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Extended Language (API)

Extended Language (API)
Cover Download Exhibition Reference Libraries Tools Environment Tutorials Examples Books Overview People Foundation Shop »Forum »GitHub »Issues »Wiki »FAQ »Twitter »Facebook Reference. The Processing Language was designed to facilitate the creation of sophisticated visual structures. Structure () (parentheses) , (comma) . (dot) /* */ (multiline comment) /** */ (doc comment) // (comment) ; (semicolon) = (assign) [] (array access) {} (curly braces) catch class draw() exit() extends false final implements import loop() new noLoop() null popStyle() private public pushStyle() redraw() return setup() static super this true try void Environment cursor() displayHeight displayWidth focused frameCount frameRate() frameRate height noCursor() size() width Data Primitive boolean byte char color double float int long Composite Array ArrayList FloatDict FloatList HashMap IntDict IntList JSONArray JSONObject Object String StringDict StringList Table TableRow XML Conversion String Functions Array Functions ! ? !

Books Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists Casey Reas and Ben Fry (Foreword by John Maeda). Published August 2007, MIT Press. 736 pages. Hardcover. » Order from Extended Framework (API) Cover \ Exhibition \ Reference \ Learning \ Hardware \ Download \ About »Feed »Forum »Wiki »Code Framework (A-Z) \ Libraries \ Environment \ Language: Structure [] (array access) = (assign) , (comma) // (comment) {} (curly braces) #define delete . (dot) false #include loop() /* */ (multiline comment) new null () (parentheses) return ; (semicolon) setup() true void Data

Learnable Programming Here's a trick question: How do we get people to understand programming? Khan Academy recently launched an online environment for learning to program. It offers a set of tutorials based on the JavaScript and Processing languages, and features a "live coding" environment, where the program's output updates as the programmer types. Jonathan Channon's Blog When a new project comes along why should you automatically choose ASP.NET MVC? Yes, its Microsoft based so you may have more of your peers fluent already in that architecture but is there an alternative, a better alternative? I believe so and its called NancyFX. Your first reaction, what is so special about Nancy? I also believe you’ll ask what is wrong with ASP.NET MVC but maybe you should look at it differently and ask what is right with Nancy?

Just Landed: Processing, Twitter, MetaCarta & Hidden Data I have a friend who has a Ph.D in bioinformatics. Over a beer last week, we ended up discussing the H1N1 flu virus, epidemic modeling, and countless other fascinating and somewhat scary things. She told me that epidemiologists have been experimenting with alternate methods of creating transmission models – specifically, she talked about a group that was using data from the Where’s George? project to build a computer model for tracking and predicting the spread of contagions (which I read about again in this NYTimes article two days later). This got me thinking about the data that is hidden in various social network information streams – Facebook & Twitter updates in particular.

BoardSerialSingleSided3 If you don't have an easy way to order an Arduino board or kit, you can etch this PCB design by hand and solder it together. It is pin-compatible with the Arduino Diecimila, and should work with any Arduino shield. This is the third revision of the board: the Arduino Single-Sided Serial version 3, or s3v3, or Arduino Severino. It was designed by Adilson Akashi, based on the previous version. A4 Image for Toner Transfer (.png) Schematic (.png) Danc's Miraculously Flexible Game Prototyping Tiles RPGs love PlanetCute So do platformers... One of the commenters on the SpaceCute posts wondered what would happen if you visited one of those delightful spa-like planetoids that decorate our little galaxy of cuteness. Well, now you know.

Echo Web Framework Echo is a platform for building web-based applications that approach the capabilities of rich clients. The applications are developed using a component-oriented and event-driven API, eliminating the need to deal with the "page-based" nature of browsers. To the developer, Echo works just like a user interface toolkit. The latest iteration, Echo3, features the ability to write applications in either server-side Java or client-side JavaScript. Server-side applications run in any Java Servlet Container and do not require developer knowledge of HTML, HTTP, or JavaScript. The Emergence Project [QT: NTSC 16:9 720 x 480 px, 5:51, 410MB] [QT small: 320 x 240 px, 5:51, 24MB] The Emergence Project, documentation video clip [QT: NTSC 720 x 480 px, 120MB] [QT small: 320 x 240 px, 24MB] Movie clip describing the Emergence Project. The screen capture resolution represents ~5% of the installation at Hyde Park Art Center.

The Free Universal Construction Kit Ever wanted to connect your Legos and Tinkertoys together? Now you can — and much more. Announcing the Free Universal Construction Kit: a set of adapters for complete interoperability between 10 popular construction toys. Fig. 1. The Free Universal Construction Kit. Overview