercepting and modifying requests and responses between a browser and HTTP/S server, there is not a lot that needs to be learned. Initially, I will assume that you have full unrestricted access to the Internet (that is, you are not behind a proxy). This is what WebScarab looks like at startup. Firstly, the toolbar provides access to the various plugins, as well as the Summary window (main view), and messages (log) window. The Summary window is split into two parts. In order to start using WebScarab as a proxy, you need to configure your browser to use WebScarab as a proxy. WebScarab defaults to using port 8008 on localhost for its proxy. You should see something similar to the next image. Here you can see the tree of URL's, which represents the site layout, as well as the individual conversations that have passed through WebScarab.

Multivariate Testing in Action: Five Simple Steps to Increase Conversion Rates Advertisement The attention span on the Web has been decreasing ever since Google had arrived and changed the rules of the game. Now with millions of results available on any topic imaginable, the window to grab a visitor’s attention has decreased significantly (in 2002, the BBC reported it is about 9 seconds1). Picture yourself browsing the Web: do you go out of your way to read the text, look at all the graphics, and try to thoroughly understand what the page is about? We make snap decisions on whether to engage with a website based on whatever we can make out in the first few (milli)seconds2. In this post we will talk about how to tweak a website for generating more sales, downloads, membership (or any other business goal) in a scientific manner, using A/B split and multivariate testing. Step 1. How to have website visitors notice your offering, then get them to act on it? Key point: Clearly identify the goals of your website (or a particular Web page). Quick overview: A/B Testing.

A/B Testing for Mobile Apps | Split Testing | Multivariate Testing Software | Mobile App Testing - OptimiMo Affordance(可供性)和设计 · [ i D 公 社 ] iOS 键盘 为什么 iOS 的键盘如此出色,其他系统的虚拟键盘虽然在尺寸上基本超过 iOS 键盘,而它们的视觉体验还是操作体验相比之下显得像一团渣,为什么? 在比较分析之前,先说明一下,分析虽然是一个逆向过程,但在这里我认为诠释性的分析比揣测设计者的意图更有价值,当问“为什么这样设计”的时候,应该将眼界超越设计者本人的意图,即使有一些给出的理解完全脱离设计者的意图甚至与其相背。 iOS 键盘是(新一代)虚拟屏幕键盘的开山始祖,它有很多创新的设计和技术应用,在第一代 iPhone 上市的时候,Apple 做过详细全面的视频介绍,其中有一段就是 iOS 键盘介绍,土豆视频见这(Youtube 地址见这)。 在 Apple 的获得专利中,与 iOS 键盘相关的有很多项,重要的就有根据下一个字母来动态改变触摸区域这一项,专利号 7,900,156 名称为“Activating virtual keys of a touch-screen virtual keyboard”,相应在中国的专利申请号为 200680033988 名称为“致动触摸 — 屏幕虚拟键盘的虚拟键”,专利内容就是上述实现的一个一般化,将触摸区域的改变一般化为按键如何根据触摸位置来触发,触摸位置与触发按键通过距离来确定(比如与哪个按键的距离小就触发哪一个按键),同时引入一个权重,那么上述实现中,出现下一个“e”比“w”和“r”有更大的权重,也就是“e”的触摸范围更大,这项专利例举的另一个实现,就是“删除”按键的权重设置成小的,它更不容易被触发。 我们先从尺寸来看 iOS 键盘的设计,上图是 iPhone 4 之后的视网膜屏幕的界面,所标注数字的单位为 px,其实就是 320*480 屏幕的两倍,前后键盘设计并没有变化,如果换算成 mm 为单位的实际尺寸,那么就类似 32 px/326*25.4=2.49 mm。 将 Android 的键盘和 iOS 键盘以实体的尺寸为准进行比较,为什么不选用其他中文输入法的键盘,因为这些键盘多数是模仿 iOS 键盘的,而且有几个在尺寸上没有考究,比如上下两排按键或间隙都不是统一的,有 1 px 的差距,这样它们就没有什么参考价值。 什么是“丰富人的体验”? iOS 键盘无论是从操作前的视觉体验,还是操作过程之中以及之后,它都让人感觉其隐含的优秀性能,虽然实际上人的操作只是在敲击玻璃。

Advanced Google Analytics - Tips and Tricks Google Analytics affects everyone in search engine marketing (unless you use another analytics package!) but not everyone knows how to take full advantage of it. To take full advantage of it we have to share knowledge and that's what I'm here to do. I'll be sharing some great advanced segments, how to do multiple goal conversion tracking and the secret success behind cross domain tracking. 1. Advanced segments provide you with the ability to take your reporting up a gear. Social media segment If you are paying for social media traffic then it's imperative that you check the value it yields to sales i.e. does it even generate any direct sales? Click on the My Site tab > Advanced Segments > Then click on +New Custom Segment > Choose a name for it > Then click on +Add a dimension or metric > then add "Source" as a dimension > have it as "include" and "matching regular expression" then using a bit of regex, type the following in the field. Click on test segment (check that it works!). 2. 3.

