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Beehive Wrap Up Cocoon with Environmental Monitoring Some might say I am slightly obsessive about beehive insulation for the winter, but I am only guided by other beekeeper's experiences in my neighbourhood. Two years ago people were losing 2/3 of their bees due to the cold and they're still not insulating their hives. Now, I have come up with a third design that leaves them no excuses as it is incredibly cheap and quick to accomplish, easy to mass produce and re-usable year on year. This design will be especially relevant to bee keepers who experience harsh winters in Canada, Northern USA, Scandinavia, Russia, central Europe, Scotland etc. and have quite a few hives to manage. The design is based on the principle of wrapping with fibrous insulation but rather than wrapping directly on the hive, there is an intermediary frame which allows the whole structure to be removed with great ease and speed.

Uso constructivo de la basura: Ladrillos ecológicos Detalles Miércoles, 20 Abril 2011 10:34 Thor Thor es un poderoso guerrero a quien su padre castiga enviándolo a la Tierra para vivir entre humanos. Allí conoce a Jane Foster, una hermosa científica interpretada por Natalie Portman, con quien experimentará el primer amor. Thor es una película basada en el comic del mismo nombre, en la que un arrogante y poderoso guerrero, enciende de nuevo una guerra ancestral a causa de sus acciones irresponsables.

Building a Parabolic Solar Hot-Water Heater using 123D My first step was to do a calculation to figure out if my idea was crazy. I started with my goal: Make the solar equivalent of the hot-water tap on a coffee machine. How much power do I need? Lets say I want to fill up my mug with hot water in about 15 seconds. How big of a mirror is that? In most places, on a clear sunny day, there's about .8 kilowatts of sunlight per square meter. That was a lot bigger than I could make, but it gave me an idea of scale. VITUS 979 VS VITUS 992 – COURSES ALU COLLÉS – VOS VÉLOS – Vélocyclo, Forum des passionnés des deux roues avec ou sans moteur ! Nombreux amateurs de vélos anciens se laissent séduire par les Vitus alu, le 979 à été un succès commercial indéniable, ci-joint un exemplaire en très bon état et quelques documentations d'époques. En 92, sortie du Vitus 992 OVOID, également un exemplaire présenté, et l'article du cycle n185 de janvier 92 comparatif des deux modèles. Le Vitus 992 OVOID "Fais ce que tu penses être bien, on te critiquera de toute façon" ER

Open Source Ecology Weblog Whole Hog Butchering: Breaking down a Mangalitsa-Red Waddle Heritage Pig Much of meat’s flavor comes from fat. People are starting to embrace fattier cuts, and cooking with pork lard is making a comeback. With the welcome of full flavored, lard-laden pork, the fat, furry Mangalitsa heritage breed of pig, native to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, is gaining in popularity. Known as the “kobe beef” of the pork world, their meat is marbled and fat stores plentiful. It’s said that their fat is less saturated that normal pig fat, and so tastes lighter and cleaner. Jointing a pig is different from traditional butchering. diy beehive | The Bee Space Introducing the Quick Start Guide to Natural Beekeeping (download your copy here) Ever since this blog was started, many of you have been asking a lot of great questions. Questions about backyard beekeeping, the Warre Top Bar Hive, how to keep bees naturally…the list goes on! (By the way, if you have a beekeeping question, checkout the Beekeeping Forums. Those guy’s are awesome!) After a while, I realized that I was being asked a lot of the same questions over and over. So, in order to answer your questions in a better fashion, I packaged a lot of the most common questions in a free Quick Start Guide to Natural Beekeeping. I need your help to make this Quick Start Guide better. How did you like it? The more feedback you leave, the more often I can update the Quick Start Guide according to your wishes…and as a thank you I will send you a fresh copy of the Guide every time it is updated. So, download your copy right now, then come back and tell me what you think! Thank you! Free Beehives?

Vitus 992 d'occasion ou neuf S'inscrire Se connecter Espace Pro Ma sélection Mon compte Vitus 992 Affiner la catégorie Troc-Vélo est le N°1 des annonces vélo : vélo occasion, vtt et accessoires vélo, toutes pièces vélo.