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On iOS Devices, Native Apps Trump Web Apps (Infographic) Appsfire, one of the leading mobile app discovery platforms, has analyzed 1,000 devices from its users to gain some insight with regards to the native app vs. Web app debate. It’s 2011, so the research was of course comes accompanied by an infographic. The infographic, which you can find below, is pretty self-explanatory. While Web apps accessed through mobile phones become more powerful every day, native applications still seem to dominate. According to Appsfire, owners of iOS devices typically spend only 10 percent of their time in a mobile browser, inclusive of Web apps. Other results of its research: - the median iOS user actively installs 88 apps (i.e. excluding pre-installed apps) - 23 percent of apps on a device are paid apps - 32% of time spent on native apps (not including telephony or mail) goes to gaming Also see: Each iOS Device Has Downloaded More Than 60 Apps

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User feedback and concept testing with Verify Draw on any webpage. Share your ideas. - MarkUp ExperienceBlogger Josh Puckett | Portfolio