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Practical Survivor

Urban survival is a tricky subject to discuss. There are advantages to urban survival. Anywhere you look there are items in trash cans and dumpsters that can be used to improve a survival situation. Cardboard boxes can be used for shelter, newspapers can be used for insulation and to the practical survivor another persons trash can be a treasure. In this case we will use a coffee can to build a stove. Whether you call it a hobo stove, can stove, or just a survival stove, this is a cheap effective way to both cook and stay warm. Keep an open mind during any survival situation. Whether backpacking, camping, or surviving, having a way to cook can make a huge difference. A coffee can or large vegetable/ravioli can will allow you to build a stove and cook. Items used to build this stove: * Coffee can * Can opener * Tin snips * Drill and drill bits * Metal coat hanger There are many methods that could be used to build this stove. The top side of a coffee can is already opened. Materials:

Survival Smokers The following information comes from the US Army Survival Manual If the situation and time allow, you should preserve the extra meat for later use. If the air is cold enough, you can freeze the meat. NEW! MEGA Survival Kit The All-in-1 MEGA SEED BANK is our biggest Seed Bank - ever! What's Included: 55 varieties of crops. ↓ scroll down the page to see all ↓ 112,000+ seeds in total.Pack of seed starting soil pods so you can start your seeds indoors. Large Seed Storage Vault featuring a re-sealable vacuum sealed top (keeps seeds lasting years longer + superior moisture barrier. Pest, insect, and rodent resistant. Freezer safe) Rated 5-7+ year shelf-life if stored in cool/dry location.

hope you're not too tired to read this... Check this out! As many curbs as I’ve hit, I might just need these tires! Resilient Tech has been testing these out for some time now, developing them for the military. Its a radical new design by Michelin and made in South Carolina. They are the next generation of tires and have already been previewed in Philadelphia at a car show. Here it is in motion…. Snares And Traps Disclaimer: Traps are presented for information purposes only, they are dangerous, some lethally so. Using them is also illegal in all likelihood. Don't use them except in a survival situation.

Making the Bow And Arrow Home → Survival → Hunting → Bow and Arrow by Tom Brown, Jr. For me, there is no greater pleasure than being able to make things for myself instead of running to a store whenever I need something. Hunting equipment need be no exception. I believe that the true essence of the hunt is heightened when one must track then stalk the animal, and further enhanced when the hunter has made his own bow and arrow.

The Art of Nothing Wilderness Survival Video Series on DVD with Thomas J. Elpel and special guests. The Art of NothingWilderness Survival Video SeriesDVD companions to the bookParticipating in Nature: Wilderness Survival and Primitive Living SkillsAlso based on the article The Art of Nothing By Thomas J. Elpel. Have you ever dreamed of walking out into the woods to survive with nothing but the clothes you have on?

How to Save Your Seeds I think the practice of saving seeds is due for a revival. Seed saving is rewarding in so many ways. It’s very easy. If you find yourself smitten by it, there are ways you can get more expert about it. MacGyver, Survivalist, or Stockpiler: The Urban Survival Skills Everyone Should Know It's your word against his.. If he ain't talkin, your word pretty much wins. Also, don't try draggin him back in your house after he's dead.. The cops will be able to tell he was shot inside your house. Homemade Bows and Arrows - by Robert Wayne Atkins How to Make a Primitive Homemade Bow and Arrows Copyright © 1998, 2006 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E. All Rights Reserved. Click Here for a Microsoft WORD printer friendly copy of this article.

Basic Backpacking Menu Planning What’s on Chef Glenn's backpacking menu? I rustle up familiar comfort foods like Mashed Potatoes with Meat & Vegetables or Mexican Beef and Rice with Peppers. By combining one meat, one vegetable, and one starch, I get a tasty meal with lots of color and texture; and the balanced nutrition I need to tackle the next leg of the trail. My basic backpacking menu plan accomplishes three objectives: Reduce meal weight to three ounces or less with a dehydrator.Vary meals with interchangeable ingredients that I like to eat.Cook and eat in a small pot using ½ ounce of fuel or less. Removing water from food (but not the flavor and nutrition) with a dehydrator can cut the food weight in your pack by two-thirds.

The Survival Spot Blog Throughout history honey has been considered a food with unparalleled nutritional and physical benefits. For over 10,000 years (and maybe more) honey has been used as a staple food and as a medicine. This deliciously sweet substance is one of the few foods that can actually sustain human life all by itself.