Planetary Grid System

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Antigravity And The World Grid. Mapping The World Grid. MAPPING THE WORLD GRID by David Hatcher Childress What is the World Grid?

Mapping The World Grid

How can it be it mapped? What does it do? World Grid. Earth's Grids - Typography - Vile Vortexes. Earth's Grid Systems Science and Pseudoscience Topography, is the study of Earth's surface shape and features or those of planets, moons, and asteroids.

Earth's Grids - Typography - Vile Vortexes

Megaliths. The Planetary Grids. ThePlanetaryGridsANATOMY OF GAIA (EARTH) ByAbjini Arraíz Editor's Note: On August 20, 2005, Luis Prada channeled Ashtar of the Ashtar Command to receive instructions for the planting of a quartz crystal in the Mojave Desert. This was the third channeling by telepathic reception he did that was actually recorded. The previous two were done unrecorded for the planting of a crystal in Mount Shasta that was done on Sunday August 14, 2005 by a Hispanic group led by Luis Prada.

You may download this recording. Vile Vortices. Vile Vortices is a term referring to twelve geographic areas that are alleged by Ivan Sanderson to have been the sites of mysterious disappearances.

Vile Vortices

He identified them in a 1972 article "The Twelve Devil's Graveyards Around the World", published in Saga magazine. [1] Vile Vortices map. Planetary grid system of the earth. Blue Planetary Grid in Alberta. {*style:<i>But if you just consider the basic lines of that Russian Grid, it's not enough to just draw the white lines like you see in the main menu of this site. There are these extra "blue lines" that are needed to tell the rest of the story. So I found those extra blue lines from the work of Buckminster Fuller, in his book, Synergetics 2.

Here's his lines for one triangle: <b> </b></i>*} Museum: British Archaeology Collections - Rationalisation and En. British Collection Highlights: Carved stone balls from Scotland are an enigmatic class of objects.

Museum: British Archaeology Collections - Rationalisation and En

They date to the late Neolithic or early Bronze Age, between 3200 and 1500 BC, and are made of various stones ranging from sandstone to granite. They are all of a relative similar size and are decorated with carved evenly-spaced patterns of circular bosses or knobs around the surface of the sphere. The designs vary with the majority being based around a series of six bosses, but the number of bosses varies from 3-160.

Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes. Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes by Richard LeFors Clark Waves of gravity pour from an extraordinary (and imaginary) cosmic accident —a head-on collision of two black holes approaching from left and right.

Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes

Kenneth Eppley and Larry Smarr used a computer to calculate and draw contours. 10 Vile Vortices Around The World. From DeepInfo Website Figure 1: Vile Vortices Overview - from Ivan Sanderson's 1972 article in Saga magazine, "The Twelve Devil’s Graveyards Around the World" plotted ship and plane disappearances worldwide, focusing attention on 12 areas.

10 Vile Vortices Around The World

Bethe Hagens - Planetary Grid Update. By Bethe Hagens Division of Humanities and Social Sciences Governors State University .

Bethe Hagens - Planetary Grid Update

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