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Oasis Design: Grey Water Books, Ecological Design Information & Consulting

Oasis Design: Grey Water Books, Ecological Design Information & Consulting
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Hugelkultur Raised Bed Garden — Home & Garden | Make: Turn an unused corner of your backyard into an impressive DIY garden with the hugelkultur raised bed garden technique! According to permaculture expert Paul Wheaton: Hugelkultur is nothing more than making raised garden beds filled with rotten wood. This makes for raised garden beds loaded with organic material, nutrients, air pockets for the roots of what you plant, etc. Intrigued? Then, you can find even more information on permaculture and building the best hugel bed for your specific gardening needs from Paul Wheaton on Rich Soil. If you’re looking for a DIY home project that will yield long-term rewards, you can hardly do better than a garden that harnesses the power of nature and the science of smart eco design to keep improving year after year! Working with a smaller space?

Learn How to Keep Water Clear in Fountains and Ponds A green and healthy garden is every gardener’s dream. But in some cases too much green can be unpleasant and we are looking for easy to get rid of it. It is the case of algae from fountains or small ponds. If you have some kind of water in your garden you will have to deal with algae at one point. If the amount of floating green slime in your pond is a small one, you can call yourself very lucky. But a larger amount of algae in the water can damage filters and disturb fishes. Natural Barley Straw no chemicals used Safe for your fish Will help to eliminate algae bacteria The use of Barley to safely and effectively clear water has been well documented for over 100 years. More details here…

Pigs, Hogs & Boars: Facts About Swine Pigs are mammals with stocky bodies, flat snouts, small eyes and large ears. They are highly intelligent, social animals, and are found all over the world. Pigs are in the Suidae family, which includes eight genera and 16 species. Pigs were among the first animals to be domesticated, about 6,000 years ago in China. Size Pigs usually weigh between 300 and 700 lbs. (140 and 300 kilograms). This wild boar is a real porker. Wild pigs vary greatly in size and weight. The smallest boar is the pygmy hog (Sus salvanius). Habitat Boars, pigs and hogs live all over the world, except for Australia, Antarctica, northern Africa and far northern Eurasia, according to the Encyclopedia of Life. Wild pigs typically live in grasslands, wetlands, rain forests, savannas, scrublands and temperate forests. Habits Pigs are very intelligent animals. They are also very social. Pigs communicate with a variety of grunts and squeaks. Diet Pigs, boars and hogs are omnivores and will eat just about anything. Offspring

AQUS WaterSaver Technologies The Do It Yourself World What's the Best Time of Day to Water Vegetables? It's best to water in the morning. If you water in the middle of the day, much more of the water you apply evaporates, so it's wasteful. If you water in the evening, the plant's foliage may stay wet throughout the night and that creates an ideal environment for disease. So morning is best. Most of your fruits and vegetables will thrive on one inch of water per week, although some crops, like melons, will use more water than that. Container vegetables have shallower root systems, so they'll need to be watered more frequently than vegetables planted in the ground—up container plants to 2-3 waterings a day, especially in dry, hot conditions. It's best to water deeply and infrequently rather than shallowly every day, so use a sprinkler rather than a watering wand.

9 Awesome Vintage Buses Converted Into Beautiful Mobile Homes These vintage buses have all been converted into beautiful mobile homes! Mobile homes come in all shapes and size, so do vintage buses. In my opinion, you can calling anything a mobile home as long as the unit is mobile and has an area for sleeping, eating, and/or living and buses are a great option for anyone wanting their own mobile home. Buses are perfect for those that want to live in or just travel in an affordable home. Bus 1: Hank Bought a Bus The first bus was bought by Hank so it was fitting that he call his website ‘Hank Bought a Bus’ at With a living space of 225 sq ft, Hank created convertible furniture to make the most of every inch. Bus 2: 1997 Bluebird International The second bus is a 1997 Bluebird International for sale on Tiny House Listings. This bus can be yours for $15,000. Bus 3: The Cosmic Collider The Cosmic Collider is one of the most unique and beautiful vintage bus conversions I’ve ever seen! Bus 4: Enchanted Gypsy Bus 5: Life As a Bus May 23, 2012

