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SocNetV - Social Networks Visualization and Analysis Software

SocNetV - Social Networks Visualization and Analysis Software

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Walrus - Graph Visualization Tool Source Code Available The source code to Walrus is now available under the GNU GPL. You may download the source code below. Description Walrus is a tool for interactively visualizing large directed graphs in three-dimensional space. When is the social curation bubble going to burst? You just can’t move for social curation services right now. The biggest noise might be coming from Pinterest, which is growing like a weed — but whether it’s the new-look Delicious, Switzerland’s Paperli, shopping curation site Svpply, image service Mlkshk or another site, the fact is that almost everybody seems to want to help you save and sort and share the things you find on the web right now. With this swirl of activity, then, it’s no surprise to hear that Parisian service Pearltrees — slogan “collect, organize, discover” — has just raised another $6 million of funding, led by local conglomerate Groupe Accueil. The company, which has been running in public since 2009, welcomed the injection of funds as a way to help expand and scale up its system for bookmarking and organizing, which is based around a clustered visual interface. And it needs that scale. Right now Pearltrees is small and has moderate momentum, building up 350,000 users in the past three years.

T-pattern analysis Theme detects statistically significant time patterns in sequences of behaviors. These so called T-patterns are based on the timing of events, relative to each other. This can give striking new insights into the structure of behavior that cannot be found with the naked eye or with any other method. Scientists have been conducting research with Theme for over twenty years, and Theme has been successfully used in a wide variety of disciplines (developmental psychology, psychiatry, etc). Theme can be used in conjunction with any of the solutions described on this website, or as a stand-alone package. Theme was developed by PatternVision Ltd.

Top 30 Social Network Analysis and Visualization Tools We review major tools and packages for Social Network Analysis and visualization, which have wide applications including biology, finance, sociology, network theory, and many other domains. By Devendra Desale. Here is a list of top Social Network Analysis and Visualization Tools we found – see also KDnuggets Social Network Analysis, Link Analysis, and Visualization page. SoNIA - Social Network Image Animator Social Network Image Animator What is it? SoNIA is a Java-based package for visualizing dynamic or longitudinal "network" data. Pearltrees: Visual Collaborative Content Curation for Android Pearltrees is a powerful application that allows people to browse and organize web content visually. This “crowed sourced library”, started on the desktop web in 2009, became mobile in 2011 with the launch of the iPad application soon followed by the iPhone version in 2012. Pearltrees counts now over 2 million monthly active users who have collected 50 million pearls, the iPad and iPhone apps are consistently rated 5 stars and have been downloaded more than a million times. Today, Android users will be able to access Pearltrees from the Google Play store, the application is free and there are currently three discounted Premium versions that offer privacy settings with 1 GB storage for $1.99 per month, with high priority support and 3 GB storage for $3.99 per month.The high-end version, currently priced at $9.99, in addition to the privacy control and high priority support, offers 10 GB storage, customization features, backup and encryption.

Three Major Perspectives in Sociology Sociologists analyze social phenomena at different levels and from different perspectives. From concrete interpretations to sweeping generalizations of society and social behavior, sociologists study everything from specific events (the micro level of analysis of small social patterns) to the “big picture” (the macro level of analysis of large social patterns). The pioneering European sociologists, however, also offered a broad conceptualization of the fundamentals of society and its workings.

Turbine: perturbation and dynamic analysis of complex networks News concerning the Turbine network perturbation toolkit Turbine launched as a spin-off company With the support of the Innovation Centre of the Semmelweis University, we are proud to present the new version of Turbine, now capable of much more than just simulations, as an SaaS product offering for researchers. We have moved the primary site of Turbine to: to reflect these changes. We will start a pilot program for researchers in the first weeks of 2016, stay tuned.

Social Network Analysis: A Systematic Approach for Investigating Social network analysis (SNA) is often confused with social networking sites, such as Facebook, when in fact, SNA is an analytical tool that can be used to map and measure social relations. Through quantitative metrics and robust visual displays, police can use SNA to discover, analyze, and visualize the social networks of criminal suspects. SNA, a social science methodology, serves as a valuable tool for law enforcement. While technologically sophisticated, SNA proves easy to employ. Using available data, police departments structure the examination of an offender’s social network in ways not previously possible.

Domain analysis In software engineering, domain analysis, or product line analysis, is the process of analyzing related software systems in a domain to find their common and variable parts. It is a model of wider business context for the system. The term was coined in the early 1980s by James Neighbors.[1][2] Domain analysis is the first phase of domain engineering. It is a key method for realizing systematic software reuse.[3]

NetworGame The NetworGame program package The NetworGame 2.0 program package is a simulation tool for simulating repeated spatial two-player two-strategy games. NetworGame 2.0 allows the adaptive choice of the simulation length and the number of simulations by using its built-in statistics module, as well as the manual specification of these parameters. Key features of the NetworGame program package: The simulation program includes options for specifying custom pay-off matrices ; several well-known replicator-type strategy update rules, as well as the option for additional strategy update rules in a ‘plugin’-type format; synchronous, and semi-synchronous updating; the option for the inclusion of any real world networks in Pajek format; the program allows setting the starting strategy of any nodes according to the wish of the experimenter, and introduces the novel use of link weights by considering link weights as probabilities of the game played between the corresponding nodes;

Mapping the Austrian Political Twittersphere Mapping the Austrian Political Twittersphere How politicians, journalists and political strategists (inter-)act on Twitter Axel Maireder*, Julian Ausserhofer** & Axel Kittenberger*** Federal Judge Thinks All Drugs Should Be Legalized and Regulated By The FDA Change my Facebook status to stunned: in a recent story in The New Republic, a Federal appeals court judge, Richard Posner, has come out and openly declared that all illegal drugs should be legalized, heavily taxed and regulated by the FDA. Makes sense to me… Drugs and the US Prison Industry This judge understands better than most that the American prison system represents little more than a higher learning opportunity for drug addicts sentenced to lengthy prison terms for substance abuse issues.