Test Driven Development in XCode — Jayway Team Blog by Christian Hedin - Testing Test Driven Development, or TDD for short, is a simple software development practice where unit tests, small focused test cases, drive the development forward. This is most easily explained by the Three Rules of TDD that dictate the following: You are not allowed to write any production code unless it is to make a failing unit test pass.You are not allowed to write any more of a unit test than is sufficient to fail; and compilation failures are failures.You are not allowed to write any more production code than is sufficient to pass the one failing unit test. That means that test cases are written before any production code. Not all tests are written up front, it’s rather that a small test is written, then a small piece of production code is written that only allows that test to pass. Many people consider TDD to encourage clean code, simple architectures and a stable system that’s actually testable. Creating the Calculator project Writing test cases Wrapping up

Writing Decisions: Headline tests on the Highrise signup page by Jason Fried of 37signals We’ve been rotating some headlines and subheads on the Highrise signup page to see if they have an effect on signups. Answer: They do, sometimes significantly. The test Here’s how the test works. We used Google Website Optimizer to randomly rotate five different headline and subhead combinations on the signup page. Note: We recognize that switching both the headline and the subhead isn’t quite as informative or scientific as just switching the headline or the subhead. The original: Worst performer This is the headline we launched with. The winner: 30% better conversion than the original This combo put the emphasis on the 30-day free trial by making that the headline. Second place: 27% better conversion than the original This one also promoted the “30-day Free Trial” in the headline, but instead of highlighting signup speed, we highlighted other benefits: Pay as you go, no long term contracts, no hidden fees, no surprises. Third place: 15% better conversion than the original What did we learn

10 A/B Testing Tools for Small Businesses A/B testing is a simple process to test versions of your page and determine which produce positive results. It is a great way to remove the guesswork from your development and focus on what’s working. Here is a list of affordable A/B testing solutions for small businesses. There are easy-to-use testing suites that provide A/B, multivariate, and split URL testing. There are also free A/B frameworks that can be installed easily. Google Analytics Content Experiments Google Analytics Content Experiments lets you test up to five full versions of a single page, each delivered to visitors from a separate URL. Optimizely Optimizely offers a simple visual editor that makes each element on every page editable. Unbounce Unbounce is a tool for building, publishing and testing high-converting landing pages. Wingify Visual Website Optimizer Wingify Visual Website Optimizer is a testing and optimization suite. Genetify Convert Convert is a testing suite for A/B, multivariate, and split URL testing. Vanity

尼尔森iPad用户研究学习笔记及一些小观点(一) - 肖肖の交互设计 尼尔森团队关于iPad的调研报告,点击查看: 版本一 版本二 尼尔森团队5月份发布的2 nd 的iPad用研报告,相比于1st的iPad用研报告,新报告勾勒了iPad用户的3个W特征——who, where,what,觉得这份报告对自己以后的工作蛮有帮助的,就精读并写写读书笔记好了。 通过深度访谈,用户测试的尼尔森团队,得出的尼尔森分析报告主要从3个角度去描述iPad用户行为特征。 报告提到,人们大多数使用iPad来进行媒体消费,最经常使用的是游戏,其次为看电影,查邮件,浏览社交网站,阅读新闻,有部分人觉得iPad取代了自己的笔记本电脑。 在浏览网站、新闻等阅读行为发生时,人们选择iPad而非iPhone或者笔记本电脑的原因是因为期望能够从iPad的大屏幕更轻松的获得大容量信息,而免去笔记本电脑开关机的繁琐手续。所以绝对不能把 ,筛减掉了大部分信息,帮助用户在移动状态下,快速的切入到关键的核心信息中;又不能像设计网站那样设计iPad应用,应为网站的字体按钮普遍偏小,在iPad上浏览网站虽然阅读不存在问题,但是当切换也操作时就会遇到按钮太小,不容易点击的问题。 在尼尔森团队后续的用研测试中,当人们使用 时,人们更倾向于通过网页浏览(以sears APP为例),而非APP模式,因为APP模式并不能给用户提供充分的信息。 ==============================案例============================== 案例1:同时,一个积极的案例是某个私人厨师,她在厨房的时候喜欢用iPad上的菜谱软件,因为这样可以免去阅读网站信息是还需要pinch等的操作手势,而且在厨房独立的APP应用按钮较大,也不怕弄脏iPad。 案例2:关于电子商务APP的研究还发现,人们并没有利用iPad来进行实际的购买行为,因为都考虑到了 ,以及与 等问题。 报告有提到,相对于iPhone的私有性,iPad更倾向于是一个被“share”的设备,通常一个家庭里面仅有一台iPad,但却被全家老少使用,iPad的“share”特性使其遇到了两个主要问题 其一,各种与私人帐号有关的安全性问题,比如登入email,IM,SNS的社交网站时记录下登陆信息,下次被传给其他人用时,自己的私人信息会被暴露。 其二,下载安装时,itunes帐号相关的问题。 {*style:<b> </b>*} (3)Padding

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