Rain Water Catch System So we have well water, it is great to not have that monthly bill those city folks get. It is an artesian well, which means the water is constantly under pressure it forces its’ way up and out of the ground. And because of this it has to have a way to run continually to relieve that pressure. The water has been feeding our creek for years. What a waste! Then we had a water test done and NOPE, turns out our water is too high in saline so it is not safe for tender young plants. So Gary searched on Craigslist and found these 330 gallon liquid totes. He bought two and built a small deck to sit them on, then plumbed them to catch rain water from our roof using the downspout from our gutters. Now our garden is set up about 100 feet away so to water ya gotta stretch a lotta hose out. We quickly discovered that 660 gallons of water was not gonna last long especially during this terrible drought we’ve had now for 5 or 6 years. People, if you are not catching your rain water, CATCH IT! Like this:

Stingless bee - Wikiwand Stingless bees, sometimes called stingless honey bees or simply meliponines, are a large group of bees (about 500 species), comprising the tribe Meliponini[1] (or subtribe Meliponina according to other authors[2]). They belong in the family Apidae, and are closely related to common honey bees, carpenter bees, orchid bees, and bumblebees.[3] Meliponines have stingers, but they are highly reduced and cannot be used for defense. Meliponines are not the only type of "stingless" bee; male bees and bees of several other species, such as in the family Andrenidae, also cannot sting.[1] Range Behavior Hives Hives box containing colonies Heterotrigona itama . Stingless bees usually nest in hollow trunks, tree branches, underground cavities, or rock crevices, but they have also been encountered in wall cavities, old rubbish bins, water meters, and storage drums. Role differentiation Stingless bees of Australia Honey production Pollination Stingless bees of Brazil Bees as "pets" Mandaçaia bees. History Tulum

SPARA VATTEN Bygg din egen regnsamlare - Samhälle Bevattningsförbudet kom rekordtidigt i år och vattennivån i dricksvattentäkten i Tingsträde har aldrig varit så låg som nu. Detta fick trädgårdsinspiratören Henrik Radhe att agera. – Jag kände att det var ett onödigt slöseri med dyrbara droppar, att inte ta tillvara på regnvattnet i kristider som denna, så jag uppfann min egen regnsamlare. Senaste regnet gav oss 600 liter på en kväll, det är 60 fyllda vattenkannor bara där, säger han. Regnsamlaren består till största del av en renspolad IBC-tank som tidigare använts inom jordbruk, för att förvara vätskor i. – Det känns bra i hjärtat att ta vara på vattnet i ett sånt här skarpt läge och det är ju himla roligt att kunna dela med sig av ett sånt här tips som gör sådan stor skillnad. Så här gör du: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Bonustips! Många växter jublar när de får regnvatten i stället för vårt kalkrika vatten.

Homemade Wind Generator - Renewable Energy Are you headed for the beach or going camping in the mountains? Maybe you live on a boat, visit a remote cabin or you're living off-grid. Electricity is yours for the taking as long as the wind is blowing... And you can get it on the CHEAP with an easy homemade wind generator. Light up that storeroom, barn or use the generator to keep all your vehicle batteries charged too. My off-grid cabin's electricity comes from solar and wind power, stored in 6-Volt golf cart batteries. If you can turn a wrench and operate an electric drill, you can build this simple generator in two days: one day of chasing down parts and one day assembling the components. My Wind Generator Parts List Car/Truck Alternator - GM 1988, 350 motor, alternator with built-in regulator (used in illustration). Car/Truck Fan Clutch Assembly - GM 1988, 350 motor -used Bracket Assembly for Mounting Alternator/Fan If you have a welder, making a bracket is simple. Fan Clutch to Alternator Attachment: