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Extended Language (API)

Extended Language (API)

Extended Framework (API) Cover \ Exhibition \ Reference \ Learning \ Hardware \ Download \ About »Feed »Forum »Wiki »Code Framework (A-Z) \ Libraries \ Environment \ Language: Structure [] (array access) = (assign) , (comma) // (comment) {} (curly braces) #define delete . Data Primitive boolean byte char double float int long unsigned char unsigned int unsigned long word Composite String Vector array Constant Types ByteTable CharTable Constant ConstantString DoubleTable FloatTable IntTable LongTable UCharTable UIntTable ULongTable Conversion byte() char() float() int() long() splitString() toAscii() toLowerCase() toUpperCase() Bit, byte and word handling bit() bitRead() bitWrite() highByte() lowByte() makeWord() Character classification isAlpha() isAlphaNumeric() isAscii() isControl() isDigit() isGraph() isHexadecimalDigit() isLowerCase() isPrintable() isPunct() isSpace() isUpperCase() isWhitespace() Qualifiers const static volatile Pointer Operators * (dereference operator) & (reference operator) Utilities sizeof() Control Time

La programmation haute performance n’est-elle réservée qu’à une élite de développeurs C++ ? Récemment un papier d’étude de Google UK a été publié sur la performance des langages de programmation JAVA, Scala, C++ et Go (Loop Recognition in C++/Java/Go/Scala). Dans ce papier, les performances des langages sont comparées sur la base d’un algorithme de recherche de boucles dans un graphe (Algorithme de Tarjan). Principalement basé sur la performance d’exécution d’instructions séquentielles (boucles), la gestion de la mémoire, le temps de compilation et le nombre de lignes de code écrites cette étude montre que pour arriver à des hautes performances en C++ les optimisations techniques (au niveau du langage) deviennent trop compliquées pour le résultat produit. Comme le dit Robert Hundt : We find that in regards to performance, C++ wins out by a large margin. However, it also required the most extensive tuning efforts, many of which were done at a level of sophistication that would not be available to the average programmer. De quelle performance parle-t-on ? Essoufler son CPU

Learnable Programming Here's a trick question: How do we get people to understand programming? Khan Academy recently launched an online environment for learning to program. It offers a set of tutorials based on the JavaScript and Processing languages, and features a "live coding" environment, where the program's output updates as the programmer types. Because my work was cited as an inspiration for the Khan system, I felt I should respond with two thoughts about learning: Programming is a way of thinking, not a rote skill. Thus, the goals of a programming system should be: to support and encourage powerful ways of thinkingto enable programmers to see and understand the execution of their programs A live-coding Processing environment addresses neither of these goals. Alan Perlis wrote, "To understand a program, you must become both the machine and the program." How do we get people to understand programming? We change programming. Contents A programming system has two parts. The language should provide: Wait.

FubuMVC | The MVC framework that doesn't get in your way. BoardSerialSingleSided3 If you don't have an easy way to order an Arduino board or kit, you can etch this PCB design by hand and solder it together. It is pin-compatible with the Arduino Diecimila, and should work with any Arduino shield. This is the third revision of the board: the Arduino Single-Sided Serial version 3, or s3v3, or Arduino Severino. It was designed by Adilson Akashi, based on the previous version. A4 Image for Toner Transfer (.png) Schematic (.png) EAGLE files (.zip) Manual (.pdf) Mounting diagram (.png) These files are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.5 license.

eric.lemerdy HTML 5 Forms Les WebForms 2.0 ou HTML 5 Forms, fournissent des fonctionnalités de formulaire natifs. En guise d'illustration, Peter nous montre le volume de code non négligeable nécessaire à la validation d'une simple adresse e-mail. C'est en cela qu'HTML5 est un contrepied au XHTML qui prône lui une conformité rigoureuse à la syntaxe XML. Des tas d'API HTML 5 innove en apportant des standards d'API tels que : Canvas, SVG, Audio & Video, Web Socket, Web Workers, Geolocation, Web Storage, etc. Canvas & SVG Ce sont des API de dessin pour le navigateur. Canvas Lorsqu'une zone canvas est dessinée, elle l'est à une certaine résolution, elle serait pixelisée si on zoomait dessus. En SVG, tout ce qui est dessiné peut passer à une échelle différente, ce n'est pas dépendant de la résolution. Audio and video Il y a pour ça deux nouveaux éléments audio et video. Je continuerai dans la dernière partie du compte rendu sur Web Sockets, Web Workers, Geolocation et Web Storage.

Danc's Miraculously Flexible Game Prototyping Tiles RPGs love PlanetCute So do platformers... One of the commenters on the SpaceCute posts wondered what would happen if you visited one of those delightful spa-like planetoids that decorate our little galaxy of cuteness. Well, now you know. Here is a new set of graphics I'm dubbing "PlanetCute" These are Lowest Common Denominator graphics. Some of the fault lies with the existing graphics, be they free sets scrounged from the internet or leftovers from a previous project. 3D graphics are notoriously difficult to convert between formats, are optimized for use on a specific platform and often present a confusing technological challenges to student developers. Even 2D graphics are tricky. The PlanetCute set attempts to wiggle past many of those problems. Building blocks, not tilesets: Instead of having complex tilesets, each block stacks nicely with pretty much any other block. This set is also quite amendable to original games. Why does the world need nice graphics for prototyping?

Why use NancyFX? | Jonathan Channon's Blog When a new project comes along why should you automatically choose ASP.NET MVC? Yes, its Microsoft based so you may have more of your peers fluent already in that architecture but is there an alternative, a better alternative? I believe so and its called NancyFX. What is Nancy? Nancy is a lightweight framework for building websites / services without getting in your way. Does it implement MVC? Nancy does not force you to adhere to the model-view-controller pattern, or any other pattern. That doesn’t mean you can’t apply the MVC pattern to Nancy. Key Considerations Easier Testing – Nancy provides a testing library that allows you to test the full request/response cycle so not only can you test that your request returns the model you expect you can test that when you pass in accept headers the response is in the format you expect. Here the IOC container is used in different places within an application’s lifecycle. Get["/"] = parameters => { var model = MyModel(); return model;}; Conclusion So@t blog