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Off Grid: Van Living & Tiny Homes

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Power Generation & Storage. Tinny Space Plans 1. What it’s Like Raising Children Off-Grid. When my wife and I decided to move to a remote off-grid location, our biggest concern centered around child rearing.

What it’s Like Raising Children Off-Grid

We were young and idealistic, and felt up to the challenges ahead, but we were also new parents of a 3-month old baby. The responsibility of nurturing a young person was now the priority, and we hoped our new home in the woods would be a healthy setting to raise a young family. Far from the busy-ness and distractions of town living, we wanted to live more at the pace of nature and develop our own family culture.

Today our two children are young adults and living on their own, and my wife and I now have answers to the questions which nagged us over 30 years ago. 5 Reasons to Live in an RV or Camper Van Full Time. I’ve been living in an RV/Camper Van for a few years now, and though there have been some significant challenges and hilarious failures (which I will blog about in due time), on the whole it has been a highly rewarding experience.

5 Reasons to Live in an RV or Camper Van Full Time

From virtually getting free gym membership for months (by trying out all the free trials in the country) to parking on the richest estates around, or to learning how to hook up solar panels, I’ve had a rollercoaster ride that I don’t feel like giving up even during the coldest and loneliest nights. Here are the reasons why I wholeheartedly recommend the adventure: #1 Cheap This is the obvious one. If you shop around carefully you can probably get a second hand vehicle for less than $20000/£13000.

Add to that the fact that you can sell your car, and you’re seriously in the green. . #2 Never lose anything Following on from the last point – because you’re living so minimally, you’re cut down to exactly what you need in a camper van. Camper Living: our $3000 tiny home. Top 10 Problems. Top 10 things to look for when buying a used RV Water damage.

Top 10 Problems

Any intrusion of water from outside OR inside sources. This is usually from seals that leak or roofs that leak. These problems can usually be spotted by stains on the ceiling, in the corners (be sure to inspect inside cabinets along the side and in the corners). Also check the floors along the sides and in the corners as well. What To Look For When Buying A Used RV Trailer Or Fifth Wheel. Fulltime RV Living – Living in an RV with Kids – Full Time RVing. 4 Kids and a Camper: One Homesteading Family's Journey to a Debt-Free Life. Poor Man's RV Life. Roadtreks for Sale - Road Trek International. Want to place an ad to sell your Roadtrek?

Roadtreks for Sale - Road Trek International

EMAIL us your ad request. Include: model, year, condition, location and price. Your ad will run as long as you need. This page is provided as a service to Roadtrek International Chapter and friends, and so is carried at no charge. NOTE: Many buyers already know about the Roadtrek standard features, but be sure to mention any additions, factory options, improvements, or replacements you have had done. CLICK HERE or use to send us your ad request. We assume no responsibility for any ad placed on the Roadtrek website. ATTENTION ALL SELLERS!! NOTE- A CASHIERS CHECK ISN'T ALWAYS A SECURE PAYMENT - involve your banker. Dennis Womack - Chapter webmaster, NOTE- Scammers usually will only contact sellers by email. Attention potential buyers The following listings are provided, at no charge, as a service by Roadtrek International Chapter, FMCA. Current Newsletter listings.

Sustainable/low cost Living. RV Supplies, RV Accessories & RV Parts for Motorhomes, Travel Trailers - Camping World. Tiny House Listings - Buy, sell and rent tiny homes. Good Sam Club Open Roads Forum: Trading RV to new car dealer. Turninghawk wrote: broccoli2 wrote: Emann wrote: Looking to trade in our Class A for a car.

Good Sam Club Open Roads Forum: Trading RV to new car dealer

Has anyone ever had an experience doing this? You can trade anything in at a new car dealer, this is what will happen. WARNING: RV Scams You Should Be Aware Of Before Buying A New Or Used RV. RV Financing, Motorhome, Recreational Vehicle, Boat Loans. Affordable RV Adventure Travel. RVchecks. Dallas, Texas Campgrounds, RV Parks, Camping Info. RV Supplies, RV Accessories & RV Parts for Motorhomes, Travel Trailers - Camping World. RVs For Sale - New & Used RVs and Motorhomes For Sale at RVs - Fleetwood, Airstream, Winnebago, Forest River Newmar, and Other RVs for Sale - Buying a Used Motorhome - How to get the most for your money and not get burned: Mr Bill Myers: 9781479365388: Books.

Home. RV. How to inspect a used RV for more than wear and tear. My personal experience with used RV's runs about 40 years so I thought I would share some things I look for.

How to inspect a used RV for more than wear and tear.

If you are buying a used RV without looking at it first, be prepared for less than you thought you were getting. Why? Pictures just don't tell the story. The seller will remember fondly the camping trips with the family but will not normally list every repair done. Most honest people will let you know on major repairs and they will certainly tell you about updates or new equipment in the RV. Next, ask when the last time the wheel bearings were greased or replaced.

Propane tanks are very durable and by now most of the old type brass connectors have been replaced with the type that has the large threads on the outside. Don't forget to look for the obvious. Crawl under the RV and look at the complete substructure. Tires and appliances are pretty easy to judge. Roadtrek Class B RV Lifestyle : Roadtreking.

Off Grid. Sustainable/low cost Living.